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Is the beard bib useful?


Is the beard bib a really useful accessory? Find my advice and find out why the beard bib is a necessary accessory for trimming your beard. 

The beard bib is an accessory for trimming your beard or shaving your beard that I strongly recommend. Especially if you have a 3-day beard, or even a 5-day beard, and you need to trim it regularly. Indeed, the cut hairs are small, so they sneak in anywhere or in the bathroom! Since men are taking more and more care of themselves, beard accessories have become necessary, not to say essential for some, I am talking in particular about the pogonophile . And the beard bib is just one of these accessories for the necessary beard.


The beard bib has several advantages:

Why use a beard bib?

The shaving bib for the sink


The beard bib avoids clogging the sink in the long term: we tend to trim our beards or shave them above the sink. The hairs fall into the siphon which, in time, can clog it. So if we can avoid calling a plumber to unclog the sink, it's still not at all ... especially when we rant because we find the long hair of our girlfriends in the shower!

The beard bib to avoid cleaning

The beard bib saves time cleaning the sink: it is also used because we put hair everywhere, especially when we use a beard trimmer . At least, with the beard bib, the hairs are all in the same place, you just have to put them in the trash afterwards. So it may seem secondary, but when you're in a hurry in the morning because you got up at the last moment, well in the end it's a good time saver! And it avoids cleaning the bathroom in the evening when you get home from work!

The beard bib to avoid fights

The beard bib  avoids shouting matches with your partner because we got hair all over the bathroom! Because yes, even when we clean well, there are always some hairs that remain.

So of course, the beard bib is not necessarily super sexy: it's not a baby bib either, but hey, it can be quite comical to see a man with a beard bib. Fortunately, the brands have succeeded well by offering beard bibs that are very masculine, some in particular are made with jeans and leather. Some, on the contrary, will be very basic to allow quick washing.

bavoir à barbe.png

How to use a beard bib?


The beard bib is very easy to use: just stick the two suction cups to the mirror in front of you and put the bib around your neck. There is nothing simpler, so why deprive yourself of it? 

When you have finished trimming your beard, detach the two suction cups from the mirror but do not remove the beard bib from your neck. Stand over the trash can and pour the hair collected in the beard bib into it. There you go, the bathroom is perfectly clean!

Make your homemade beard bib

If you don't want to buy a beard bib, also called a beard apron by the way, you can make your own homemade beard bib! It's very simple:  

  • take a large towel (a bath towel)

  • make two holes at one end to insert two suction cups

  • make a hole on the other side to put your head through

Rather than using a towel, the ideal would be to use a waterproof tablecloth: its smooth surface makes it much easier to remove beard hair than with a towel.

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