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How to do intimate hair removal for men?


Intimate hair removal for men is a vast subject that has caused a lot of ink to flow. Between is it necessary to do intimate hair removal for men or does intimate hair removal for men make them less virile, the questions raised are numerous. Well I would tend to tell you: who cares!! We own our bodies, we do what we want with them, and even more so with our hair!

What is intimate male hair removal?

Intimate hair removal for men consists of depilating or shaving the private parts of men. This includes several surfaces to be depilated in men:

  • the buttocks: we are not all equal in front of the hairs on the buttocks. So some men will have completely smooth buttocks while others will have hairy or even very hairy buttocks. The hairs can indeed be at the edge of the inter gluteal furrow or all over the buttock. 

  • the gluteal fold: for those who don't know, the gluteal fold is the groove between the buttocks. This is also called SIF. Again, some men will have very little hair in the inter gluteal furrow, which is invisible. While in other men, the inter gluteal groove will be a real jungle with the hairs that come out of it.

  • the testicles: more and more men are waxing the testicles or shaving off the testicular hair. Others will shorten them by cutting them with scissors.

  • the penis or the penis: yes, some men wax the penis because hair can be at the base and go up on the penis. It is true that having two, three hairs present on the sex is not very aesthetic.

  • the shirt: some men prefer to talk about pubis. In fact, it's the whole area that goes from the bottom of the navel to the base of the penis.

  • the inter thigh: between the legs, we also have hairs which are generally long and fine. Thus, we can not avoid doing a depilation of the inter thigh if we do a full depilation of the private parts.


Why do intimate hair removal for men?


There are many reasons why we could do intimate male hair removal, and it will depend on everyone's desires!

Intimate hair removal for men for aesthetic reasons

Some people don't like hair, that's how it is! The current trend is in addition to the fight against body hair and it is true that magazines show more and more completely beardless men. Almost all men today do not hesitate to wax the bikini line or to shave the bikini line to make this area more aesthetic.

Intimate hair removal for men for sexual reasons

Some sexual practices really encourage men to do intimate hair removal. We can even speak in this case of full hair removal. It is true that it may be more pleasant for the partner to have completely beardless parts in front of him, in particular for rimming , anal initiation , sodomy or fellatio. Sodomy can also be more pleasant for some hairless people in the buttocks. Similarly, wearing a cock ring may also be more pleasant with a hairless penis. Finally, it would seem that depilated testicles would be more sensitive...

Intimate hair removal for men for hygiene

Hygiene is an increasingly important concern for men and the private parts are part of it. Some men take special care of their private parts, especially when it comes to washing their penises . Thus, depilation of the private parts in men can avoid the appearance of certain odors and even avoid traces of excrement at the level of the inter-gluteal furrow.

My advice for intimate male hair removal


Before doing intimate hair removal for men, it is advisable to do the following:

Take a shower before an intimate waxing for men

It is important to take a shower before doing any hair removal, and in particular intimate hair removal for men. By taking a shower you will make your hair more flexible and therefore less hard. It will thus be easier to remove, whatever your chosen method of intimate hair removal. Not only will you spend less time, but your skin will also be less attacked.

Exfoliate before an intimate hair removal for men

The exfoliation will remove all the dead skin cells and thus make the skin smoother. This will greatly facilitate intimate male hair removal. What's more, you will avoid having ingrown hairs during hair regrowth. Which could cause the appearance of red patches, red pimples, or even purulent pimples, which would not be pretty at all.

My opinion on intimate hair removal for men

Some men still ask themselves the question of whether or not it is good to do intimate male hair removal. Honestly, I don't think this question should arise: you do what you want!

  • if your hair on the testicles, the SIF or even the jersey does not bother you, leave it!

  • on the other hand, if you think that waxing your private parts will be better, in this case, remove them!

If you really doubt, and you want to see the reaction of your partner for example, you can do it in stages:

  • start by trimming the length of your testicular hair to see if your partner notices

  • then attack the jersey with the mower, just to shorten the hairs and even out the length.

  • finally, you can attack all your other hairs, by mowing them.

By going step by step, you will not only see your partner's reaction, you will also see if it works for you! Knowing that hair grows back very quickly!

How to do intimate hair removal for men?

I have written several articles for intimate male hair removal. Detailed articles for each of the parts that you can find below.

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