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Beard mask: an important care

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The beard mask is an essential care to properly maintain your beard. Here are all my tips for making a beard mask.

If you have a beard, you know that it is very important to maintain it well, regardless of the length of the beard. Whether we have a short beard or a long beard , like the hipster beard, the beard needs to be taken care of. And one of the treatments that can be provided is the beard mask. A treatment that will do good to the hairs of your beard as we can make hair masks to take good care of your hair

Below are my tips for making beard masks.

Why make a beard mask?


It is important to make a beard mask for several reasons.

A beard mask to hydrate

The main interest of the beard mask will be to deeply hydrate your beard. This is very important not only for your beard hair but also to perfectly moisturize the skin under your beard. And it is an essential element to have a beautiful beard .

It is indeed necessary to take care of your skin because the hair follicle present is present there. And it is in the hair follicle that the hair takes root. Thus, if the hair follicle is healthy, via hydration, then the hair will be very healthy.


A beard mask to stop itching

Itchy skin is an obsession of bearded men. There is nothing worse than having an itchy beard . And it is by having a perfectly hydrated beard, a beard that is not dry, that you will no longer have itching.

A beard mask to soften the hair

Another benefit of making a beard mask, because you will moisturize the beard, is that you will soften your beard. If you have a long beard, it's important to have a soft beard because you like to run your hands through it. In addition it is more pleasant when you are kissed.

How to properly make a beard mask?

To make a good beard mask, here are my tips.

Prepare your beard before a beard mask

Do not apply your beard mask directly without performing these steps first:

  • Wash your beard well using beard shampoo or shaving soap . These are products specifically adapted to the hairs of the beard to take care of it. It is not advisable to use hair shampoos to wash your beard.

  • brush your beard well: the idea here is of course to have perfectly smooth beard hair, without having knots in the beard . It is advisable to use a beard brush if you have a long beard.

Make your homemade beard mask

If you prefer to do a zero waste beard care, you can also make your own beard mask. Not only will this be economical, but you will also be using natural products for your beard.

To make your homemade beard mask, you will need vegetable butter and vegetable oil. Here are the ingredients:

  • 50g shea butter

  • 25 ml of vegetable oil (olive oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, grapeseed oil, etc.)

Mix everything. You can integrate an essential oil to bring a fragrant touch to your beard mask. Know that if you do not use all your mask, you can keep it in the fridge for next use.

If you ever don't have shea butter and need to make yourself a beard mask, you can also mix different vegetable oils together.

How to apply your beard mask

For your beard mask to be as effective as possible, you must follow a few rules:

  • your beard hair should be damp.

  • Apply the beard mask well over the entire length of the hair, from the root to the tip of the hair. Do not hesitate to apply it also on the skin under the beard.

  • once the mask is on, apply a hot towel to the beard: the heat will open the scales of your beard hair and the beard mask will thus penetrate deeply.

How many beard masks to make?

Of course, it is not necessary to do a beard mask every day. It would be useless, or even worse, risk making your beard greasy. Also,

  • it is advisable to do a beard mask once a week if you have a very dry beard or if you have severe beard itching.

  • if you have a normal beard, you can do a beard mask once every 10 days.

In any case, on a daily basis, don't forget to use a beard oil as a daily care product.


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