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How to choose the right beard  kit?

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The beard kit is an essential accessory for the bearded man, especially those who want to buy all the beard items at the same time ? Here are my tips for choosing the right beard kit.

The beard requires daily maintenance, whether it is to trim it or simply to take care of it. Some bearded men prefer to use products here and there, found at their barber or bought in certain stores. Others are going to want to go easy and buy a beard kit, which will provide them with the essential beard accessories and products.

Here are my tips for choosing the right beard kit.

What is a beard  kit used for?

The beard kit is a perfect accessory for men with beards and it can meet different needs.

The beard kit to maintain your beard


The beard kit, also known as the beard grooming kit, is an essential accessory for all bearded men, regardless of the size of the beard. Indeed, whether you have a 3-day beard, a 10-day beard or even a long beard of several months, you absolutely must take care of your beard. And he's not a pogonophile who will say otherwise !

The beard kit will allow you to maintain your beard and take care of it perfectly, with all the necessary accessories. It does not replace the work of a barber either, if you have a long beard, but it will allow you to provide your beard with the necessary daily care with good tools and good products.

The beard kit to give as a gift


If you want to please a man who likes to take care of himself, especially his face and his beard, then the beard kit will make a perfect gift. Whether for Valentine's Day for example, or for Father's Day or Christmas. And even moreover without particular occasion.

Today, almost all men wear beards, so the beard kit turns out to be a perfectly useful accessory, you can be sure that it will be used at least once or twice a week.

The beard kit to have fun

But the beard kit is above all a set of accessories to have fun and relax while taking care of yourself. We are indeed in a society that lives at full speed, we are always in a hurry. So taking time for yourself, to settle down, can only be good. And given that the beard kit is made up of several accessories, it really encourages you to take time for yourself. 


And in addition, the products that are in the beard kit are generally very beautiful products, which will be pleasant to use. A shave like our grandparents did, for example, a traditional shave .


The beard kit for a zero waste shave

Finally, if you feel close to the environment and have ecological sensitivities, then the beard kit will be perfect for getting a zero waste shave . Indeed, the accessories that appear in the beard kit do not contain disposable products and rarely plastics. It will therefore be an excellent product to buy to reduce your daily waste consumption.

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What does a beard  kit contain?

The beard kit will allow you to buy all the necessary products in a single purchase. So we will find different types of beard kit depending on the budget and brands :

  • some beard kits will be very complete and will offer beard care products but also skin care products. As well as equipment to mow his beard and maintain it of course, this is the basis.

  • other beard kits will be more minimalistic and only include beard trimming attachments without any beard care products.

So, before choosing your beard kit, make sure that you will really need all the products to maintain and take care of your beard. There is indeed no point in spending your money if you do not plan to use half of the products that make up the beard kit. These beard kit products would be lying around in your bathroom for nothing.

The basic beard kit

If you really want to have an effective beard kit, get one that contains at least :

  • a beard trimmer  : this is the basis for maintaining your beard, whatever its length.

  • a pair of scissors, to do the finishing touches like the contours of the beard and to cut some hairs that would have been forgotten by the beard trimmer. Scissors should be as thin as possible to provide maximum precision in beard trimming.

  • a beard comb : this is another essential accessory for taking good care of your beard. The beard comb will not only allow you to prepare your beard before mowing, just to put the hairs in the right direction. But it will also allow you to properly apply your beard oil, for example.


The complete beard kit

These three accessories are the basis to find in a beard kit. You can also find other accessories and products here :

You now have all my advice for choosing the right beard kit.

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