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How to shave the pubis properly?


Shaving the pubis in men is an increasingly common gesture. Find my tips for shaving your pubis properly.


Shaving the pubis is increasingly done by men. So, you have to make the difference between shaving your pubis, which will leave no pubic hair, and mowing your pubis, which will leave a certain length of pubic hair. The vast majority of men decide to trim the pubis, in order to keep their masculinity and their virility. But many want to have a white shaved pubis.

Here are my tips for shaving your pubis properly.

Why shave your pubis?

Men choose to shave their pubis for several reasons:

Shaving the pubis for aesthetics

The main reason to shave pubic hair is for aesthetic reasons. We are not all equal when it comes to pubic hair and some men will have a lot of pubic hair, very thick, very long, while other men will have little pubic hair on the contrary. Thus, some men will have the impression of having a real jungle! Especially since in some men, pubic hair tends to curl, which can not be very aesthetic!

Shaving the pubis for hygiene

Shaving your pubis for hygienic reasons: if you sweat a lot, you may need to shave your pubic hair to avoid bad odors associated with perspiration. And so avoid finding yourself in an uncomfortable position if ever your partner has a strong desire for you, and you don't have time to go in the shower!

Shaving the pubis for sexuality

Shaving the pubis to increase sexual desire: the pubis can be an erogenous zone in men, it may be interesting to shave the pubis to have more desire. Especially since having a shaved pubis will allow you to better showcase your penis. It will indeed be less hidden by the jungle of pubic hair!! 

Shave the pubis to have less cleaning!

Shave your pubis so that you no longer have hair in the shower or in the pissotière! More and more men are installing pissotières in their homes, in addition to conventional toilets. And it's true that it's not very appetizing to find pubic hair stuck on a pissotière.

Shaving the pubis to be sexy!

Shaving pubis to wear sexy underwear. Men are increasingly likely to wear sexy underwear, which is generally low rise. It is therefore necessary to prevent pubic hair from coming out of underwear, or swimsuits if you like to wear swimming trunks or short boxers.

Shave the pubis for full hair removal

If you are waxing the private parts , it is necessary to shave the pubis to provide a certain homogeneity. It would be inconsistent to shave the testicles but not to shave the pubis.

My tips for shaving your pubis?


Wanting to shave your pubis is good, but you have to do it! Here are my tips for shaving your pubis properly.

Before shaving the pubis, take a shower

It is advisable to take a shower before shaving your pubis. Moreover, it is advisable to take a shower before shaving any part of the body, and even before shaving the face. The advantage of the shower is that the hot water will soften the hair and make it more supple. It will therefore be easier to shave with a razor blade, it will be less resistant.

Moreover, between us, it is easier to shave the pubis in the shower, it is much more practical.

Before shaving the pubis, trim the pubic hair!

If you are shaving your pubis for the first time, your pubic hair will certainly be long and curly. You may even have a certain density of pubic hair. I do not advise you to go free with your razor, you might have difficulties and spend some time.


Also, the first step will be to trim the pubic hair with a clipper. You can use a beard trimmer , but also a body trimmer if you have one. Don't hesitate to put on the smallest comb possible in order to cut your pubic hair as short as possible;


Trimming pubic hair will allow you to see more clearly.

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How to shave the pubis?


Now that you have prepared the ground for a good pubic shave, here are the different steps.

Use a transparent shaving product to shave your pubis

The pubis is a sensitive area, especially when you are at the base of your penis. The objective of course is not to cut the base of your penis when you shave your pubis. You shouldn't have any bleeding after a razor cut . Also, I do not recommend using a shaving foam that will mask the area to be shaved:

  • use shaving gel: shaving gel is transparent. You will thus have a perfect visibility to pass the razor on the pubis

  • use shaving oil. Less known than shaving gel, shaving oil has the advantage of being transparent and allowing the razor blade to glide well. In addition, shaving oil will also help moisturize the skin of the pubis.


gillette body.jpg

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gel rasage Nivea.jpg

The anti-irritation shaving gel allows easy shaving of body hair without irritation.

Suitable for the shower.

Use a good razor to shave your pubis

To shave your pubis properly, you will have to choose the right shaving equipment:

  • if you want to shave your pubis, avoid the beard trimmer: the trimmer will not completely shave the hair and by passing your hand, you will feel it, which will not be very pleasant.

  • you can use a straight razor if you already use it to shave. Indeed, the straight razor deserves to be well mastered because its blade is very sharp.

  • you can also use a safety razor , which will provide a smooth pubic shave.

Pull your skin to shave the pubis

The skin of the pubis being a little loose, to shave your pubis properly you will have to stretch the skin of the pubis with your fingers, just before passing the razor blade. This will:

  • facilitate pubic shaving

  • to avoid cuts

Shaving the pubis: what to do next?

Apply a moisturizing solution after shaving the pubis

And yes, here is a new gesture that you will have to integrate into your beauty routine! As after any shave, it is important to moisturize the pubis, to allow the skin to regain its protection. The razor is indeed harmful for the hydrolipidic film which protects our skin from external aggressions.

To do this, you can use your usual aftershave product or use your daily moisturizer. To do every day!

Exfoliate the pubis

Now that you have shaved your pubis, you risk having:

  • itching: when hair grows back on the pubis, it's not really pleasant. It may be that you have red pimples that scratch a lot, or even downright big red patches on the pubis.

  • ingrown hairs: your pubis does not have to turn into an area full of purulent pimples.

So, to avoid this, you will have to do a pubic scrub 3 to 4 days after you have shaved your pubic hair. To do this, use your facial scrub product, or for the body if you have one, and make circular movements with it on the pubis, while you are in the shower.

Shaving your pubes: the points to remember

Here are a few things to keep in mind to properly shave pubic hair:

  • it is very important to take into account that shaving your pubis will leave you with a hairless area. If you want a bit of pubic hair, I suggest you trim it instead.

  • prepare for the pubic shave by taking a hot shower

  • pass the front trimmer to shorten pubic hair and facilitate pubic shaving

  • use a transparent shaving product.

  • use a razor that you are used to using.

  • moisturize and exfoliate the pubis to avoid red pimples and the appearance of ingrown hairs.

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