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How to clean a razor blade?

nettoyer rasoir de surete

After reading my article on why and how to use a safety razor , you may have purchased one. And now you don't know how to clean your razor blades after you've shaved your beard, or groomed it. Finally, you must certainly tell yourself that you know how to wash a razor blade, you have been doing it since you shave, then you do not understand the meaning of this article. Well know that nearly 9 out of 10 men do not know how to clean a razor blade! We have indeed full of bad practices. 


Come on, be prepared to challenge the way you clean a razor blade, and here are my tips.

Why clean your razor blade?

If you're not one to clean the razor blade after use, you're going to have to change your habits! Because when we talk about cleaning your razor blade, or washing it, it's not just about removing the hairs you've just shaved. But be aware that by passing the razor blade over your skin, you will also have on the blade:

  • small pieces of skin,

  • sebum

  • dead cells

  • bacteria on your skin

  • or even blood if you have cut a pimple for example.

As you can see, it's not pretty pretty! Also, if you don't get into the habit of cleaning the razor blade after use, then next time you shave the blade won't be as effective on your skin. Or even worse, you could even dress it up and cut the hair badly, thus generating ingrown hairs.

Clean your razor blade during use

Clean your razor blade with cold water


Should we wash razor blades in cold water or hot water? Here is a question that many men ask themselves, or not elsewhere. Because I am convinced that the vast majority of men wash their razor blades with hot water. And yet, this is a big mistake. A razor blade should always be washed in cold water. Hot water (and the hotter it is, the worse it is) will indeed damage the razor blade, even deform it. Thus, the cut of the hair will be less clean, the epidermis may even be damaged, which will favor ingrown hairs. So, to avoid the appearance of ingrown hairs , always wash your razor blade in cold water.

Clean your razor blade without tapping

This is another big mistake that many men make. Me first, often in a very unconscious way: I tap the blade of my razor against the sink to remove the excess shaving product. One thing not to do because tapping the blade against the sink will damage it. Especially if you tap hard enough. And we end up with the same problem as with hot water, the razor blade will cut the hair less cleanly, favoring the appearance of ingrown hairs and damaging the hair follicle. Do you see the buttons coming? 

My two tips for washing your razor blade:

  • fill the sink with a little water and wash your razor blade in this water by stirring your razor,

  • or run your razor blade directly under the stream of water, again wiggling your razor.

Clean your razor blade without tapping

If you see that despite this, the razor blade is not perfectly polished, then you can take a brush to clean the razor blade. Of course, make sure that the brush is clean and that hairs do not leave. This will allow you to remove any hair that may remain, or even small pieces of skin.

To do this, do not hesitate to take for example a clean toothbrush! Do not add additional bacteria to your razor blade!

Clean your razor blade after use


Now that you've finished shaving, here are my tips for finishing cleaning your razor blade.

Clean your razor blade and dry it

Another mistake many men make after shaving is letting their razor blade air dry. However, the presence of water on the razor blade, even in the form of very small droplets, will cause corrosion on your blade. And who says corrosion, says bacteria and also a blade that will shave less well.

Also, after washing your razor blade, dry it directly. Be careful not to leave any residue on the razor blade.

Clean your razor blade and disinfect it

Another care you could take to clean the razor blade thoroughly is to disinfect it. At least by doing this you won't run the risk of leaving bacteria on the blade. To do this :

  • put a little alcohol or white spirit vinegar in a small container, large enough to place the razor blade in its entirety,

  • move the razor blade in this container for a few seconds, do not tap the blade against the container,

  • leave the razor blade alone for a few minutes in the container with the alcohol.

Clean your razor blade and put it dry

Another mistake many men make after shaving is letting their razor blade air dry. This goes a bit to the point above. Once you've shaved your beard, don't leave your razor near the sink. If you wash your hands or hold your head under water, your razor may get wet, as will its blade(s). Remember to store your razor in a dry place after each use.

In any case, do not share your razor with other people around you (even if you know them very well!). Even if you clean your razor blades, they can retain bacteria, which you pass on to someone else. Also, there must be a rule if you are several in the household: each person must have their own razor.

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