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How to properly shave your arms for men?

raser bras homme

Shaving the arms among men is an increasingly common gesture. Find my tips for shaving your arms properly.


Male waxing is a gesture that many men are integrating more and more into their beauty routine. Some men will have their armpits waxed or their testicles waxed . But it is more and more common to see men waxing the parts of the body that are visible, such as waxing the legs or waxing the eyebrows . And especially with the approach of fine weather, at the end of spring and in summer as soon as we begin to discover ourselves. And the depilation of the arms at the man, and in particular of the forearms, is in vogue.

Below are my tips on how to shave your arms properly for men.

Why shave your arms?

Men may decide to shave their arms for several reasons:

Shave your arms for aesthetics

For aesthetic reasons, a man may decide to shave his arms, or at least his forearms. It is true that men can have very hairy arms and this can be unsightly for some.

Shave your arms for hygiene

For hygienic reasons, shaving his arms can even become a necessity if the man does it because he sweats a lot, or even excessive sweating. Whether naturally or after doing a sporting activity. You should know that excessive sweating can be accompanied by bad odors, which may not be very pleasant.

Shave your arms for the tattoo

A person may decide to shave their arms to better show off their tattoo. More and more men are tattooing their arms and especially their forearms. It is true that it is prettier to have tattoos on the arm perfectly visible, rather than hidden under a forest of hair!

Shave your arms to homogenize

A person may decide to shave their arms to blend in with their leg waxing or hand waxing .

But it is necessary to take into account some precautions when shaving your arms.

My tips for shaving your arms?


Before shaving your arms, it is necessary to prepare them.

Before shaving your arms, take a shower

Taking a shower before shaving is essential, regardless of the part of the body that is going to be shaved. The same is true for the arms. The fact of taking a hot shower, not cold it is important to specify it, will simply make it possible to soften the hair, to make it less hard. This will make your arm hair easier to shave.

I even advise you to exfoliate your arms before shaving your arms: this will allow you to have perfectly clean skin, without dead cells, so that the razor glides easily.

Before shaving your arms, trim them!

I advise you to shave your arms before shaving your arm hair. The interest is simple: it will remove the length, thin your arm hair before switching to the razor. This will make it easier for you to shave your arms.


Speaking of shaving your arms, I don't advise you to shave your arms, without shaving them behind. Having short hair on the arms would not be aesthetic at all, and it would even look weird. On the other hand, if you do not want to shave your arms blank, you can thin them out, in order to remove density.

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How to shave your arms?

Now that your arms are ready, here are the steps to shave your arms properly or to shave your forearms properly.

Use a shaving product to shave your arms

Of course, even if the skin of the arms is less fragile than the skin of the face or the skin of the testicles, for example, you will still have to use a shaving product to shave your arms. This will allow :

  • to gently shave your arms. This will make the razor glide better over the skin.

  • prevent razor burn and avoid itching.

  • to see where you have already razed (there is no more shaving product), and thus avoid going over the same skin surface several times, which could harm your skin.

I advise you to use a transparent shaving product rather than a shaving foam. You will have better visibility of what you are shaving and you will not have to pass the razor blade several times over the same surface of the skin of the arm. She will thank you for it because she will be less attacked.

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Use a good razor to shave your arms

Before shaving your arms, make sure that the razor you are going to use is in good condition. Thus, the razor blade should not be damaged. If so, you might have:

  • ingrown hairs: a badly cut hair is a hair that can grow back badly afterwards. You could thus have pimples not very pretty during the regrowth of hair.

  • cuts. A bad blade could indeed grab your skin. For example, have an Alum stone at home to help you naturally deal with bleeding after a shaving cut .

Shaving your arms: what to do next?

Moisturize after shaving your arms

As soon as you've finished shaving your arms, apply moisturizing lotion. The razor blade, even if it is in good condition, has attacked the skin. It is therefore necessary to hydrate it well in order to take care of the hydrolipidic film.

Similarly, well hydrated skin after shaving the arms will allow the hair to grow back in the best conditions, and thus avoid having ingrown hairs on the arms.

Do an arm scrub

As after all shaving sessions, it will be necessary to avoid:

  • itching: when the hair grows back on the arms, it can scratch. It can be quite unpleasant.

  • ingrown hairs as I have already mentioned.

The best way to avoid this itching is to exfoliate your arms. Thus, when you are in your shower, 3 to 4 days after you have shaved your arms, do not hesitate to exfoliate your body, emphasizing the arms.

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