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Tips for hiding dark circles

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How to hide dark circles? There are several solutions to hide dark circles and no longer look tired. Find in my article all my tips to find a luminous look.


Come on, I think that's the question I get the most often! How to hide my dark circles? This is one of the major problems for men today who seek to have a luminous complexion, a good skin glow And it is true that having dark circles, especially if they are dark, does not isn't really ideal for looking good. Find below my advice on how to hide dark circles.


Why hide dark circles?


It is true that dark circles are one of the main concerns among men because dark circles give a tired look to the face. We thus hear those around us telling us that we look tired because we have dark circles. But in fact, we are in great shape! And we curse those cursed dark circles that are frozen under our eyes. I have already made an article on how to remove dark circles under the eyes . But here we will see how to hide dark circles quickly. The objective is to find a radiant look, a fresh look, to allow you to have a healthy glow.

Know the reasons before hiding dark circles

Before hiding dark circles, it is necessary to understand why you have dark circles. Because it is important to know the causes before finding solutions to your dark circles. There are indeed different types of dark circles according to their color. So take a good look in your mirror to determine your type of dark circles:

Hide blue circles

If your dark circles are blue, then you are in luck somewhere, because it will be very easy to hide your dark circles naturally, after a few days. Even after one night! Indeed, dark circles are linked to a lifestyle that is not very good, linked mainly to a lack of sleep, but also to alcohol or tobacco consumption. Thus, you will have understood, to hide dark circles, you will have to find a more calm, calmer way of life.

Hide red circles

If your dark circles are red, it may be linked to poor blood circulation. All you have to do is gently massage your dark circles to restore good circulation.

Hide dark circles

Brown dark circles, even borderline black, are linked to your genetics. Unfortunately, you won't be able to do much to hide dark circles, the only solution residing in the use of men's makeup. You can also go through the surgery box to depigment dark circles.

My tips for hiding dark circles


Find below my top tips for hiding dark circles. You will see, it is not very difficult and you have everything you need at home!

Hide them with concealer

Concealer is the product to have in your bathroom, even if you are a man. Yes, concealer is the most frequently used makeup product for men to hide dark circles of course, but also skin imperfections, such as pimples. There are indeed many men to apply concealer on their pimples to hide them.

But be careful to choose the right shade of concealer adapted to your skin tone: you must choose it a tone below your natural skin tone.

To cover your dark circles with a concealer, here is the method to do: draw a triangle starting from the outer corner of the eye to the bottom of your dark circle then go up towards the inner corner (nose side) of the eye. Then put concealer in this triangle, in small quantity and tap. The effect will be more natural.

A little tip: you can also mix your concealer with your eye contour cream. Put both products directly on the palm of your hand and mix them together. You can then apply the blend to your eye area, working down to your dark circles.

You can find my article on my selection of the best concealer products for men .

The cold to hide dark circles

The good old methods are still popular! And it is true that the cold is known for its benefits for the skin, in particular to tighten pores and promote blood circulation. So to hide dark circles using the cold:

  • do not hesitate to put two spoons in the fridge before going to bed and apply them when you wake up on your eyes.

  • if you forgot to put spoons in the fridge, ice cubes will do just fine.

  • you can also put your eye contour product in the fridge to boost its action.

The tea bag to hide dark circles

Are you a tea lover? So don't throw away your tea bags, especially if you take green tea! Keep them aside. Green tea, which is rich in oxidant, will indeed act on the appearance of dark circles, whether brown or slightly purple. Apply the cold tea bags directly (don't make the mistake of putting them on when they are hot) on the dark circles for 5 to 10 minutes.

Apply lipstick to hide dark circles

Well, I know, lipstick is not a makeup product used by men. But if you have a girlfriend, then you will necessarily have some in your bathroom. The idea of using a lipstick is simply to hide your dark circles by mixing two colors (that of your dark circles and that of the lipstick) to find the natural shade of the skin. You just have to apply the right dose of lipstick to regain your skin tone. But be careful, you have to choose your lipstick color carefully:

  • if your dark circles are green, use a red one

  • if your dark circles are blue, purple or brown, prefer an orange tint.

Before applying lipstick, first put on a masking product such as BB cream. After applying the lipstick, put a little concealer on the dark circles to find a natural effect.

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