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How to soften your beard?

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Do you want to soften the beard? It is true that it is not very pleasant to have an itchy beard. Here are my tips for softening the beard.


How to soften my beard? That's the question I asked myself when I heard my nephew say to me: uncle, you bite. It's not necessarily pleasant to hear (especially since the children are filterless, isn't it) but hey, far be it from me to shave myself to satisfy him! No, it's true that my beard stings, especially since it's been a very long time since I've maintained my 3-day beard . So my goal for the next few days is to regain a soft beard, a silky beard, in short, a beard that will be pleasant to touch, to run your hand through. And what's more, it's very simple! The beauty routine to have a soft beard is very fast in the morning, or in the evening, depending on your available time. Here are my tips for softening your beard.

Why soften your beard?


It is important to soften your beard for several reasons:

  • for others, when you kiss each other, it's not necessarily pleasant to have an itchy beard for others.

  • for the well-being of your beard, because an itchy beard is a beard whose hair is dry. Which also means that your skin under the beard is dry. You risk seeing the appearance of beard dandruff in the medium term, which will not be aesthetic at all.

  • softening your beard will also make your beard much prettier. An important point for pogonophiles !

How to soften your beard?


To soften your beard, it is necessary to set up a routine that goes through different stages.

Soften your beard by washing it


It is necessary to clean your beard regularly to soften the beard, once or twice a week. But be careful, not with your hair shampoo! The leather of your hair was not like your skin, the hair shampoo will not be suitable for you to clean your beard. Instead, use either a mild soap (preferably natural to avoid all chemicals) or a beard shampoo.

Soften your beard with beard oils

There is only one solution to soften your beard, it is to apply a beard oil. The goal of beard oil is not only to moisturize the hair, but also the skin under your beard. The effects are numerous:

  • your skin will be less dry and you will no longer suffer from tightness. Because generally, people who have itchy beards, and therefore rough hair, also have the skin under their beards that pull. Source of drought.

  • your beard hair will be hydrated, and therefore more supple and shinier. Thus, you will soften your beard in general. By the way, a hydrated beard hair is also a stronger hair, more resistant and therefore less brittle.

Admittedly, beard oil usually has a greasy texture. For this reason, and to avoid having a shiny beard, you should only put a few drops in the palm of your hand, mix and apply it on the beard. For example, you can use castor oil for the beard . You can also use coconut oil which will deeply nourish the hair. Or sweet almond or jojoba oil to moisturize.


First, if it's been a long time since you've applied beard oil, and your beard is very dry, apply beard oil morning and evening.

Soften your beard by styling it


Styling your beard will do two things:

  • on the one hand to massage your skin and thus to facilitate blood micro-circulation. This will have a direct effect on the quality of your hair.

  • you will also avoid knots in the beard which can make your beard less soft.

You can style your beard while you put on your beard oil, this will make it easier for the beard to soak it in. This will also allow you to put all the hairs in the right direction, not to have some that do not follow the direction... these are hairs that can sting!

To soften your beard while styling it, I advise you to use a beard brush , it will be more effective than a beard comb. Preferably use a boar bristle beard brush.

Soften your beard with a beard mask

Like you make face masks or hair masks, you can also make a beard mask to soften your beard and improve the moisture in your beard hair. To do this, you can apply a thick layer of mask to the entire beard and let it sit for between 10 and 20 minutes, depending on the beard masks. And finally to rinse. It is recommended to make a mask for his beard after cleaning it, so that it looks flawless.


Here you are now with all the tips to soften your beard and no longer hear "you sting"!

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