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How to have a soft beard?

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The soft beard is a wish of many bearded men. Here are my tips for having a soft beard.

It's all well and good to grow a beard and have a nice, long beard . Or not, moreover, the 10-day beard , halfway between the 3-day beard and the long beard, is increasingly popular with men. But you still need to have a soft beard! Indeed, there is nothing more unpleasant than having a rough, thick beard, with a dry hair and not at all pleasant to the touch. In short, having a itchy beard.

Here are all my tips for having a soft beard. You can also find my video at the bottom of the page in which I give all my advice for having a soft beard.


Why have a soft beard?

It is important to have a soft beard not only for yourself, but also for those around you:

A soft beard for fun

It is much nicer to run your hands through a soft beard than a rough beard. Indeed, bearded men like to run their hands through their beards, to touch it. Having a soft beard is a sign that you have taken good care of your beard.

If you're a pogonophile , you can't have a soft beard, it's impossible.

Your entourage will thank you for having a soft beard: it is still much more pleasant to kiss cheeks that wear a soft beard, rather than having your face lacerated with an itchy beard!

A soft beard is a healthy beard

In addition to the pleasure of having a soft beard for yourself and for others, a soft beard is above all a sign that your beard and your skin under the beard are healthy! Indeed, if your hair is soft, it means that it is growing correctly in its hair follicle. And that the latter is also in good shape!

A soft beard is a beautiful beard

Finally, having a soft beard is the guarantee of having a beautiful beard ! Because if your hair is not soft then it will be weak and therefore brittle. The hair will stand much less, it will not be very straight, which will give your beard an uneven style. You will also have difficulty disciplining your beard hair.

Why don't I have a soft beard?

The fact of not having a soft beard can come from two main reasons:

  • soft beards are much more common in men with short beards than in men with long beards. It's rare for a man with a hipster beard to have itchy beards. The reason is that a beard hair that has just been shaved will have an incisal point that will soften as it grows.

  • the second reason you don't have a soft beard is that you don't moisturize it enough.

How to have a soft beard?

Here are my tips for having a perfectly soft beard:

A soft beard with a beard shampoo

The first step you are going to have to take to have a soft beard is to wash your beard. But not in any way. You will have to stop using a classic soap, your shower gel or even worse your hair shampoo. To properly wash your beard, you will use a beard shampoo .

shampoing barbe 1.jpg

Refreshing beard and face wash with coconut water, argan oil and avocado oil. Menthol leaves the skin feeling refreshed and pleasant.

shampoing barbe 2.jpg

3-in-1 cleansing gel inspired by the know-how of barbers for cleaning your beard, your face and your hair in a single gesture.

shampoing barbe 3.jpg

Specially formulated to cleanse the beard, soften it, refresh it and condition it. Helps eliminate the feeling of irritation by nourishing beard hair.

Beard shampoos are generally enriched with a vegetable oil which will provide hydration to the hair and therefore make it softer. Overall, you will have a soft beard.

A soft beard with beard oil

The most important maintenance to have a soft beard is to moisturize it daily. And for that, there is nothing better than using a beard oil . This is the essential care that all bearded men must apply to their beard, whatever the length of the beard: short beard, 10-day beard and of course very long beard. If you have a really rough beard, you can apply beard oil morning and evening for the first few days, then only apply it in the morning or evening.

Beard oil is a treatment made from vegetable oils, such as jojoba oil, castor oil, argan oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, etc. . These vegetable oils are known to perfectly hydrate the skin, and therefore the hair follicle. Thus, the hair will grow perfectly hydrated, and you will have a soft beard.

Find here our selection of beard oils


A soft beard with a beard mask

Another solution to have a soft beard if yours is really rough, hard, is to do a beard mask once a week. It is a perfect care to find a soft hair. Concretely, to make your beard mask, you must apply a very large quantity of beard oil to damp hair. Concretely, it must shine! Apply the beard oil well on all of your hairs, do not hesitate to brush the hairs so that the beard oil is from the root to the tip of the hairs. Then put a hot towel on your beard, the heat of the towel will open the scales of your beard hair, the beard oil will thus penetrate deeply. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes before washing your beard with a beard shampoo.

If you don't have beard oil, you can apply regular vegetable oil. Castor oil for the beard is ideal for this, but you can just as well apply olive oil that you have in your kitchen, sunflower oil, grape seed oil, walnut oil...any oil will be fine.

A soft beard with good brushing


If you don't have a beard brush , you're going to have to invest in this beard tool to have a soft beard. Indeed, brushing your beard should be done every day to have a perfectly soft beard. Why ? Because by brushing your beard, you will also brush your skin and therefore stimulate blood microcirculation. This will have a direct impact on the quality of your beard hair.

A soft beard with a beard balm



Another way to keep your beard soft, especially if you have a long beard or a hipster beard , is to apply a beard balm daily. Beard balms contain moisturizing agents that will do good to your beard hair. These agents are most often in the form of vegetable oils, such as grape seed oil, avocado oil or even, the best known, olive oil.

Thus, with a beard balm, you will not only discipline the hairs of your beard, but you will also moisturize it and therefore make it softer.

Use scissors to have a soft beard


It may not be your whole beard that is spiky, just the tips of your beard hair. You can easily tell if this is the case by running your hand through your beard. In this case, the solution will be to cut the tips of the hairs to have a soft beard. It will take a little time, but it can be a good alternative to moisturizing with beard oil. You still have to be ready to cut the length of your beard a little.

You now have all my tips for having a soft beard.

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