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Why and how to style your beard?

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Styling your beard is one of the essential gestures to properly maintain your beard . It is even essential for men who have beards for several weeks or even months. Of course, you will tell me that men who have 3-day beards have no interest in styling their beards, the hair is not long enough to be unruly. Well that's not true, they too have to style their beards. But when you generally start to have a long beard, you can ask yourself the question of why and how to style your beard.


Here are my tips for styling your beard properly.

Why comb your beard?


Styling your beard is not just used to discipline the hairs of your beard and make it neater, more homogeneous. It is true that having the hairs of his beard that go in all directions is not very aesthetic. This gives a very neglected self-image. So of course, it is not necessarily necessary to style your beard if you stay locked up at home. But if you wear a long beard and work in offices in a suit, having a perfectly groomed beard is essential. But grooming your beard has other benefits as well.

Styling the beard to moisturize the skin and hair


By styling the beard, with the spikes of the beard brush or the beard comb, you will also massage your skin. This will allow the skin to naturally secrete sebum, which is essential for properly moisturizing the skin and the hair. As we know, it is important to moisturize your beard , because it strengthens the hair and makes the beard softer.

Style the beard to promote blood circulation


Brushing your hair, and therefore your skin in a secondary way, will help promote blood circulation. Your skin will thus be healthier, more active, the epidermis will be of better quality. This will have an impact on the production of collagen, and therefore delay the onset of the effects of aging.

Beard styling for a beautiful beard


Styling the beard will ultimately have a fairly significant impact on the quality of your beard in the long term. Because your hair and your skin under the beard will be well hydrated, because the blood microcirculation will be at its maximum, then you will have a beautiful beard:


  • a shiny, luminous beard, because a hydrated hair is a shinier hair,

  • a thick beard, because the hair will be stronger, more robust and therefore thicker,

  • a soft beard that does not sting, and your loved ones will thank you for it!

  • a beard that does not scratch, because your skin will be in perfect health and you will not risk having beard dandruff.

Style your beard to hide your beard holes


If you are ever one of those men who have holes in your beard , styling your beard will allow you to cheat a little! And yes, we have to find tips to fill in the imperfections that bother us! You can indeed, with the use of a beard balm , discipline your beard so as to hide the holes.

Style your beard to relax!


We know, even for men, taking care of care is a moment when we find ourselves, we relax. We're alone in our bathroom, it's our time. We all lead a rushed life, we are always in a hurry and it is good to settle down when we get home. And asking can simply be in his bathroom, in front of his mirror, to take care of his skin and the hairs of his beard. Styling your beard means that you don't do anything else on the side, no computer screen or cell phone. Put on soft music and you will see that styling your beard will become a real moment of relaxation.

In any case, it will be necessary to carry out the styling in a delicate way, so as not to attack the hair and the skin.

Should I use a beard comb or a beard brush?


The choice to use a beard comb or a beard brush will depend on your need:

  • use a beard brush if you truly have a goal of styling your beard, to tame all the hairs in your beard.

  • use a beard comb to trim your mustache.


If you use a beard comb to style your beard, you will most certainly struggle if you have a long beard : your comb will get caught in the hairs of your beard, especially if it is thick. You are going to spend time there. A beard brush will be much more comfortable to use by clearly pulling the hair.

If you use a comb to style your beard, be careful to choose the right comb according to your hair type:

  • if you have thick, curly hair: choose a beard comb whose tooth spacing will be wide.

  • if you have fine or smooth hair: choose a beard comb whose tooth spacing will be tight.


Which beard brush to choose?

There are different types of beard brush to style your beard. Plastic brushes, boar bristle beard brushes, etc. I recommend using a boar bristle beard brush to style your beard, as it will respect your hair better.

How to style your beard?

Well, to be completely honest, it's not very complicated to style your beard! You just have to follow certain rules that will make it easier for you to style your beard.

Rule #1: Style your beard when it's dry. It seems obvious, when you are at the hairdresser, we agree that he combs you after having dried the hair? Here to style your beard, it's the same! Also, you will have to dry your beard after washing it, using a hair dryer. If you tackle styling your wet beard, you are going to have a great chance of creating knots in your beard.

Rule #2: Style your beard in the direction of the hair. This makes sense, especially if you want to discipline your beard hair. Do not have fun combing the beard in the opposite direction of the hair, you will damage them.

Rule n°3: start by combing the ends of your beard before attacking the root. This will allow you to undo any knots that may be present in your beard.

Rule #4: Don't put the beard brush or beard comb perpendicular to the beard. Put the accessory on at a slight angle, so as not to hurt yourself if you have knots in your beard.

Accessories to style your beard?

Beard oil to style your beard


To make styling your beard easier, you can apply beard oil. Do not hesitate to apply it directly to the comb or the beard brush, so that the oil is applied evenly over the entire beard, and from the root to the tip of the beard. hair.

Of course, I'm not going to remind you that beard oil is made to perfectly moisturize the hair. This will avoid having knots in the beard. And it will also make brushing easier, it will make it more enjoyable.

The straightener to style your beard


If you regularly have knots in your beard, then it will be advisable to use a beard straightener to style your beard. The beard straightener is a bit like a brush, except that it will have a heated side that will not only detangle the knots, but also smooth the beard. A point to take into account if you have a curly beard and want to make it perfectly smooth.

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