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Do beard accelerators work?

accelerateur de barbe

The beard accelerator has a certain success with men who want to have a beautiful beard. Here are all my beard accelerator tips.


If there is one point that can disturb men, it is that of not having a good beard . By beautiful beard, we mean a thick, very dense beard and above all without a hole in the beard . And unfortunately, many men are faced with a sparse or incomplete beard , or even a beard that does not grow at all or very very slowly. Taking beard accelerator is then a subject, but it is true that there are many lacks of information on these products, namely their effectiveness, their composition, etc.


Here's everything you need to know about Beard Accelerator.

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Details on the beard accelerator?

What is a beard accelerator


A beard accelerator is a product that will allow you to grow your beard quickly, by taking a food supplement or by applying a care product to the beard area. Beard accelerator products generally have two promises:

  • that of growing a beard.

  • that of having a more beautiful, denser beard.

We thus find beard accelerators in different forms: in capsules, in oil or even in spray to be applied directly to the beard. There are even beard accelerators in the form of a beard mask .

Beard and hair follicle accelerator

The problem with the beard accelerator is that there are a lot of scams. Because there is one point that is important to clarify at the level of beard growth: if you do not have a hair follicle on a part of the beard, you will never have beard hair there. , And this :

  • whatever product you apply to the skin.

  • whatever dietary supplement you take.

In short, no product will be effective and clearly, you will spend your money for nothing, with a lot of frustration on top of that. Why ? Because the hair follicle is the small pocket present under the skin which contains the root of the hair. It is in the hair follicle that the hair will grow. And it turns out that in some areas we don't have a hair follicle, it's genetics that decides. So, without a hair follicle, you won't have hair.

Also, if you notice a hole in your beard, a perfectly clear hole, it is certainly linked to the absence of a hair follicle. No matter how much you take a beard accelerator, you will never have beard hair, it's money spent for nothing. To see if you do not have a hair follicle, an appointment with the dermatologist is necessary.



How a Beard Accelerator Works



A beard accelerator works on the basis of a treatment that must be followed over a certain period of time:

  • so if the beard accelerator comes in the form of capsules, you have to take several a day for 3 weeks to 3 months. But between us, a beard accelerator that promises beard growth in 3 weeks, you have to be careful...

  • if the beard accelerator is in the form of an oil or a mask, it should be applied daily, or once a week, also for a period of 3 weeks to 3 months approximately, depending some products.

Generally, while taking a beard accelerator, it is advisable not to trim your beard, and to let it grow in its natural state.

What is the composition of a beard accelerator?

Depending on the beard accelerators, there are different types of ingredients in their composition, and it is very important to look carefully before taking them, some can indeed be dangerous:

  • many boosters, especially those that come in capsule form, are made from different vitamins; There is normally no risk in taking it, as long as you do not take it in large quantities. Of course, it is advisable to seek the advice of a doctor before taking any dietary supplement packed with vitamins.

  • the accelerators in the form of oils or gels will contain vegetable oils of the castor oil type. And there is the risk: look carefully that behind a beard accelerator does not hide a simple beard oil .

  • if you see biotin, i.e. vitamin B8 in a beard accelerator, then that is a product that may be effective. Biotin is indeed recommended for anyone suffering from hair loss problem.

  • on the other hand, if you see a keratin-based beard accelerator, this one is not going to help you grow a beard, but simply to strengthen your beard hair, to make it thicker.

  • In any case, avoid minoxidil-based products, the side effects of which can be dangerous in some people. Before taking it, it is strongly advised to seek the advice of a doctor or dermatologist.

So take a good look at the composition of the beard accelerator you are about to buy because many beard accelerators are pure marketing.

A natural beard accelerator to recommend?

Rather than running out to buy a beard accelerator (with a sometimes vague composition), I advise you to test some natural care beforehand. If you want to grow your beard faster, you will have to play on the hair follicle. Indeed, a hair follicle can be asleep and function abnormally. Thus, your beard hair will either grow very slowly or very thinly, which will give the impression of having a sparse beard. To wake up your hair follicle, you will have to play on the blood microcirculation. And to do this you have two ways:

The beard brush as a natural beard accelerator

The beard brush can quickly become your ally to grow the beard naturally . If you don't have one, rather than buying a beard accelerator, I urge you to buy a beard brush first. Brushing your beard will not only style the beard but also brush the skin under the beard. This will directly promote blood micro-circulation and therefore potentially wake up your hair follicle.

If you don't have a beard yet, that's okay, you can still brush the skin where the beard is naturally, it will also have a nice impact on your hair follicle.

brosse barbe.png

The dermaroller as a natural beard accelerator

Another product you could use, in addition to the beard brush, is the dermaroller. Kezako? The beard dermaroller is an accessory that comes in the form of a roller, on which there are many small needles. Simply pass the roller over the beard (or over the skin where the beard is) to work the micro-circulation which, as you will have understood, will impact the hair follicle.

However, be careful when using a dermaroller, you must disinfect it before and after use. Indeed, the needles will penetrate under the skin, so do not include microbes.

dermaroller barbe 1.jpg

The box contains a beard growth activator serum, a dermaroller, a cleansing spray and a beard comb.

dermaroller barbe 2.jpg

0.5mm titanium alloy microneedle roller for beard and hair growth.

dermaroller barbe 3.jpg

Beard Growth Serum contains 100% natural active ingredients Biotin and Arginine.

The care to do as a beard accelerator

But you can also do treatments that will act as a beard accelerator. Here are my tips.

The homemade scrub as a natural beard accelerator

Here it will also be a question of working the blood micro-circulation well. The beard scrub , through the grains that make up the treatment, will indeed act on the skin and therefore on the hair follicle. To do this, there is nothing simpler to do this treatment that will act as a beard accelerator, head to the kitchen!

  • take powdered sugar or coffee grounds

  • mix it with whatever vegetable oil you have, such as olive oil, sunflower oil, walnut oil. Any oil will do just fine. Be careful to choose an organic vegetable oil for the respect of your skin.

Rub this mixture over your beard, rubbing and massaging for a good 5 minutes, then rinse with a beard shampoo .

The beard mask as a beard accelerator

Another very easy treatment that will act as a beard accelerator is the beard mask. A care that is very little done by bearded men and yet it is an essential care for the good of his beard and to make it grow properly.

With a beard mask we are not going to act on the micro-circulation but on the hydration of the skin under the beard. Well hydrated skin is also a well hydrated hair follicle. If he is not well hydrated then he may be sleepy and not grow the hair properly. Moreover, the hair may even fall out.

To make a beard mask that will act as a beard accelerator, there is nothing simpler: take a vegetable oil or your beard oil that you have and apply a nice amount directly on your beard. Leave on for 10 to 20 minutes before rinsing with beard shampoo.

In addition to growing a beard , the beard mask is ideal for combating dry beard , itchy beard , itchy beard.

Beard oil as a beard accelerator

Finally, to do every day to have a beard that grows and avoid buying a beard accelerator which can be chemical, it is simply to use a daily beard oil. You can also apply it morning and evening to have even more effect.

Beard oil will help moisturize the skin under the beard on a daily basis and therefore impact the hair follicle. It is also the guarantee of having a beautiful beard every day and avoiding the appearance of knots in the beard. Isn't it important to have a soft beard ?

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