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Why and how to use a beard  comb?

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The beard comb is an important element in the maintenance of the beard. Here are my tips for choosing the right beard comb and the benefits of using one.


The beard comb is an essential accessory for any bearded man. So of course, you have to have a certain length of beard to use a beard comb. It goes without saying that a man with a beard of 3 days or a beard of 5 mm for example will not have the use of a beard comb. On the other hand, men who wear beards for several weeks or even months will find a beard comb very useful.

But how to choose the right beard comb and why use one to maintain your beard? Here are all the answers to your questions about the beard comb below.


What is the difference between a beard comb and a comb?

It is important for men who have beards to have a beard comb in their beard kit . Indeed, it is not good to comb the beard with a classic comb, because the shape and the material will not suit the beard.

The shape of the comb is indeed specially designed to facilitate its use on the beard. You should know that the space for combing your beard is not as wide as when combing your hair. In addition, the gesture for combing the beard is not the same as for combing the hair. The beard comb will thus provide better ergonomics.

What's more, the hair combs are about 10cm in length, they are longer than the beard combs. And the spacing of the teeth is also wider than on a beard comb.

Which beard comb to choose?

There are all kinds of beard combs on the market, at different prices, in different materials and with different spacings. You should know that the material of the beard comb will have an impact on the hair of the beard. It is for this reason that it is necessary to choose it well.

Choosing the right beard comb material

At first, avoid taking a plastic beard comb. Indeed, the plastic material generates static electricity on the hairs, which will give you difficulties in disciplining the hairs of your beard and structuring it well. Also, the plastic beard comb will dry out your hair.

The wooden beard comb is a very good solution: not only is it light, but it will allow you to comb your beard gently.

On the other hand, you can choose a real horn beard comb (don't go for an imitation), which will not only allow you to gently detangle the hairs but also make them smoother and shiny. Indeed, the horn being naturally composed of keratin, like the hairs of the beard, it is a perfect ally to comb your hair gently. On the other hand, a horn beard comb will be more expensive than a wooden beard comb.

Choosing the right beard comb spacing

In addition to the material, it is also important to choose your beard comb with a good gap. And it will depend on your beard!

  • first of all it will depend on your type of hair: if it is thick or frizzy, take a beard comb with wide spacing so as not to damage the hair or even break it. If you have fine beard hair, take a beard comb with tight gaps.

  • it will also depend on the length of your beard: the longer your beard, the more you will need to take a beard comb with wide spacing.

However, if you have a long, thick beard, it would be more necessary to refer to a beard brush rather than choose a beard comb.

A beard comb with or without a handle?

The question of the handle on a beard comb is quite personal: some bearded men will want to use a beard comb with handle for their more practical side. Others will choose a handleless beard comb, for its smaller size. They will be able to take it with them during the day, put it in their pocket to style their beard during the day.


Why use a beard comb?

It will be advisable to use a beard comb for two reasons:

  • the beard comb will help to discipline the hair

  • the beard comb will help untangle the knots in the beard .

  • the beard comb will also be a complement to the beard trimmer to properly trim your beard

  • the beard comb is good for the skin

I will go into more detail on these four points.

The beard comb to discipline the hair

If you wear a beard, you will have realized that all the hairs of the beard do not go in the same direction! Some are well aligned with the general shape of the beard, but others will go to the right, others to the left, some will be rather straight.

What's more, we are not all equal in terms of the nature of beard hair: some men will have soft and fine hair while others will have it thick or even slightly frizzy.


The beard comb will help untangle the knots

If you have knots in your beard, the beard comb will be an asset to deal with them. You can indeed integrate a few teeth in the knots to try to untangle it. Put a little beard oil to make the job easier.


The beard comb will allow you to trim your beard

The beard comb is also a great complement to the beard trimmer, to trim your beard. But also to trim your mustache if you only wear a mustache. Indeed, with the beard comb you can guide the trimmer and limit the haircut to have a perfect beard.


The beard comb is good for the skin

And yes, the pogonophile knows it well: to have the most beautiful beard possible, you must have excellent skin under the beard! The skin is the soil for your beard, and more particularly the hair follicle from which the hair takes root. Thus, it is necessary to have skin that is not only well hydrated but with good blood microcirculation so that the hair follicle is in very good shape. By using a beard comb, you will not only comb your beard, but also your skin. This will have the effect of promoting blood microcirculation. Thus, your beard hair will be in better shape: it will be stronger, more flexible and shinier. And it will also help reduce beard holes .


When should you use a beard comb?

It is advisable to use a beard comb every day. Of course, it is best used in the morning during your beauty routine, so that you present the best possible beard, well groomed, throughout the day.

You can also use the beard comb in the evening, to promote maximum microcirculation before going to bed.


How to use a beard comb?

Gestures to do with a beard comb

To use a beard comb, it's very simple:

  • start by combing your beard from the top of the beard (the cheekbones) towards the root of the hair, or downwards. To do this, you must tilt your comb slightly, do not put it perpendicular to your beard hair. The teeth are of course oriented downwards.

  • if you want to give volume to your beard, it is advisable to start styling your beard from the neck to the cheeks, in the opposite direction of the fall of your beard. Be careful, however, not to make knots in your beard.


A beard oil with a beard comb

To hydrate your beard, nourish it and prevent the appearance of knots in the beard, do not hesitate to apply beard oil before using the beard comb. The beard comb will indeed have the role of properly applying the beard oil to the entire hair, from the root to the tip.

You now know everything about the beard comb!

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