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How to use a blackhead remover?

utiliser un tire comédon

A blackhead remover is an accessory that is increasingly used to remove blackheads. Find all my advice for preparing your skin and using a blackhead remover properly.

I think few men have heard of a blackhead remover. And it's relatively normal, it's not a beauty accessory that we talk about between guys. And it's also an accessory that we don't see regularly when we go to buy our beauty products for men. And yet, if you have blackheads , the blackhead remover is a perfect accessory. Ah the famous blackheads, which ruin our daily lives. The blackheads that make you spend long minutes in front of the mirror trying to get them out of their pores. But, there is a solution, the blackhead remover will indeed allow you to remove blackheads . Any place on the body. You can indeed use a blackhead remover to remove blackheads from the nose or to remove blackheads from the back . In short, to remove them everywhere on the body.

But what is a blackhead remover and how to use a blackhead remover, here are my tips.


Why use a blackhead remover?


What is a comedone extractor?

To put it very simply, a blackhead remover is actually a blackhead remover. Indeed, comedo is another term for blackheads. The blackhead remover is a metal instrument specially dedicated to removing blackheads as well as freeing the pores of all the impurities that can get into them. It is widely used by beauty professionals, such as beauticians. But today, you can find blackhead removers on sale everywhere, in supermarkets and in pharmacies, alongside nail clippers. So anyone can buy a blackhead remover. The comedo puller consists of an orifice at its end. There is also the double-ended blackhead remover, which offers holes of different sizes, to remove blackheads of all sizes.

What is the benefit of using a blackhead remover?

The main interest of the blackhead remover is to remove blackheads simply and easily, without leaving traces on the skin. Because generally, we are used to removing blackheads with the nails, which not only will leave traces but in addition risks infecting the areas. Hence the importance of washing your hands well. So by using a blackhead remover, you will be able to remove blackheads hygienically.

With a comedone puller, you can also use it to remove a milium speck , if you are doing the excision yourself. Finally, you can take care of your pimples after shaving with a blackhead remover to remove an ingrown hair.

The blackhead remover is softer than other means

Many people use means other than a comedone extractor to remove blackheads. But they can be aggressive for the skin:

  • anti-blackhead patches are therefore not recommended for people with dry and sensitive skin. The patch will indeed remove the hydrolipidic film on the skin which constitutes its protective barrier.

  • the blackhead vacuum cleaner may cause injury to the skin and if the suction force is too strong.

Thus, the blackhead remover will be less aggressive for your skin.

How to prepare your skin before using a blackhead remover

Before using a blackhead remover, it is necessary to follow certain instructions. Indeed, the objective of the blackhead remover is to remove the blackheads and not, on the contrary, to push them even more into your skin and thus create whiteheads .

Dilate pores before using a blackhead remover

For the use of the blackhead remover to be as easy as possible, you must open the dilated pores of your skin as much as possible. To do this, you have different options:

  • you can perform a steam bath, or a facial sauna

  • you can pass on your face, or on the upper back and shoulders, for 2 to 5 minutes a towel soaked in hot water after wringing it out.

Cleanse your face before using a blackhead remover


Of course, before doing a facial treatment, regardless of the treatment, you will have to cleanse the skin. And I would even say here a deep cleansing in order to make the skin really clear. Thus, I advise you to perform a facial scrub that will remove excess sebum on the face and remove all impurities from the skin, such as dead cells. 

Disinfect your blackhead remover

Before applying the blackhead remover to your skin and around your blackhead, you will need to thoroughly disinfect your blackhead remover. Indeed, it must above all not contain bacteria, which could infect the blackhead area and make your blackhead even less attractive. To disinfect your blackhead remover, nothing could be simpler:

  • either you wash the blackhead remover with disinfectant

  • or you pass it for a few moments in boiling water.


How to properly use a blackhead remover?


Now that your skin is clear and the pores are perfectly dilated, you can use the comedone remover to remove blackheads. To do this, it's very simple, it is not necessary to read a manual!

The blackhead remover consists of a bulging orifice that will have to be placed around the blackhead. Once you have placed the blackhead remover, you must exert pressure on the skin so that the blackhead, which is actually sebum, comes out. Then clean the skin very carefully, as well as the blackhead remover before storing it, of course. You can disinfect it.

You must perform this gesture on all the blackheads you have on your body.

My opinion on the blackhead remover

After reading this article, the blackhead remover has no more secrets for you! I think it will quickly become a beauty accessory that will have its place in your bathroom. The blackhead remover has several advantages:

  • It is easy to use,

  • the blackhead remover is hygienic,

  • it is economical, no need to buy blackhead remover patch or blackhead remover mask

  • it is ecological: once you buy it, it's good, you have everything you need to remove blackheads from the face, back or any other part of the body.

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