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How to do full hair removal for men?

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Integral hair removal for men is increasingly practiced. Here are my tips for doing a full hair removal for men.

It is more and more common to see men doing full hair removal. Moreover, the hunt for hair is no longer a taboo subject, whatever the part of the body. It started with the torso, then with a waxing of the private parts . From now on, men do not hesitate to wax their eyebrows to have them thinner, a waxing once seen as being reserved for women. But it is no longer a taboo subject and moreover the men talk about it among themselves. Today, integral hair removal for men is back in mores, and comes especially with the approach of summer.


Here are my tips for doing full hair removal for men.

Why do full body hair removal for men?

Men may decide to have full body hair removal for several reasons :

Integral hair removal for men for aesthetics

Complete hair removal for men for aesthetic reasons : this is the main reason why men do complete hair removal. Body hair is less and less popular among men, and it is true that in some countries, such as Spain for example, full body hair removal for men has become widely democratized. Many Spanish men show themselves with a perfectly shaved torso, arms and legs on the beaches.

Integral hair removal for men for hygiene

Integral hair removal for men for hygienic reasons: this will mainly concern men who sweat a lot, even who have excessive sweating and for whom this can be a real embarrassment. Indeed, perspiration can, in some people, be accompanied by bad odors.

Integral hair removal for men for sport

Integral hair removal for men for sporting reasons. Some sports encourage total hair removal in men, like all sports related to swimming, to improve gliding in the water and therefore performance.



My opinion on full hair removal for men


I receive a lot of questions through social networks to find out whether or not to do full body hair removal for men. And my answer is always very clear: do what you want! Waxing your entire body is indeed a personal choice that is up to you, regardless of the judgment that others may make.

Knowing that it is more and more fashionable to wax the legs in men , or to shave them. But also to shave the arms since the fashion of the tattoos which take all the arm.

In any case, doing full body hair removal for men will not affect your manhood, have no fear about it.


My advice for full hair removal for men


Before doing a complete hair removal for men, here are two tips that I recommend that you do, this will allow you to better achieve your total hair removal:

A shower before full body waxing for men

Take a hot shower before doing all-over hair removal for men. It is also an action that you must do as soon as you plan to shave your face or even have hair removal, regardless of the part of your body. Hot water will soften the hair, which will make it easier to remove hair, especially if you use hair removal cream .

A scrub before full hair removal for men

And while you're in the shower, it's good to take the opportunity to exfoliate! A scrub on your entire body, before doing a full hair removal. And of course, on all the parts, yes yes, even the private parts!


The exfoliation will indeed make it possible to deeply cleanse your body, to remove all the dead cells of the skin. Your skin will be clear, which will optimize hair removal. What's more, if you use a razor to do all-over men's hair removal, then the blade will be cleaner, without traces of sebum or dead cells. This will make it easier to clean the razor blade .

The trimmer before full hair removal for men

To simplify your life, and spend less time doing your all-over hair removal for men, I advise you to pass the mower on all the parts of the body where you have relatively long hair. In particular I think:

  • to the legs

  • pubic

  • even the arms

The fact of mowing before full hair removal has several advantages:

  • you will have less trouble applying wax or depilatory cream

  • you will therefore use less product. Knowing that the depilatory cream can burn the skin after a few minutes of exposure.

How to do full hair removal for men?

To do full hair removal for men, you have different options:

Integral waxing for men


Integral waxing for men is the best way to do hair removal, provided that you are not afraid to shed a tear! Indeed, removing the wax strips can be painful. But, waxing will allow you to have a hair that grows back much more slowly, because the root of the hair will be removed.

Be careful however, it is not at all recommended to do waxing on fragile skin, such as the skin of the testicles or the gluteal fold.

epilation cire homme.jpg
epilation cire homme 2.jpg

Integral hair removal for men with depilatory cream

For me, the men's depilation cream is the best partner for complete hair removal for men. Depilatory cream has several advantages:

  • you can use it for all parts of the body, even the most sensitive. Indeed, there are depilatory creams specially adapted for sensitive parts that have thinner skin. This concerns, for example, the testicles and the inter-gluteal furrow.

  • you can apply it easily, just put a layer on the body hair.

  • the depilatory cream is painless: you just have to wait a few minutes before removing it with the spatula provided.

Depilatory cream is thus a very quick way to remove body hair. However, hair regrowth will be faster than with wax.

Be careful not to leave the depilatory cream on the skin for too long: you could get burns.

Veet Men.jpg

Veet Men Hair Removal Cream can be used on the chest and the whole body* *Chest, Back, Armpits, Groin, Arms, Legs

no hair crew.jpg

Premium depilatory cream for intimate areas: groin, pubis and buttocks


Integral laser hair removal for men

Doing full hair removal for men is a choice that must be carefully considered. Indeed, once you have decided to have laser hair removal, it's final, you can't go back. Also, if you decide to do full laser hair removal for men just for aesthetic reasons, I advise against it: imagine the hairs coming back into fashion in a few years, you may be disappointed not to be able to display them on your body!

Unless your body hair is a real annoyance, I advise you to depilate your entire body with the other two means explained above.

What to do after full hair removal for men?

You have just finished your complete hair removal for men, here are the treatments to be given to your entire body:

Moisturize after full hair removal for men

As soon as you have finished your total hair removal, remember to hydrate your whole body well. Indeed, your skin has been attacked by wax or depilatory cream. Applying a moisturizer to your body will help soothe it.

Exfoliate after full hair removal for men

The day after your hair removal session, do not hesitate to exfoliate the whole body, to prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs and hair regrowth. You've decided to do all-over hair removal for men to have perfectly smooth skin, it would be a shame to have many ingrown hairs.

marilou gommage corps.jpg

Scrub made with slivers of apricot kernels. Apply to damp skin with circular massages, ideally in the shower (no need to press too hard, the grains are quite exfoliating), then rinse with water.

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The Weleda Birch shower scrub refines and smoothes the skin without irritating it. Fine beads of carnauba wax and beeswax stimulate the skin and promote its renewal


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