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What beard product to have in your bathroom?

produit barbe

You've let your beard grow but you don't know which beard product to use? Know that through the French male beard blog , we give you a lot of advice on the products and our opinions on the products that we all test. Because it is true that having a beard is very good, but maintaining it on a daily basis to have a beautiful beard is even better. Because a beard that is not cared for can very quickly give your face a dull look. An unkempt beard can also give others a bad image of you, especially if you have a beard for a job interview .


Here below are all the beard products to have in the bathroom for the maintenance of your beard, whatever its length ( new beard , 3-day beard, 5-day beard, 10-day beard, pointed beard , hipster beard , etc.).

Beard care product

In this first part of the article, I will present all the beard products necessary to maintain your beard, namely to trim it.


​ First beard product: the beard brush

The first beard product you need to have in your bathroom is a beard brush. This beard accessory is necessary, regardless of the length of your beard. Because, the beard brush will have several functions:

  • of course, the first function of the beard brush is to style the beard . If you have unruly beard hair, this will help put them back in the right order and have a beautiful beard.

  • but a beard brush will also allow you to have a beard that grows properly. By brushing the beard you will also brush the skin under the beard, which will accelerate blood microcirculation. This will therefore affect the hair follicle, where the hair takes root. If you don't have a beard brush, you can use a beard comb, but it won't be as effective.

Second beard product: the beard trimmer

Another essential beard product to maintain your beard is to have a beard trimmer . This is all the more necessary since:

  • you want to have a short beard , which therefore requires trimming the beard regularly, even every other day.

  • you want to make a beard gradient, in this case you will have to play with different combs

  • you want to have a beard with a certain shape.

There are different beard trimmers depending on your needs. From the simplest for a quick maintenance of the beard (for the 3-day beard for example) to the more sophisticated trimmer with different combs.

Third beard product: the safety razor

Why am I talking here about a razor as a beard product to have in your bathroom? Simply because the trimmer is not enough to maintain the beard, you will also have to outline your beard ! And having a perfectly drawn beard outline will be essential for certain beard styles, even certain situations (wedding, for work, etc.).

The safety razor is an excellent product for several reasons:

  • it allows you to do a traditional shave to maintain the beard, a classic shave as our close ancestors did (grandparents)

  • it allows for a zero waste shave too, important if you decide to be careful with your waste consumption.

However, be careful when using a safety razor because it can cut very quickly and cause bleeding if not used very well.

Fourth beard product: the beard stencil

If you're worried about outlining your beard outline, you can use a beard stencil . The stencil will work a bit like a ruler, which you will put on your beard. A rounded rule of course. This will lay the stencil at the desired beard height and shave off any hair above it. Simple and effective, the stencil is the beard product to have if you are afraid of missing out.

Fifth beard product: the beard bib

Finally, the last beard product to maintain it, the beard bib. Well, it's not the priority product to have when you have a beard, but it has the advantage of making maintenance faster. How ? In fact, the beard bib is a kind of cape that will catch all the hair you mow. So, instead of having to clean the bathroom of all the hairs that may have fallen into the sink or next to it, you just have to easily throw the hairs that have fallen into the bib into the trash. It can thus:

  • save you a lot of time when trimming your beard

  • avoid some shouting matches because you don't leave the bathroom clean!

Beard product for daily care


Now that you have all the beard products to properly maintain it, it will also take care of it. Because a beard that is well cared for is stronger, softer, shinier beard hair. It will therefore be necessary to apply some care, here is my selection.

Beard oil as an essential beard product


The first essential beard to have to take care of your beard on a daily basis is a beard oil . And this whatever the length of your beard, even if you have the beard the next day!

Beard oil is essential because it will deeply moisturize the skin under the beard. And it is an essential treatment for the hair follicle to be hydrated and to produce perfect beard hair.

Beard oil will thus prevent you from having an itchy beard , a dry beard , two plagues that affect many bearded people and are a source of great inconvenience.

The beard oil will also be perfect for perfuming your beard , thanks to the essential oils that compose it.

Beard cream as a beard product

If you don't like beard oils, because of their oily effect, then you could use a beard cream. This beard product acts like a facial moisturizer: it has the same texture, an easy-to-apply texture on the beard, which penetrates well into the beard hair without leaving any greasy. So on the other hand, the beard cream will be a little less moisturizing than the beard oil, but it is much better to use a beard cream.

Beard balm as a beard product

Last beard product that I advise you to use daily to take care of your beard is the beard balm . So, the beard balm will mainly be used for men with long beards , such as 10-day beards.  It will not be suitable for men with short beards. The first advantage of the balm is to be able to style the beard well, it will act like a hair wax. Thus, your rebellious beard hairs will be perfectly disciplined, they will fall into line. Then, because beard balms often contain vegetable butters and essential oils, they will moisturize the hair and perfume the beard.

Beard product for regular care


Beard shampoo as a beard product

A beard deserves to be washed as much as the hair! But be careful, not every day as you might think, only two to three times a week. Of course, more if you play sports and sweat, that goes without saying!

But what beard product should you use to wash your beard ? To do this, you have several options:

  • use a mild natural soap rich in glycerin,

  • use a beard shampoo that will respect the hair of your beard without drying it out.

  • you can also use shaving soap .

shampoing barbe 1.jpg

Refreshing beard and face wash with coconut water, argan oil and avocado oil. Menthol leaves the skin feeling refreshed and pleasant.

shampoing barbe 2.jpg

3-in-1 cleansing gel inspired by the know-how of barbers for cleaning your beard, your face and your hair in a single gesture.

shampoing barbe 3.jpg

Specially formulated to cleanse the beard, soften it, refresh it and condition it. Helps eliminate the feeling of irritation by nourishing beard hair.

Beard scrub as a beard product

Another beard product that I recommend you use to wash your beard is a scrub. Beard scrub is indeed an excellent treatment to do once a week, because it has many benefits, whether you have a long beard or a short beard.

  • it will deeply cleanse the beard, removing excess sebum at the root of the hairs ,

  • it will prevent the appearance of beard dandruff.

Either you can buy a ready-made beard scrub or you can make a homemade scrub by simply mixing sugar with olive oil.

gommage barbe.jpg

A sumptuous combination for this exceptional exfoliation with liquid crystals and precious oils which provides a gentle double exfoliating action.

gommage barbe 2.jpg

Exfoliating treatment for beard and face. This paste deeply cleanses the beard and face by eliminating impurities and dead cells.

gommage barbe 3.jpg

This alpine goat's milk soap developed in collaboration with a soap factory in Ariège was made with apricot kernels ground into very fine particles.

A dermaroller as a beard product

Finally, the last beard product that I advise you to have in your bathroom is a beard dermaroller. This product will be essential to have a beautiful beard , a thick beard.


The dermaroller is a kind of roller, to pass in your beard. On this roller, hundreds of very very fine needles are present, which will penetrate the dermis. This will increase blood circulation and therefore have a hair follicle in very good shape.

dermaroller barbe 1.jpg

The box contains a beard growth activator serum, a dermaroller, a cleansing spray and a beard comb.

dermaroller barbe 2.jpg

0.5mm titanium alloy microneedle roller for beard and hair growth.

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