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Why use a beard dermaroller?

comment entretenir sa barbe

The dermaroller for the beard is one of those beard accessories that is little used but which turns out to be very effective. Here are my beard dermaroller tips.

Today there are more and more accessories to maintain your beard on a daily basis, whether to trim it or to take care of it. But there is an accessory that brings many benefits and yet is very little used: the beard dermaroller.

Here are all my tips for properly maintaining your beard. And you can also find at the end of this article a video in which I present the dermaroller and its benefits.

What is beard dermaroller

The beard dermaroller is not a recent accessory, it has been used for many years, especially in aesthetic centers. Concretely, the beard dermaroller is a very simple accessory that takes the form of a handle with a roller at its end. Its particularity is that the roller is made up of a large number of very small, very fine needles.


To use the beard dermaroller, simply pass the roller over the beard, so that the small needles penetrate the dermis. So don't worry, the needles are so fine that it's safe and painless. Only people with sensitive skin could feel a little discomfort but which fades as the use progresses.

What is the beard dermaroller used for?


The beard dermaroller to activate the hair follicle

The beard dermaroller will have two main functions, both linked by a single phenomenon: blood circulation . Indeed, the interest of penetrating small needles into the dermis is to improve blood micro-circulation. And by promoting blood micro-circulation, this will have a direct impact on the hair follicle, this small envelope present under the dermis of the skin which contains the root of the hair.

You should know that the hair follicle may seem asleep, because it is not sufficiently stimulated by the blood micro-circulation (also because it is not hydrated enough, hence the importance of good moisturize the beard ).

The beard dermaroller to grow the beard

Because your hair follicle will be activated with the beard dermaroller, then you will see effects on your beard! So, if you have holes in your beard or a sparse or even incomplete beard , then it is advisable to regularly use a beard dermaroller in your beard care routine. Indeed, if the hair follicle is healthy, then the hair will grow properly. So, having a beard dermaroller is a great way to grow a beard naturally .

The beard dermaroller for a beautiful beard

Finally, as your hair follicle will be in good shape, then with the beard dermaroller you will have a beautiful beard , as you wish, with healthy beard hair. Having only a quality hair allows:

  • to have a thick beard because the hair will be strong and robust. This is particularly what is sought after by men who have a hipster beard or a 10-day beard ,

  • to have a soft beard , because having a healthy hair is a hair that does not have scales, nor is brittle.

  • to have a beard that shines because a healthy hair is a hair that is not dull. This will be particularly sought after by men who have red beards , which require shine.


Maintaining your beard is therefore to prevent it from being a source of itching: it would still be a shame to shave your beard because of this.


The beard dermaroller to avoid knots

We agree that having knots in the beard is not desirable


  • not only will it not give you a nice beard,

  • but in addition after a while it may pull and you will be bothered by your beard.


By maintaining your beard on a daily basis, you will help avoid these knots.

Here is my selection of beard dermarollers below.

dermaroller barbe 1.jpg

The box contains a beard growth activator serum, a dermaroller, a cleansing spray and a beard comb.

dermaroller barbe 2.jpg

0.5mm titanium alloy microneedle roller for beard and hair growth.

dermaroller barbe 3.jpg

Beard Growth Serum contains 100% natural active ingredients Biotin and Arginine.

How to use the beard dermaroller

To properly use a beard dermaroller, here are my tips

Beard oil with the beard dermaroller

If you want the beard dermaroller effectively, then it will be advisable to apply a beard oil on the face before. This will indeed allow to deeply hydrate the skin under the beard, and therefore to perfectly hydrate the hair follicle. To do this :

  • you can apply your classic beard oil,

  • or a vegetable oil that you have in the kitchen if you don't have beard oil at home.

A scrub before the beard dermaroller

Before applying the beard dermaroller to your skin, I advise you to do a beard scrub first. The exfoliation will indeed make it possible to deeply clean the skin under the beard and in particular to remove:

  • dead cells,

  • excess sebum,

  • the dust in the beard.

Since you are going to make micro-lesions in the skin with the needles of the beard dermaroller, your skin and your beard must be in perfect condition. Moreover, do not hesitate, after the exfoliation, to wash your beard with a beard shampoo.

Here is my selection of scrub specially adapted for the beard:

gommage barbe.jpg

A sumptuous combination for this exceptional exfoliation with liquid crystals and precious oils which provides a gentle double exfoliating action.

gommage barbe 2.jpg

Exfoliating treatment for beard and face. This paste deeply cleanses the beard and face by eliminating impurities and dead cells.

gommage barbe 3.jpg

This alpine goat's milk soap developed in collaboration with a soap factory in Ariège was made with apricot kernels ground into very fine particles.

How to maintain the beard dermaroller

As you have understood, the small needles of the beard dermaroller will penetrate the skin to create mini-lesions. Suffice to say that the dermaroller must be in immaculate condition and perfectly well maintained. Here are my tips for properly maintaining and washing your beard dermaroller.

Before using the beard dermaroller

Before using the beard dermaroller on your skin, you will need to clean it. Indeed, depending on how you have stored it, dust, impurities or even bacteria may have settled there. Elements that absolutely must not penetrate your dermis. To clean your beard dermaroller, follow these steps:

  • pass it under clear water from your tap for a few seconds. This will remove impurities.

  • soak it in a jar containing a dose of alcohol, at a temperature of 90°C, for 1 hour. You just need to put the part with the needles in the jar, not the whole dermaroller. Leave to soak for a few minutes, the alcohol will destroy all the bacteria. You can also use a tall glass to do this.

  • rinse it again for a few seconds with clear water.

After using the beard dermaroller

After using the beard dermaroller, it is recommended:

  • pass it for a few seconds in clear water, to remove all the residue following the passage on your skin and in your beard (hair, possibly blood, pieces of skin, etc.). You can use a toothbrush to act as a cleaning brush, but go easy.

  • to disinfect the roller again, this will thoroughly clean the dermaroller, it is important all the more if you have acne for example. To do this, put it in a jar with alcohol at 90°C for 1 hour.

  • rinse it under water to clean it well, a few seconds are enough.

  • air dry it well. You can put it on a piece of paper towel (gently, so as not to put small pieces of paper towel on the needles).

  • to store the dermaroller for beard in its case, so that the needles are protected from any dust. It should also be stored in a dry place.

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