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What are the essential beard accessories?

accessoires barbe

Beard accessories are a must have for every bearded man. Here are all my tips for properly equipping yourself with beard accessories.

Maintaining your beard requires a lot of work, a lot of attention and ultimately a certain amount of time. Fortunately, there are beard accessories that will improve your comfort and make beard maintenance easier. Especially since more and more men want to have an authentic shave, a traditional shave, and are willingly turning to beard accessories.

Here are my tips for choosing the right beard accessory.


Beard accessories for shaving

Even if you are a man who wants to sport a beard, be it a 3-day beard or a 10-day beard , you are still going to need beard accessories to maintain your beard. Here is the short list.

The straight razor as a beard accessory

The straight razor is a beard accessory favored by all those who want to maintain their beard with a traditional shaving accessory. Indeed, the straight razor was the first men's razor sold, the beard accessory that allowed men to free themselves from going to the barber and to be able to maintain their beard at home.

The straight razor is a very beautiful beard accessory, an accessory that has a face, which appeals to all men who want to return to the origins of shaving. But be careful, the straight razor must be well controlled to avoid bleeding after a shaving cut . Indeed, the blade is in direct contact with the skin, without protection. This means that sensitive skin can be damaged very quickly with a straight razor.

The safety razor as a beard accessory

The safety razor is also another beard accessory that is increasingly popular with bearded men. Indeed, just like the straight razor, the safety razor is very popular with men who want to return to traditional shaving. Especially since safety razors today are very beautiful, with a certain elegance. They can thus make the occasion of a very nice gift for Father's Day, for Valentine's Day or for Christmas.

The shaving brush as a beard accessory

If you have a straight razor or a safety razor, you can't do without a shaving brush, to do the total of the traditional shave or an authentic shave. Indeed, the shaving brush is used in particular with shaving soap to lather it and then apply the foam thus created on the face.

Of course, there are different types of shaving brushes, with different hair qualities: badgers made of real badger bristles, or pig hair or horsehair. For less expensive shaving brushes, you will find synthetic bristles. Generally, the shaving brush comes with a shaving bowl.

The beard scissor as a beard accessory

The beard scissor is an ideal beard accessory for trimming your beard, in addition to a beard trimmer . In particular, it will allow you to cut beard hairs that the beard trimmer would have forgotten.

Beard accessories for styling

There are not only beard accessories for shaving, there are also beard accessories for styling! Because for men who have long beards, like hipster beards , it is necessary to style their beards.

The beard comb as a beard accessory

The beard comb is a very interesting beard accessory because it will have several uses:

  • it will obviously be used to comb the beard in order to properly discipline the beard hairs

  • it will allow you to apply a beard oil well on the whole hair, from the root to the tips

  • it will also allow you to undo the knots in the beard and thus have a beautiful babe

Of course, it is necessary to choose the right beard comb with a tooth spacing adapted to your beard hair. Similarly, plastic beard combs should be avoided.

The beard brush as a beard accessory

The beard brush is another useful beard tool for bearded men with full beards. It will allow you to style your beard when the comb is not effective. Not only will brushing your beard help discipline beard hair, but it will also promote blood microcirculation and therefore do good for the hair follicle.

If you want to give a beard accessory as a gift to a man, you can also take a beard kit. It is a kit that includes many beard accessories and is particularly useful to offer for men who are starting to have a beard and who want to maintain it properly.

The beard bib as a beard accessory


The beard bib has become an increasingly used beard accessory because it is really practical, on several levels:

  • it will allow you to save precious time after you have finished trimming your beard. You will indeed be able to very easily recover the hairs that have fallen out. And above all, you will be able to throw them in the trash easily, without dropping them.

  • Above all, it will save you from fights between the couple! How many couples have argued over beard hairs in or near the sink?


I strongly advise you to have this beard accessory to maintain the beard , especially if you have a 3-day beard or a 10-day beard and you need to trim it regularly. Finally, if you feel close to the environment and you have ecological sensitivities, then the beard kit will be perfect for doing a zero waste shave . Indeed, the accessories that appear in the beard kit do not contain disposable products and rarely plastics. It will therefore be an excellent product to buy to reduce your daily waste consumption.

bavoir à barbe.png

The beard kit as a beard accessory


If you don't feel like the hassle of buying all the beard accessories separately, you can simply buy a beard kit . The beard kit is a set of beard accessories more or less supplied depending on your budget and above all, the beard accessories you need. Indeed, not everyone will necessarily want to use a straight razor, for example. In any case, the beard kit will be an excellent thing to do for a pogonophile .

The beard stencil as a beard accessory


What would a bearded man who dreams of having the most beautiful beard possible be without his beard stencil ! Indispensable for perfectly drawing the outline of the beard, the beard stencil is the essential accessory so as not to miss yourself, and to have a beard that would go down too low for example. A must-have beard product for anyone who is not very precise in shaving their beard.

The beard straightener as a beard accessory


Finally, the last beard accessory to have if you have a long beard and especially if you want to style the beard well, is to have a beard straightener . This beard accessory comes in the form of a beard brush, although larger, whose bristles will heat up. The heat will thus make it possible to smooth the hairs of the beard and to have a perfectly clean beard. It is an important beard accessory for men who wear a pointed beard for example, the tip indeed needs to be nickel.

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