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How to do chest waxing ?

Hair removal for men is a treatment that has become enormously democratized for men, to such an extent that all parts of the body are now concerned: the jersey, the armpits, the testicles, the legs and even the beard. I have done several articles on male hair removal that you can find on the blog. Men don't hesitate to talk about it and when summer arrives especially, they take out their razor, their epilator or their wax and off they go for a hair removal session.

But if there is one area that men wax more and more: it's the torso. Chest hair removal has even become, along with armpit hair removal , one of the most common treatments performed by men. It's no wonder, it's a relatively easy area to wax.

Through this article, you will have more information on chest hair removal, and my advice for doing it well.


Why do men do chest waxing?


More and more men are doing chest waxing because it offers several advantages:

Chest waxing to show off your muscles

Many men spend a lot of time in the gym working on their muscles. I'm part of it. And the recent fashion for CrossFit has meant that men, who didn't like going to gyms to work on the machines, have also taken to working their muscles differently. Waxing the chest allows you to highlight your muscles. It's good for morale!

Chest hair removal for aesthetic reasons

Waxing of the torso can also happen for cosmetic reasons. Especially in men who have very little hair on their chest and who want to homogenize. Or even in men who are very hairy and for whom it is an embarrassment.

Chest hair removal to be more comfortable in summer

depilation of the chest can also be useful in the summer to better apply your sunscreen! Yes, it is important to protect your skin before exposing yourself to the sun. But a man can also choose to wax his chest, or shave his chest, so as not to be too hot in the summer if he has a very hairy chest.

Chest hair removal for massage

If you are a man who loves getting a massage, waxing your chest can be effective in making the massage more enjoyable. A bit like athletes, especially cyclists, who wax their legs .

How to do chest waxing?

The torso has the advantage of being the easiest area to epilate in men, along with the legs. It is indeed a relatively flat area (unless you are super muscular) and the skin of the torus is thicker than that of the armpits or the face for example. There are therefore many techniques for doing chest hair removal, and it will simply depend on the way you are equipped at home and your sensitivity.

epilation torse

Get the items straight away!

The razor for hair removal on the chest

I'm going to start with the razor because it's the easiest and fastest way to do chest hair removal. In addition, normally, all men have a razor in their bathroom, as well as a shaving product, whether it is a shaving foam, a shaving gel or a shaving cream. There is therefore no specific product to buy on the side if you suddenly feel like waxing your chest. Using a razor for chest hair removal has many advantages:

  • depilation of the chest with a razor is done quickly: you just need to apply a shaving product to the chest and pass the razor in the direction of the hair at first. Convenient to do while you shower.

  • depilation of the chest with a razor is economical: it does not cost much to depilate the chest with a razor.

  • depilation of the chest with a razor is painless: if you are comfortable, the razor is a very good solution to avoid pain during depilation. Make sure you have razor blades in good condition and especially to clean your razor blades well after depilation of the chest.

If you have long hair on your chest, do not hesitate to pass the front mower to shorten the hair. This will make it easier for you to depilate your chest with a razor.

On the other hand, depilation of the chest has a disadvantage: the hair will grow back faster than with waxing, for example, and it will grow back harder, which can cause itching.

Here are the products that I recommend for hair removal from the chest with a razor.

gillette body.jpg

Designed for shaving the male body. Rounded head for maximum comfort. Three lubricating strips for maximum softness. Non-slip ergonomic handle.

gel rasage Nivea.jpg

The anti-irritation shaving gel allows easy shaving of body hair without irritation.

Suitable for the shower.

The trimmer for depilation of the chest


Trimming is also a technique widely used by men to do chest hair removal. Because, as with the razor, many men have a trimmer, especially to maintain their 3-day beard . Depilation of the torso with a clipper also has many advantages:

  • depilation of the torso with a clipper is done even faster than the razor: it is not necessary here to apply a product before starting the depilation of the torso. Just turn on your mower and start trimming your chest.

  • depilation of the torso with a clipper is economical: it costs nothing, because no product is to be applied.

  • hair removal from the chest with a clipper is painless: passing the clipper over the chest does absolutely no harm.

As with razor hair removal, using clippers to remove hair from your chest can cause regrowth itchiness.


tondeuse one blade 2.webp

4 beard combs (1, 2, 3 & 5 mm) + body comb and protection system for sensitive areas. Effectiveness without irritation or cuts

tondeuse 1.jpg

Self-sharpening blades for comfortable mowing and impeccable styling

The protection tool preserves the most sensitive areas of your body

Hair removal cream for chest hair removal

Depilatory cream is a product increasingly used by men to remove hair. Especially for waxing the testicles . But it can also be a good method for depilating your chest. Depilatory cream has a few advantages:

  • Depilation of the chest with depilatory cream is painless: just apply the depilatory cream to the chest and wait a few minutes.

  • depilation of the chest with depilatory cream is practical: once the cream is applied to the chest, you can do other things on the side, such as a face mask for example.

  • depilation of the chest with depilatory cream is effective: hair regrowth will take longer than with depilation of the chest with a razor or a clipper.

Here are the depilatory creams that I recommend:

Veet Men.jpg

Veet Men Hair Removal Cream can be used on the chest and the whole body* *Chest, Back, Armpits, Groin, Arms, Legs

no hair crew.jpg

Premium depilatory cream for intimate areas: groin, pubis and buttocks


On the other hand, be careful when using a depilatory cream, you can be allergic and end up with burned skin. Because don't forget that depilatory cream is a chemical product. Do a test before on a small part of your body. Similarly, respect the application time of the cream on the skin recommended by the manufacturer.

Wax for chest hair removal

As much to say it right away, wax is not the technique most used by men to do chest hair removal! Already, because it is not a product that we are used to buying, quite simply. Then, because the wax sticks behind it an image of pain, of cries when removing the strip of wax, even of small tears which flow at the corner of the eye. And there for once the masculinity, the virility, the testosterones take a hit!!! But waxing the chest with wax is very effective because:

  • the torso is extremely soft after waxing. You have a torso with baby skin.

  • the hair grows back very slowly. This is the most practical solution for not having to epilate too frequently.

The epilator for depilation of the chest

The epilator can also be a good technique for hair removal on the chest in men, but it is not necessarily the technique that I recommend. Already, unless you live with a woman who has an epilator for her legs, few men have an epilator at home. Then it is a technique that will pull out the hair and therefore perhaps a source of the appearance of ingrown hairs.



My advice before and after chest waxing



Scrub for chest hair removal


Before you start waxing your chest right away, I advise you to exfoliate the day before, in order to remove all the dead cells from your skin. This allows the razor or depilatory cream to be more effective.

A few days after depilating your chest, also exfoliate yourself to prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs.

marilou gommage corps.jpg

Scrub made with slivers of apricot kernels. Apply to damp skin with circular massages, ideally in the shower (no need to press too hard, the grains are quite exfoliating), then rinse with water.

gommage weleda.jpg

The Weleda Birch shower scrub refines and smoothes the skin without irritating it. Fine beads of carnauba wax and beeswax stimulate the skin and promote its renewal


Cold water after chest waxing

After depilation, run a little cold water over the depilated part to tighten the pores and above all hydrate the depilated part well. The razor, trimmer or wax have been a source of aggression for your skin. It is necessary to take care of it.

Permanent chest hair removal

If you've really made the decision to have no more chest hair, a completely hairless chest, then permanent chest hair removal is the perfect solution. No more worrying about pils on the chest, no more worrying about possible ingrown hairs, peace of mind. But be careful, you have to be sure of yourself and not do this on a whim because waxing your chest is in fashion!!

To perform permanent hair removal on the chest, several technical solutions are available to you, solutions of which you will have a complete presentation by going to a center specializing in permanent hair removal or to an aesthetic medicine centre. In any case, several sessions are necessary and it will be necessary to count on a small budget.

A word of advice, if you have decided to do permanent chest hair removal: do it in winter and not in summer. It is indeed strongly advised not to expose yourself to the sun afterwards and in addition your skin should not be tanned.

What if we are against hair removal on the chest?

If you don't feel like doing a chest wax, but you want to keep your body hair, then here are some tips.

Thin chest hair

This will of course concern men who have very hairy chests and still want to prune them a little, without completely shaving or depilating them. Take your body trimmer and pass the special comb over your entire torso. 

If you have belly hair, you'll need to run the trimmer over that area as well so that your entire torso and belly look perfectly even.

How to maintain chest hair?

If you want to keep your hair and avoid waxing your chest, then here is what you will have to do regularly to maintain your hair:

  • shave or pluck any chest hair that sticks out of the hair mass. We always have a few hairs wandering alone, especially on the shoulders. It's not necessarily pretty. Do not hesitate to remove them, with a razor or with another method, to have perfectly clean shoulders. This will only highlight your fleece on the torso.

  • wash your chest hair regularly. It's silly to say, but the hair can be a source of bad odors, linked to the humidity thanks to which many bacteria proliferate. And perspiration can be a source of humidity. Do not hesitate to wash regularly and especially to dry your chest hair well before getting dressed.

You can also find all my tips for doing a good chest wax in my video below.

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