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How to properly peel the feet?

Foot peeling is an important treatment to have beautiful feet. Here are all my tips for doing a good foot peel.

As summer approaches, we want to show off our bodies. This is the reason why many men do men's hair removal , and in particular leg hair removal or chest hair removal . But it's also the time when we take out our flip-flops and other sandals, and thus present our feet for all to see. So of course, it is essential to have a pedicure for men , to have the most beautiful feet possible. And among the treatments to be done, there is a foot peeling, also called a foot scrub.

Here are my tips for doing a good foot peel.

Why do a foot peel?


Foot peeling to get rid of calluses


The purpose of the foot peel is to remove the callus that regularly appears on the feet, especially the heel and sometimes the toes. A horn that is far from being aesthetic because it can sometimes be yellow, even dark in color and especially with calluses. You should know that the horn usually forms because of the friction of the skin in the shoe. Indeed, to protect themselves, the dead cells of the skin will harden.

Foot peeling to get rid of dead skin


The other objective of foot peeling is simply to remove dead skin that we may have under the feet. And yes, dead cells are everywhere! So as we do a facial exfoliation or a beard exfoliation for us men, it is also important to regularly exfoliate the feet, to have perfectly clean and smooth feet.

The peeling of the feet to land


And after all, why not do a foot peeling to rest, to relax. We have lives at 100 an hour, we no longer take time for ourselves, even though we are still in a rather anxiety-provoking era. The peeling of the feet, which precisely requires landing in the bathroom, can be a good time to relax and get distressed.

How to do a homemade foot peel?

To do a homemade foot peeling, you have several solutions.

A foot peeling with a foot bath

Before rushing to buy products, the home solution for foot peeling is the most practical and economical solution. It's also a way to take care of the planet with zero waste foot care. This will be important for you, especially if you have become accustomed to zero-waste shaving .

You can thus make a foot peeling by simply making a foot bath, with two ingredients that you must certainly have in your kitchen cupboards. You will actually need:

  • of 2 glasses of cider vinegar. If you don't have cider vinegar, you can use white vinegar to peel your feet.

  • 2 small handfuls of coarse salt.

You must therefore mix these two ingredients with lukewarm water. To do this foot peeling, you can of course do it in your bathtub, or in a basin if you only have a shower. Let your feet soak for a good twenty minutes then rub them with coarse salt that you have taken in your hand. This foot bath will allow you to soften the callus and dry skin.

Once you have done your bath, you can complete this treatment with another treatment, if your feet are really dry. You can thus mix, in equal quantity, a vegetable oil (olive oil, sunflower oil, grapeseed oil, etc.) with coarse salt and rub the mixture on your feet.

peeling pied

A foot peel with a pumice stone

Another natural way to do a foot peel is to use a pumice stone. Pumice stone is a volcanic rock that we find a lot in our bathrooms and which is an excellent way to exfoliate the feet. The interest of the pumice stone is that it is very economical because it lasts a long time.

For the pumice stone to be effective and for optimal use, you must first make a foot bath. This will soften the skin of the feet and in particular the horn. To use the pumice stone properly and have a well-done foot peeling, you must:

  • make circular movements with the pumice stone on the sole of your foot

  • do not rub too hard, foot peeling should be done gently

A foot peeling mask

If you do not want to use a natural way to do your foot peeling, you can use foot peeling masks, which can be found in all specialized shops. As its name suggests, this product comes in the form of a mask that we will leave on the feet for about an hour. It will then be difficult for you to move, you will have to do this foot peeling mask during a moment of relaxation, or you will be lying down.

The effect of foot peeling masks is not immediate, you will only see the effect after a few days. You will see the skin of the feet gradually disappear.

Hydrate after a foot peel

Now that you have finished your foot peeling, you will need to moisturize your feet, to prevent them from becoming dry again. Indeed, you should know that not only is the skin of the feet particularly thick, but in addition the feet are devoid of sebaceous glands, which in particular produce sebum to hydrate the skin. The skin of the feet is therefore naturally dry. Thus, it is necessary to provide hydration to the foot.

Other products for foot peeling

If you don't feel like doing a homemade foot peel, there are plenty of alternatives on the market.

exfoliating foot mask

You can simply apply an exfoliating mask to your feet. Concretely, it is the same operation as a facial scrub. These are products with grains or fruit acids that you must apply directly to your feet, massage for long minutes, then rinse. The gesture is to be repeated several times a week if you have very damaged skin on your feet.

The sock mask for the peeling of the feet

There is a very practical product for simply, quickly and effectively peeling the feet, it's the sock mask! A product offered by many brands and with which you will have absolutely nothing to do, except put on this mask like a sock. Well, I admit it, you have to take the hit a little because these foot peeling products are a little difficult to put on at first. But once you get the hang of it, it will be very simple.

Concretely, this peeling is done using a sock in which is present a liquid solution, generally based on fruit acids. Concretely how to use these products:

  • you must wash your feet first and dry them

  • put your feet in the sock

  • leave in this way for about an hour. It is recommended not to move, to be rather comfortably installed. It will indeed be very difficult for you to walk with these socks for foot peeling, you could even risk slipping and injuring yourself (which would be a bit stupid to explain to the emergency room!!). If you really have to move, then don't hesitate to put big socks on top.

  • then remove the socks and rinse your feet, your foot peeling is complete.

It is generally recommended to wait a few days before seeing the first effects of this type of foot peeling. If you don't see any results after 3 days, it's normal, generally you have to wait a good 5 days. Then, you will see your skin cracking and several days later, you will have very soft skin on your feet.

Here is my selection of products for foot peeling


I advise you to use the Energie Fruit foot exfoliating sock mask . This is the one I use and as you can see from the photos above, the result is really great. After 6 days you have very soft, beautiful and perfect feet. Of course, as it peels off after a few days, it is not recommended to expose your feet after putting on the mask, it may not have a good effect on people who see your feet!!


Mask price: €15.90

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