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Castor oil for the beard, my advice

huile de ricin bare

Castor oil for the beard is a care to apply because it brings many benefits to the beard. Here are my tips for using castor oil for the beard.

The benefits of castor oil are well established. Whether for skin or hair, castor oil has been used for hundreds of years as a beauty treatment. But with the advent of men's beard fashion, castor oil for beard has become a go-to.

Find below my tips for properly applying castor oil for the beard. But before that, I will detail the benefits of castor oil for the beard.

What are the benefits of beard  castor oil?


Castor oil will have many benefits for the beard :


Beard castor oil: to grow the beard


We are not all equal when it comes to beard growth. Some will have a beard that grows quickly, others on the contrary will wait many years before having a beautiful shape of beard, well furnished on all sides. Unfortunately, it is nature that decides for us, our genes too. Castor oil for the beard will help create an ideal soil for the hair of the beard to grow as efficiently as possible, in particular by promoting blood micro-circulation.

Beard castor oil: to moisturize the skin and hair

You never take enough care of your beard, especially when it comes to moisturizing it. Washing your beard yes, but moisturizing it is rarer. And yet, hydration is an essential care to do on your beard. Because a well hydrated skin is a hair follicle (from where the hair takes root) in shape. The hair will grow properly.

Similarly, a well hydrated hair is a hair that will be shinier. Your beard will therefore be prettier.

A hydrated hair will be less brittle. If you have points of your beard hair that are very dry, borderline brittle, a castor oil treatment will be very beneficial to your beard.

Finally, a well hydrated hair is also a softer, smoother (although stronger) hair. This will make it easier to style your beard and avoid knots in the beard .

Beard castor oil: to avoid holes

Castor oil, by promoting blood micro-circulation will allow the hair follicle to function properly. Thus, the hairs that had not yet emerged from their hair follicles could come out, and thus fill in the holes in the beard .

In addition, by fortifying the hair of the beard, castor oil will allow it to be slightly thicker. If you have holes in your beard, the other hairs will be able to cover them more effectively.

Be careful though, some parts of the cheeks or neck may not have a hair follicle, in this case, even with pseudo hair accelerator products, no hair will grow.

Beard castor oil: to prevent dandruff

We find two types of beard dandruff:

  • Dry dandruff that is linked to dry skin

  • Oily dandruff which is linked to excess sebum


By having perfectly hydrated skin, you will avoid having dry skin and therefore the appearance of beard dandruff .


Who can use castor oil for beard ?

You would think that only bearded men with a long beard, either a beard of several weeks or several months, could use castor oil for the beard. And yet, castor oil can be used in beard care by all bearded men, even by those with a beard the next day ! Indeed :

Castor oil for short beard

Short beards (morning after beard, 3-day beard ) have harder hair than long beards. To avoid tightness, it is important to soften your itchy beard with castor oil to deeply moisturize the hair, but also the skin under the beard. Because ultimately, if you have an itchy beard, it's because your skin under the beard is dry and needs strong hydration.

Castor oil for beards

Regardless of the size of the beard, it is necessary to take care of the skin under the beard and therefore to moisturize it. Castor oil will not only act on the beard but also on the skin. Because your hair will be more hydrated, then you will have a nicer, shinier and softer beard .

How to choose the right castor oil for the beard ?


Castor oil is a vegetable oil, and, like all other vegetable oils, it is necessary to choose it well so that its benefits are as effective as possible. Thus, you must choose a castor oil for the beard that is :

  • first cold pressing.

  • organic


If you can, I advise you to buy your castor oil for the beard in an organic store.

How to apply castor oil for beard ?

To properly apply castor oil for the beard and ensure that its effects are best reflected by the beard, it is necessary to follow my advice below :

Wash your beard before applying castor oil for beard 

Yes, you are going to have to clean your beard for the effects of castor oil for beard to come faster.

  • Wash your beard : your beard must be as clean as possible so that the castor oil penetrates perfectly into the beard. Your beard hair must be perfectly clean, without dirt that would prevent the castor oil from penetrating the scales of the hair. To wash your beard , opt for a beard shampoo or a beard soap.

  • Do a beard scrub  : if you apply castor oil for the beard once a week, do not hesitate to do a beard scrub beforehand. This will not only clean the hair of the beard well but also deeply clean the skin under your beard. This will remove all dead cells and any excess sebum. Thus, castor oil for beard will penetrate better not only into the beard but also into the skin. This will have a beneficial effect on the hair.

The gestures to properly apply beard castor oil

Now that your beard is perfectly clean, as well as the skin under your beard:

  • pour two to three drops of castor oil into your palm and rub both hands together to not only heat the castor oil but also get it all over your hand.

  • then run the palms of your hands over your entire beard.

  • do not hesitate to massage your cheeks, neck and chin so that the castor oil penetrates well into the skin and into the roots of the hair of the beard.

  • you can use a beard comb or a beard brush to evenly distribute the beard castor oil throughout your beard hair. You really need the castor oil to be applied evenly to the beard.

  • if you can, then it would be ideal to apply a hot towel to your beard. The heat will indeed open the scales of your beard hair and ensure that the castor oil penetrates perfectly into the hair.


Small clarification, the amount of castor oil to put on your beard will of course depend on your beard length. We are not going to put the same amount on a 3-day beard as on a beard of several months.


Create your own beard oil with castor oil


You can of course use castor beard oil with another carrier oil to create a custom beard oil. This will allow :

  • to add extra benefits to castor oil for the beard

  • to make castor oil for the beard less viscous, and more pleasant to apply to the beard.


So you can use olive oil, sunflower oil or walnut oil that you can find in your kitchen cupboard. Always take an organic product, and first cold pressing so that the benefits of the oil are more effective.


Include castor oil in your beard shampoo


My little tip, if you don't want to apply castor oil directly to your beard, because you find it too greasy, don't hesitate to put a few drops in your beard shampoo and let it sit for a few minutes, like a mask. for the beard. Rinse afterwards.

When to apply castor oil beard ?


It is advisable to apply castor oil for the beard in the evening, for several reasons :

  • you have more time to take care of yourself and your beard. In the morning you are generally in a hurry. However, properly applying castor oil for the beard takes a minimum of time.

  • castor oil for the beard being viscous, if you apply it quickly, you risk applying it incorrectly and thus having a greasy beard that will shine. This is not ideal !

  • it is during the night that the hydration of the body, the generation of sebum is most effective.


How often to apply beard  castor oil?


The frequency of application of castor oil for the beard is very variable, it depends above all on your need !

  • Apply castor beard oil daily if you want to moisturize a dry beard or dry skin under the beard. If so, you may feel it with tightness or see it with dry dandruff in the beard.

  • you can also apply it daily if you have a goal to grow your beard quickly.

  • you can apply it once a week, or even twice a week, if it is only as a care for your beard.

Nevertheless, if you want to take care of your beard in depth, here is a little schedule that I recommend :


Everyday :

  • morning: apply a traditional beard oil that includes castor oil, but not only. Beard oils made from a mixture of castor oil and other vegetable oils will be easier to apply. Prefer a dry oil to avoid shine in the beard.

  • evening: apply the natural castor oil that you will let stand all night.


During your non-working day : apply castor oil in the form of a beard mask with a hot towel.


In any case, be aware that castor oil lasts a long time. Don't be afraid to save your castor oil if you're not using it to groom your beard. Store it in the closet, you will take it out when you need it.

Finally, you can make yourself a beard mask based on castor oil, once a week. To do this, nothing very complicated:

  • Apply a heavy dose of castor oil to your beard. It should shine! Castor oil should be applied to wet hair.

  • then apply a hot towel to your beard full of castor oil. The heat will open the scales of your hair

  • leave on for 10 to 20 minutes, then rinse with a beard shampoo.

My opinion on beard castor oil

As you can see after reading the article, castor oil is a fabulous product for maintaining your beard. It is therefore not surprising that it is found in practically all beard oils. Castor oil for the beard helps to tone it, moisturize it, make the hair stronger. In the end, to have a very beautiful beard.

For my part, I never apply castor oil alone on the beard, because I find it too viscous, too oily. I always add either olive oil to boost the hydration of the skin and hair, or macadamia oil.

I hope this article has given you all the answers that you have been wondering about castor oil for beard. Feel free to share this article!

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