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Manicure for men: how to have beautiful hands

How to do a manicure for men? men increasingly want to have pretty hands and nails. Here are my tips for doing a manicure for men.


I get a lot of questions from you about how to do a manicure for men. Since I have already done an article on the pedicure for men , I thought it would indeed be nice to do an article on the manicure for men. Because more and more men today take care of their hands. Having a beautiful hand, perfectly clean with neat nails is a significant asset to seduce. Don't we say that women like men with beautiful hands?

So in the minds of men, when we talk about manicure, we systematically think of a complete nail care which includes in particular the application of a nail varnish. Don't worry, varnish is not (yet) part of men's makeup , manicure for men does not include this step. Manicure for men consists of three steps:

  • we start with the cuticles,

  • then we take care of the nails,

  • and we end with the care of the hands.

The time spent doing a manicure for men will thus be shorter than that spent for a manicure for women.

Of course, before starting to do your manicure for men, you have to wash your hands well. Also, if you have a lot of hair on your hands, you can do hand waxing .

Here are my tips for making a manicure for men. You can also find at the bottom of this article a video in which I give my advice to avoid having dry hands.

Manicure for men: the cuticles

Any manicure for men starts with the cuticles. So, if you don't know what the cuticles are, they are the small pieces of skin that make the outline of the inside of the nail. They are usually found at the base of the nail. These skins tend to lift, which does not give a nice effect on the nails. It is therefore necessary to take care of your cuticles to have beautiful hands. And this is the first step in manicure for men.

I say take care of the cuticles, not remove them! It is true that we tend to want to remove them as soon as they lift. And this is what not to do:

  • the cuticles are necessary for the good protection of the nails! What's more, they are a protection against bacteria, acting as a seal between the nail and the skin. In short, they are essential.

  • Removing them can not only hurt (especially when they're dry) but also cause lesions on the skin and raw flesh, which will make your hands even less attractive than before the manicure for men.


Nevertheless, if they come off, cut them with a scissor specially adapted for manicure.


To take care of your cuticles, here are the different steps to follow.

  • make the cuticle less visible. To do this, it will be necessary to soften the cuticles, either by applying an emollient gel, or by doing it directly after taking a shower or a bath. Push back cuticles with a cuticle stick.

  • hydrate the cuticle. To do this, you can either use a specific product for the cuticles. But between us, a hand cream applied every day on the nails is more than enough. If you have very dry cuticles, do not hesitate to use a foot cream which is more nourishing than a hand cream. You can also bathe in vegetable oils (olive oil or sunflower oil) once a week.

Manicure for men: nails

The second step in a manicure for men is the nails. But the question that many men ask themselves: how to cut my nails? And more specifically, what shape should I give my nails by cutting them? Next, you will have to file your nails. Yes, gentlemen, filing nails isn't just for women.

Manicure for men: how to cut nails?

So generally, there are two shapes of men's nails when we cut them, either rounded or straight. The almond shape is more recommended for women who want to grow their nails relatively long. Wouldn't look very nice on a man's hand.

  • the straight shape (the nails will then have a square or rectangular shape depending on their length) is very suitable for men with long and thin fingers. The famous pianist's hands. ​ This shape actually extends the natural length of the fingers.

  • The rounded shape, the one that is generally favored by men, is suitable for all types of hands, especially those with short fingers. The difficulty lies in making a perfect and homogeneous rounding on all the fingers of the hand.


Cutting the nails is the first step to getting closer to the desired length. To do this, use either a suitable scissor or a nail clipper. Be careful, however, with the nail clipper, which will be less precise than the scissors. What's more, a blunt nail clipper will cut the nail badly.


  • For square nails, do not cut your nails too much, you must leave a certain length.

  • For rounded nails, be sure to cut your nails oval.

kit main.jpg

You do not have accessories to take care of your hands, and even your feet? Here is this kit where you have all the accessories to cut your nails and take care of the cuticles.

Manicure for men: the interest of filing the nails.


Now that you have cut your nails to the desired length, the next step will be to file them. I know, it's not a gesture that we are used to doing. Why should you file your nails?

  • to have a perfect line

  • to have smooth nails.


So I see you coming: filing your nails is a very feminine gesture! Rest assured, there is no longer any taboo, many men file their nails without it cutting their virility, their masculinity!

To file nails, there are a few instructions to follow:

  • you have to go slowly: it's not a race of speed..

  • do not make the saw movement: it will damage your nail

  • choose a file with double grain: the thick grain will be used to give the final shape to the nail and the fine grain to make the nail perfectly smooth, without streaks. Preferably use a glass nail file, which you can clean in the dishwasher and reuse (zero waste)

  • start at the edge of the nail, keeping the file parallel to the edge (to have a rounded shape only)

  • then file from the edge of the nail towards the center. When you are on the center, file the nail perpendicularly.

  • to finish, polish your nails with a polisher to have a perfectly clean finish.


Manicure for men: hydration

The last step to achieve a perfect manicure for men is to moisturize the hands and nails. To do this :

  • exfoliate your hands to remove all dead cells, impurities and possibly excess sebum. You can do a peeling on the hands, with a peeling product that you will have found in drugstores. This will allow you to have a perfectly clean hand.

  • moisturize your nails with a nourishing oil like castor oil, olive oil, avocado oil, apricot kernel oil. To do this, either bathe your nails directly in one of these oils, or apply the oil with a cotton swab or cotton ball. You can then rinse them with a surgras soap.

  • apply moisturizer to your hands.

You can easily find manicure kits for men in drugstores or online stores.

So you could see here all the steps to make a manicure for men!

If you don't have time to hydrate your hands with a nourishing oil and you want to apply a moisturizer to your hands, I recommend hand creams from L'Occitane.

crème main l'occitane.jpg

The brand indeed offers several creams and for men, the hand cream for dry skin is perfectly suited, without too feminine a fragrance. Rich in organic shea butter, it is perfectly moisturizing and nourishing.

How much does a men's manicure cost?

You don't want to do your men's manicure at home, but want to benefit from the expert hands of a professional? Well you're right, because having tested it, I loved it! A real moment of relaxation, of relaxation. You can also find my experience in the article below.

Article to read: I tested the Bullfrog salon in Nice

The manicure for men in a salon or in an aesthetic center is very pleasant because generally it is accompanied by a small massage of the hands and fingers. And I must admit that the massage of the fingers and the palm is really very very pleasant!

It takes about 15-25 minutes to do such a manicure. And the price is variable according to the services, but it is necessary to count minimum 20€, rather in the 30€ to 40€.

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