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How to reduce the itching of red pimples after hair removal?

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I had my bikini line waxed a few days ago and now I have lots of red pimples that scratch me a lot, what should I do?  who have just done hair removal for the private parts of men for the first time, whether it is waxing of the bikini line or hair removal of the testicles, or even hair removal of the gluteal fold . Because when intimate hair removal in men is not done correctly, the days after can be complicated and very embarrassing with the arrival of many small red pimples, which can even concentrate in red patches if the pimples red are very numerous!


Because the itching linked to the red pimples that occur after depilation of the jersey, are terrible. They scratch, but how they can scratch!! And inevitably, we can not restrain ourselves from scratching them. So if you're at home, it's not a problem. But if you are at work or on the street when this happens to you, it is not necessarily easy to scratch your private parts! Especially when it comes to the testicles, we agree that it's not a very classy gesture! And at that time, we strongly regret having done a depilation of the jersey or a depilation of the testicles. But how to avoid the appearance of red pimples after the next epilation? Here are my tips.

How do red pimples happen after waxing the bikini line in men?

Contrary to what one might think, the arrival of red pimples after depilating the private parts is not due to hair regrowth. It is not indeed the hair which grows and which would not be able to pierce the skin which causes these red pimples, even this red plate. No, it's nothing more or less than a skin infection. Shaving or hair removal is still something quite negative for the skin, it is not a natural gesture. By waxing or shaving, we will thus cause an excision at the level of the skin and which will allow microbes to enter the pores.

How to fight against red patches after depilation of the bikini line in men?

To prevent the  red patches which may appear a few days after a bikini waxing session in men and which are a source of severe itching, only one option is available to you:

  • exfoliate the jersey every day, a very gentle exfoliation that will not disturb the area. The exfoliation will deeply clean the area and prevent the pores from clogging by forming small red pimples.

  • moisturize the skin of your swimsuit every day! And yes, it's a new gesture that you will have to take, hydrate your jersey, and your testicles if you have also had your testicles waxed . Well hydrated skin is skin that breathes well and whose pores will play their role perfectly.

But if the red patches are already present on your pubis after waxing your bikini line, or shaving your bikini line, then you will have to reduce their itching. In this case, you have several options:

  • apply 100% aloe vera gel to the affected area (usually the entire pubic area in men) until the gel is fully absorbed into the skin. Then repeat the operation. Aloe vera is highly recognized for its soothing properties. If you put it in the fridge before application, the freshness will be even more beneficial. You must do this morning and evening.

  • If you don't have aloe vera, you can also apply potato directly to the skin. Yes potatoes!! Potato starch also has a soothing effect.

  • otherwise you can apply products based on copper sulphate and zinc sulphate, such as Cicalfate d'Avene.


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