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Why and how to use a beard brush?

The beard brush is an essential element for all men who wear beards for several weeks or even months. If you have an evening beard or a 3-day beard, you don't think you need a beard brush: your beard isn't long enough to be brushed. And yet, using a beard bump without your beard routine can be effective regardless of the size of your beard. And I'll tell you why.

Why use a beard brush?

The use of a beard brush has many advantages for maintaining your beard on a daily basis.

The beard brush allows you to style your beard

This is of course the main function for which a bearded man will use a beard brush. This is for those who have a long beard, which needs to be styled to put back in place the hairs that are getting lost! Thus, with a beard brush, you will be able to discipline the hairs of your beard. Because between us, bearded men are still more handsome when they have well-groomed beards than when they go all over the place! This gives an elegant, classy look and above all reflects the image of a man who takes care of himself.

Compared to a beard comb , the beard brush will be ideal for thick and long beards.

The beard brush to properly apply your beard oil

Here there is no question of why use a beard oil . If you read my blog, you know that using a beard oil brings many benefits, not only to the hairs of the beard but also to the skin underneath the beard. Castor oil has many benefits including. By using a beard brush, you will allow the oil to apply evenly all over the beard, and deeply, from the root to the tip of each hair.

The beard brush to seal the holes in the beard

And yes, by using a beard brush, you will be able to hide all the imperfections of your beard, especially the holes in the beard . Many bearded men are looking for solutions to fill holes in the beard, holes that are generally due to the absence of hair follicles, which leads to the absence of hair. Well, holes in the beard can also be caused by stress, but that's another thing. The beard brush will thus make it possible to style the beard in such a way that the holes will be masked by the existing hairs next to it.

The beard brush to take care of your skin

By styling your beard, you will also brush your skin under the beard. And this will be very beneficial because you will simply promote blood microcirculation. Your skin will thus be revitalized and this is positive for the health of your hair follicle, which will be invigorated. Your beard hair will thus be in better shape, more robust, thicker, it will grow better.

The beard brush to protect your beard hair

It's an unknown quality of using a beard brush to maintain your beard. At the level of each hair follicle is a sebaceous gland which will produce the famous sebum. Thus, at each hair root, there is sebum, which can be produced in normal quantity for normal skin, or even in excessive quantity for combination and oily skin. An excess of sebum can thus be responsible for the appearance of oily dandruff. And a lot of men are just trying to avoid beard dandruff . But sebum also helps protect the hair. By combing your beard with a beard brush, you will thus spread the sebum from the root of the hair to the tip and protect the beard hair from external aggressions in its entirety.

How to use a beard brush

To use a beard brush, a few rules must be followed:

  • always brush your beard when it is dry. If you brush your beard when it's wet, you risk damaging your beard hair and creating tangles.

  • brush your beard in the direction of the hair. Do not make the mistake of brushing your beard against the direction of the hair, you will also promote the appearance of knots in the beard.

  • put some beard oil when you decide to use a beard brush, it will be beneficial to maintain your beard.

How to choose your beard brush?

Are you convinced that using a beard brush is beneficial for you? Now, you will have to choose the right beard brush, here are my tips.

The importance of the handle

First, a little focus on the handle of the beard brush. Because it is an important element so that brushing your beard is not a daily ordeal. If you have a long beard or a thick beard, I recommend getting a beard brush with a long handle. You will have to either force a little while brushing in the case of a thick beard, or brush a long time in the case of a long beard. A long handle will allow you to easily brush the beard, without hurting your wrist.

Prefer the beard brush with natural bristles

Avoid using a beard brush with synthetic bristles as much as possible. Because it can create static electricity and thus make the hairs of your beard swell. Your beard will have more volume, which will not necessarily be pretty. 

Opt for a beard brush with natural bristles, such as boar or horse hair. Not only will your beard brush last longer, it's a sign of excellent quality. No risk of seeing the bristles of your brush come off. But above all, it is the most effective type of hair for brushing your beard, especially if you have rough hair.

Choosing the right size beard brush

Obviously the size of your beard brush will depend not only on the size of your beard but also on the use you are going to make of it. Indeed, if you have a thick beard , then you will be advised to take a beard brush with small size pins so that they penetrate well into the tight hairs, without hurting you. Avoid beard brushes with large spikes which will then have difficulty getting into the beard.


On the contrary, if you have a sparse or incomplete beard , then you can choose any size of pimples.

As for your use, if you need to brush your beard regularly, especially at work, because your beard is shaggy and your beard hair rebels easily, then choose a small beard brush. This will allow you to put it in a sound without it taking up too much space. But in this situation, I advise you to apply a beard balm with a strong hold every morning to style the hairs as you wish.

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