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How to choose your beard trimmer well?

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Are you planning to buy a beard trimmer? Find in my article all my tips for choosing the right beard trimmer.

We can be lost very quickly when it comes time to buy a beard trimmer. Indeed, many brands offer beard trimmers, all with their own particularities and designs. Also, if you are about to change your beard trimmer or simply buy a beard trimmer, it is above all necessary to ask yourself the right questions :

  • how am i going to use my beard trimmer : am i only going to use it in my bathroom or am i going to need it on the go ?

  • what beard will i become maintain with my beard trimmer ? Indeed if you have a beard of 3 days, the size, and therefore the necessary tools, will not be the same as if you have a long beard of several months.

  • the trimmer only for the beard ? Am I also going to use my beard trimmer to trim my hair, or even trim certain parts of my body, especially for men's hair removal ? This is an essential question because you will have to choose a beard trimmer that has different sizes of combs for example.

These questions are all the more important to ask yourself if you buy a beard kit that includes a trimmer and other accessories for shaving or maintaining your beard.


Which beard trimmer to buy?

Here are my tips for choosing the right beard trimmer.


Beard trimmer : the importance of autonomy

It is obviously necessary to ensure the battery life of your beard trimmer. Indeed, today almost all beard trimmers are cordless. This implies having to recharge the battery after a certain time.

  • if you're only using the beard trimmer in your bathroom, battery life won't be a key consideration, given that you can easily recharge it. Be careful however, some beard trimmers do not work when the battery is charging, connected to the mains. This is particularly the case with the Aqua Groom from Wahl . So if, like me, you're not very careful and always wait until the last moment to recharge, choose a beard trimmer that works, even when it's recharging.

  • if you move a lot, for professional reasons for example, the autonomy of the battery will be very important. Choose a beard trimmer that will have a very long battery life of more than an hour, this will save you from having to bring the recharge systematically. Similarly, if you plan to use your beard trimmer during your vacation, it will be necessary to take a beard trimmer with a long battery life.


Beard trimmer : the importance of ergonomics

When choosing a beard trimmer, it is also important to take into account its ergonomics and ease of use. If you have a demo model in store, feel free to pick it up and simulate beard trimming, to see if :

  • it is practical to use : the buttons are well placed, the handle is not too big

  • it is light : this is an important element, especially if you plan to use the beard trimmer several times a week


Beard trimmer : the importance of accessories

Not only do you need to consider your battery life, but you also need to consider what you are going to mow ! Are you only going to use the beard trimmer to trim the beard, to maintain the beard or do you also want to trim your hair ? Do you also want to use your beard trimmer to remove your nose hair or even ear hair ? This may seem trivial, but it will be decisive. Indeed, either you will have to go for a beard trimmer, or you will have to take a multifunction trimmer. Obviously, this will have an impact on the price, the multifunction mower being more complete. So : 

  • beard trimmers will have more or less clogs,

  • beard trimmers may have removable heads


Moreover, you can also favor a beard trimmer with an adjustment wheel.


The beard trimmer : important options


The waterproof beard trimmer

One of the features to also look at when buying a beard trimmer is whether it is waterproof or not. Either if we can use it under water, and especially when we take a shower.

This element should be taken into account, especially if you plan to use your beard trimmer to trim your private parts.

The suction beard trimmer

Some beard trimmers will also suck up clipped hair. This is a very important item for some who either don't want to use a beard bib to catch hair or don't want to spend hours cleaning their bathroom. Besides, beard hair can be a source of conflict in the couple !!


What equipment to use with a beard trimmer ?

If you want to perfectly maintain your beard, the beard trimmer will not necessarily be sufficient ! Other accessories will also be needed to accompany the beard trimmer.

  • if you have a 3-day beard for example, the beard trimmer with a razor to outline the beard will be quite sufficient. Some may also use a straight razor or safety razor .

  • if you have a longer beard, the beard trimmer can be accompanied by a beard comb to properly discipline the hair, a pair of scissors to give a precise shape.


How to properly use a beard trimmer ?

The steps to use a beard trimmer

Here are my tips for maintaining your beard with a beard trimmer:

  • the first step to take when you start trimming your beard is to thin it out.

  • then, use a beard comb or beard brush to remove any clipped hairs that still remain in the beard.

  • Now take care of the contours of your beard, namely the cheekbones and cheeks, using a straight cutter or a razor.

  • to trim your beard, choose the comb that suits  the desired beard length. Of course, it's a very delicate task, here out of the question to make a hole in his beard  ! You can also use multiple combs to have different beard sizes depending on the parts of your face.

  • wash your beard trimmer either by rinsing it with water, if it is waterproof, or by using the small comb that comes with it.

  • if you have a long beard, finalize the size of your beard using beard scissors, i.e. very fine scissors.

  • to finalize, brush your beard or comb it and apply beard oil to hydrate it.


Prepare your beard before using a beard trimmer

It is still important before trimming your beard with a beard trimmer to have a perfectly clean beard. So :

  • your beard must not have knots in the beard  : otherwise, you risk catching the knots with the trimmer and you can hurt yourself.

  • your beard should be well hydrated and not dry. Your hair must indeed be very flexible, very smooth, once again so as not to hang with the mower. And this is particularly important for 3-day beards which have harder hair than long beards. So, remember to moisturize your skin under the beard and beard hair every day with a beard oil such as castor oil for the beard for example.


There you go, you now have all my advice for choosing the right beard trimmer. Now you can look at the different brands of mowers to see what they offer. Between Wahl beard trimmers, Babyliss beard trimmers, Braun beard trimmers, Philips beard trimmers, etc., you have the choice !

Which model of beard trimmer to choose?


There are all kinds of beard trimmers on the market, and it's true that it can be difficult to choose the right beard trimmer for your needs. Here are my tips for not making a mistake when buying a beard trimmer.

The multi-purpose beard trimmer

I will say that the multi-purpose beard trimmer is perfect for several reasons:

  • if you don't feel like spending too much money on your beard trimmer.

  • if you have a beard of 3 days, or even 10 days, and you want to maintain it as simply and above all as quickly as possible.

  • if you also need to trim your nose and ear hair, or if you occasionally need to trim other parts of your body, especially to shave your chest or pubic area.

The multi-use beard trimmer has the advantage of doing everything, and above all of doing it well. You will be able to have a perfectly drawn beard, with perfect beard contours. On the other hand, do not expect a beard trimmer to be able to trim your beard to the nearest millimeter:

  • the multi-use beard trimmer is usually supplied with 2 or even 3 combs, no more.

  • the combs of a multi-use beard trimmer are small, they do not allow you to work a long beard.

Among the multi-use beard trimmers, the best known is the Philips One Blade of course. But there is also Wilkinson's Shave & Style trimmer .

The beard trimmer with adjustment wheel

Recently, beard trimmer manufacturers have launched models that make life easier for their users. It is true that it is sometimes restrictive to have to change the combs of your beard trimmer, while you are trimming the beard, in particular to make a beard gradient or to make different beard sizes, depending on the parts (cheeks, chin, neck). That's what I do and how many times it happened to me to plant my hoof!

With the adjustment wheel directly on the beard trimmer, the benefits are as follows:

  • easy to store, there are not 36 clogs to store in your bathroom,

  • no risk of breaking the clog when changing it (how many times has this happened to me!)

  • less risk of crashing at the desired mowing length,

  • and it is very convenient to use!

tondeuse barbe

Quelle est la meilleure tondeuse à barbe ?

Si je devais sélectionner une seule tondeuse à barbe, je n'aurais aucune hésitation: la OneBlade de Philips. Cette tondeuse est en effet la meilleure que l'on peut trouver actuellement, et ce n'est pas un hasard si c'est la tondeuse la plus vendue. Elle comporte de nombreux avantages :


  • sa légèreté qui la rend très confortable d'utilisation au quotidien

  • de multiples sabots pour toutes les tailles de barbe

  • un sabot spécialement adapté pour les parties du corps, notamment les parties intimes. Tu peux donc l'utiliser sur l'ensemble du corps.

tondeuse one blade 2.webp

4 sabots barbe (1, 2, 3 & 5 mm) + sabot corps et système de protection pour les zones sensibles. Efficacité sans irritation ni coupure

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