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Why and how to moisturize your beard?

pourquoi hydrater sa barbe

How to properly hydrate your beard ? This is a question that very few men ask themselves, especially those with 3-day beards. It is true that men who have a 3-day beard do not necessarily take care of their beard, do not think about maintaining their 3-day beard and are content to mow it once or twice a week. And that's a mistake. Unlike men who have beards for several weeks, or even several days, who have understood everything about the interest of maintaining their beard, and in particular of moisturizing their beard.


But why is it necessary to moisturize your beard ? Here are my tips below.

Why should you moisturize your beard?


Moisturizing your beard is a very important element for its maintenance. And this for many reasons :

Moisturize your beard for stronger hair


An important point that it is necessary to know is that a hydrated hair is a stronger, more robust hair. Less dry, it will break less, it will not be fragile. This will therefore be of interest to all bearded men who tend to see the ends of their hair break and thus have an itchy beard, which is not very pleasant for those around them.

Moisturize your beard for thicker hair


Many of you want a thick beard , because it's the sign of a beautiful beard, without gaps. If the hair is hydrated, then your beard hair will be more robust as we have above, but also thicker. Thus, a hydrated beard will necessarily be thicker than a dry beard. If you have a sparse beard, this will make it easier to hide the gaps in your beard .

Moisturize your beard so that it grows better


If the hair is hydrated then the skin is also hydrated, and in particular the hair follicle, this small envelope from which the hair of your beard takes root. And a well hydrated hair follicle is a healthy hair follicle, in very good shape, which will therefore give the hair all the conditions for it to grow better. Thereby :

  • your beard hair will tend to grow well and not be sluggish or sleepy. This will mean that you can fill in the gaps in your beard without using a beard accelerator .

  • your beard hair will grow straighter, stronger and more robust. This will prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs in your beard.

  • your beard will also be healthier: if your skin is better hydrated, then it won't be dry. This will prevent beard dandruff and beard itching. Also, by moisturizing the beard, you will avoid having to fight against dandruff

Moisturize your beard for shiny hair

A hydrated hair is a shinier hair. Inevitably, the beard will be shinier, less dull. This will give more luminosity to your whole face, so you will look less tired.

Moisturize your beard for softness

Many bearded men seek to soften their beards . It is true that having an itchy beard is not necessarily pleasant, especially for those who kiss us. Also, it is important to moisturize your beard to avoid remarks.

How to moisturize your beard?


To moisturize your beard, there are different possibilities.


Moisturize your beard with beard oil


You will have to use beard oils . Beard oils are a treatment, to maintain your beard, composed of vegetable oils (sweet almond oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, castor oil, sunflower oil, etc.) coupled to essential oils (for their properties but also for their fragrance). Depending on the length of your beard, you will have to apply it differently:

  • if you have a short beard, or a 3-day beard, you can apply beard oil directly by hand to moisturize your beard.

  • if you have a longer beard, feel free to use a comb or brush.

If it's really dry, you'll need to moisturize your beard every day with beard oil, applying it morning and evening first.

Moisturize a beard with a day cream



You can also use a moisturizing day cream to hydrate your skin and thus prevent it from becoming dry and generating beard dandruff.

Hydrate your beard with a beard balm

You can also apply a beard balm to your beard to moisturize it. And yes, you should know that beard balm is not only used to style your beard, but also has an action for its hydration:


  • the majority of beard balms are indeed formulated with vegetable oils which will therefore help to maintain the hydration of the hair. Certainly less than a beard oil, but if you combine the two, then you increase the chances of having a beautiful, well-hydrated beard.

  • other beard balms are enriched with shea butter, which also has an impact in the protection of the hair and its hydration.

Hydrate a beard with a beard mask



If you really have a very very dry beard, with hair that breaks regularly for example, you will have to introduce a new treatment in your beauty routine: the beard mask . Well, very, very few men do it, simply because they are unaware of this treatment. And yet, it is a very easy treatment to perform and which will do your beard a world of good.

A beard mask is like a face mask, the principle is to apply beard oil (or vegetable oil) in large quantities to your damp beard. Then apply a hot towel to your beard and let it sit for 10 to 20 minutes. This will give your beard hair a big boost of hydration, and also your skin under the beard. This will therefore also be good for your hair follicle! Once the time has passed, you can rinse your beard with a beard shampoo.

Hydrate your beard by reducing the heat

Did you know that heat is an enemy of your beard? Quite simply because it dries out your skin, and therefore your beard hair. So, here are some tips to keep your beard well hydrated:

  • do not wash your face with very hot water, especially when you are in the shower. Remember to lower the temperature of the water as soon as you pass the water on your face

  • if you have dehydrated hair, do not pass a hair dryer on your beard, especially to smooth it. Wait a bit until the hair is no longer dry to use it again.

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