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How to have a thick beard?

barbe épaisse

Having a thick beard is the Holy Grail of many bearded men. Here are my tips for having a thick beard.

Having a thick beard is the dream of many men. Indeed, having a beautiful beard is often synonymous with having a thick beard, with strong, robust hair. But sometimes having a thick beard is just an optical illusion : indeed, visually a dark beard will look thicker than a blonde beard even though the hair is exactly the same. Also, beard density plays a major role in having a thick beard : the more beard hair you have, the thicker your beard will look. Also, to have a thick beard, you have to work as much on the quality of the hair itself as on your beard in general. This is what I will explain to you in detail.

Here are my tips for having a thick beard.

A thick beard : the role of genetics

A thick beard: watch out for holes

You should know that all men are not equal in terms of beard hair growth, and in particular to have a thick beard. Indeed, genetics plays a major role in the quality of the beard hair you will have. So, just looking at how your father's and grandfather's beards are doing will give you an idea of the style of beard you can have, a thick beard or not. If you ever find that your ancestors have a sparse or incomplete beard , then chances are you have this style of beard, and you could then have great difficulty in having a thick beard. Ditto if you have holes in your beard , you will have to analyze where the holes come from, by going to a dermatologist in particular.


A thick beard: watch out for fine hairs

Similarly, some men will naturally have very fine hair, while others will have very thick hair. Generally, men who have a thick beard or also thick hair. Again, if you have relatively thin beard hair, it will be difficult for you to have a thick beard unless you apply some care to strengthen the hair.

Nevertheless, even if genetics plays a major, essential role, there are still some solutions to have a thick beard.

Natural remedies for a thick beard

As I said in the introduction, to have a thick beard you will have to play on two levels :

  • the quality of your beard hair,

  • the quality of your beard in general.


Here are the tips for having a stronger hair, and therefore thicker, and a denser beard.


Have a thick beard by taking care of it

It is necessary to apply a beard care routine to have a thick beard. Here are my tips.

Have a thick beard by styling it

First of all, you will have to take care of an essential element for your beard hair and your beard : the hair follicle. The hair follicle is the small pocket under the skin where the hair takes root. It's like a beard hair cocoon. So inevitably, the healthier the hair follicle, the more the hair will grow in good conditions, and in better shape : stronger, thicker, shinier. All that you want ! In short, having a healthy hair follicle is the basis for having a thick beard.

And for that, you will have to promote the blood microcirculation of your facial skin. With better blood microcirculation, your hair follicle will be stimulated. How to ? Simply by styling your beard with a beard brush  ! And yes ! By brushing your beard, you will also be brushing your skin under the beard. This will promote blood microcirculation.

Have a thick beard by moisturizing your skin


Another essential element to have a thick beard is to have hydrated skin ! Because a hydrated skin is also a hair follicle, again, well hydrated and which will therefore function properly. You should know that the hydration of the hair of the beard is essential for it to be strong, robust and thick. Not to mention that a hydrated beard hair is a shiny hair. To hydrate your hair and have a thick beard, you need :

  • use beard oil daily  : made from vegetable oils, beard oil is the best way to moisturize both beard hair and the skin under the beard

  • make a beard mask once a week : by applying vegetable oil to your wet beard, then wrapped in a hot towel, you will deeply hydrate your hair and have a thick beard . Indeed, the heat of the towel will allow to open the scales of your hair and thus hydrate it in depth.

Have a thick beard by washing it

It is also essential to have a thick beard to wash your beard hair with suitable products, such as beard shampoo or beard soap. By using suitable products, you will take care of your beard hair, maintain its hydration and prevent it from drying out (and therefore becoming fine and brittle). Indeed, beard shampoos also contain ingredients that will not only nourish the beard hair but also the skin under the beard.

shampoing barbe 1.jpg

Refreshing beard and face wash with coconut water, argan oil and avocado oil. Menthol leaves the skin feeling refreshed and pleasant.

shampoing barbe 2.jpg

3-in-1 cleansing gel inspired by the know-how of barbers for cleaning your beard, your face and your hair in a single gesture.

shampoing barbe 3.jpg

Specially formulated to cleanse the beard, soften it, refresh it and condition it. Helps eliminate the feeling of irritation by nourishing beard hair.

Avoid using a hair shampoo, which is suitable for the scalp, thicker than the skin under the beard, or a classic soap that will dry out the beard hair.

Have a thick beard by erasing it

Another treatment you can do for a thick beard is a beard scrub . Just like brushing your beard, beard scrub will allow you to develop and maximize blood microcirculation, and therefore do good to your hair follicle. It is therefore advisable to exfoliate your beard once a week. In addition, it will thoroughly cleanse your beard of excess sebum that may be at the root of the hairs.

gommage barbe.jpg

A sumptuous combination for this exceptional exfoliation with liquid crystals and precious oils which provides a gentle double exfoliating action.

gommage barbe 2.jpg

Exfoliating treatment for beard and face. This paste deeply cleanses the beard and face by eliminating impurities and dead cells.

gommage barbe 3.jpg

This alpine goat's milk soap developed in collaboration with a soap factory in Ariège was made with apricot kernels ground into very fine particles.


Have a thick beard with a healthy lifestyle


Have a thick beard with a healthy lifestyle

It is a fact, our way of life has a strong impact on the quality of our skin and on the quality of our hair, our nails but also our beard hair. To give you every chance of having a thick beard, you will have to apply new rules to your lifestyle:

  • Drink a lot of water to have a thick beard: the hydration of the skin does not only pass through beard oils or a beard shampoo, no it passes mainly through the amount of water we drink! It is therefore advisable to drink 2 liters of water per day on average, or even 3 liters of water if you do a sporting activity.

  • Sleep well to have a thick beard: having a good sleep is also a very important element for not only having a beautiful skin (sebum mainly occurs at night), but also for having a thick beard. Don't forget that the hair follicle under the skin is a key element to having a beautiful coat.

  • Stress less to have a thick beard: it's easy to say of course, but stress is a very negative element, whether it's to have beautiful skin or a thick beard. Stress is particularly responsible for alopecia areata and the loss of beard hair. So, if you have beard hair that falls out, inevitably, you will have holes in the beard and therefore goodbye thick beard.

  • Stop alcohol to have a thick beard: and yes, alcohol is not very good for having a thick beard, because it will affect the quality of the skin. Also, do not turn to sodas to compensate, because sugar is also very bad for the quality of the skin.

Stimulate testosterone production to have a thick beard

Testosterone will improve beard and hair growth. It is therefore essential, to have a thick beard, to stimulate the production of testosterone. So, don't immediately jump on doping products. Instead, I advise you to eat foods that are very high in protein.

In addition to diet, you can also do sports, including getting into fitness. Indeed, the amount of testosterone increases after 15 minutes of physical activity. Having a thick beard can be a good motivation to get into sports and join a gym!


Have a thick beard with a transplant

If ever your beard is characterized by the presence of many holes or because it is sparse or incomplete, then a solution for you could lie in a beard transplant. And yes, it is done for the beard as it is done for the hair, using different grafting techniques.

To do this, I advise you to go to a cosmetic surgery clinic or to a center specializing in transplants. You will then have a detailed analysis of your beard and solutions will be proposed to you. But before that, I advise you to go to your dermatologist, who will do a detailed analysis of your skin, and will see in particular if you have a hair follicle at the place of the hole.

Have a thick beard with makeup

Come on, last trick to have a thick beard, is to use makeup for men !  Yes, you read that right about makeup. The brands have indeed understood that the beard was a big issue for men, and that not having a nice beard, a thick beard, could pose difficulties for some men. Thus, these brands have adapted the beard mascara, made to make the eyebrows thicker. And we now find beard mascara. This product will have two effects:

  • hide the gray hairs in the beard. If you have a salt and pepper beard that you don't like, this will be a great way to give your beard a second life.

  • but above all visually give the feeling of having a nice full beard. Because makeup will give a layer to the hair, making it thicker.

Of course, like any make-up product, the effect is temporary. Beard mascara is therefore perfectly suited for a temporary situation, such as for an evening. Unless not having a thick beard is really a complex, in which case you could apply it every morning.

Here is a video in which I present the beard mascara.

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