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How to properly shave the private parts of men?


Shaving the private parts in men is a common care. But that must be done well. Here are my tips for shaving men's private parts.


Shaving men's private parts is no longer a taboo subject for men. More and more of them have hairless private parts, without a hair, perfectly smooth. Whether for aesthetic reasons, or to please their partner, men no longer hesitate to pass the razor over this area, which concerns the jersey, the testicles, the buttocks and the inter-gluteal groove. Even hairs that could be on the penis. And yes, when I tell you everything is shaved, absolutely all parts are shaved.

Here are my tips for perfectly shaving your private parts.

Why shave men's private parts?


If some men decide to shave their private parts, it is for several reasons.

Shaving private parts for aesthetics

It's a fact, in some people the hairs no longer have the coast at all. Besides, shaving their private parts is not the only thing these people do, usually they also decide to shave their chest or even shave their armpits . So inevitably, if they don't like the hair, it is quite normal that the private parts also pass under the razor blades. This to have a perfectly homogeneous body, without hair.

Shaving private parts for sexuality

Another reason that can lead men to shave their private parts is to have a more fulfilling sex life. Or to also please his/her partner. Indeed, with completely shaved private parts, the sensations are more pleasant for both partners: better sensitivity for the depilated person, better touch for the partner. And then, let's be direct, it allows you to no longer have hair in your mouth! That's it!!

Shaving private parts for hygiene

Shaving the private parts can also be done for hygiene reasons:

  • if the person has excessive sweating, then it can lead to odors that are not really pleasant. Even annoying in some situations.

  • finally, shaving the private parts allows you to have a perfectly clean inter-gluteal furrow, without a trace of excrement. Yes, well if you think back to the previous point, it may be important!

My advice for shaving the private parts of men?


Before taking your razor and attacking your hair, it is prudent to do two things first.

A shower before shaving the private parts

The shaving of the private parts in the man requires to take a shower before. Indeed, the private parts in men have a very sensitive, very fragile skin. I am thinking in particular of the testicles and the inter-gluteal furrow. Thus, it will be necessary to make the shaving of the private parts as simple as possible, to avoid ironing the razor several times in a row on the same part of skin.

Taking a shower is essential, especially with hot water, as this will soften the hair. So it will be easier to be cut by the razor blade, you won't have to insist.

Trim the hair before shaving the private parts

Before attacking the hairs of your private parts with a razor, you will first have to mow them! So, not necessarily all areas, because it can be complicated to trim the hair of the testicles with wrinkled skin. But in any case, trim pubic hair as short as possible, especially if you have it rather long.

Shaving the pubis is not necessarily easy because the hairs are very dense and rather thick. Clipping them will make shaving much easier, as the razor blade will slide more easily.

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How to shave the private parts?

Shaving the private parts of men is not a trivial thing. Here are all my tips for doing it perfectly!

A transparent shaving product to shave the private parts

The private parts in men are a very sensitive area:

  • cutting the testicles deeply can be very dangerous.

  • concerning the inter-gluteal furrow, the presence of the anus, which is a mucous membrane, must be taken into consideration.

In addition, shaving the private parts is not an obvious thing: we are in a position that does not allow us to finally see what we are doing, especially when we attack the buttocks. Also, I recommend:

  • not to use a shaving foam that will cover the area to be shaved: you will not have visibility.

  • prefer a shaving gel that has the particularity of being transparent.

  • you can even use a shaving oil, which, in addition to being transparent, will have the effect of moisturizing your shaved skin.

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Suitable for the shower.

Which razor to shave the private parts?

Again, the private parts are very sensitive, but in addition you have little visibility. It will therefore be necessary to choose a particularly suitable razor:

  • prefer a razor specially adapted for sensitive skin, which contains a protective grid to lift the hair before it is cut. This will be less aggressive for your skin.

  • avoid using a straight razor, which has a very sharp blade, and in addition it is not at all suitable for certain areas of the private parts, such as the inter gluteal groove.

  • Also avoid using a safety razor , which, like a straight razor, is not at all suitable for the private area.

The right position to shave your private parts

If you want to shave your private parts, you will have to find the right position!

  • for the jersey, there is no difficulty, it is an area accessible to the hand and the skin is rather flat.

  • for the testicles, the skin being wrinkled, it will be necessary to stretch it with the fingers.

  • for the buttocks, you will also have to stand in front of a mirror to see what you are doing.

  • for the inter gluteal furrow, you will have to spread the furrow with your fingers and lean a little to place the razor correctly.

Shaving the private parts: what to do next?

Shave private parts and moisturize

Once you have finished shaving your private parts, you will need to moisturize your shaved skin. All areas, including the intergluteal sulcus. Indeed, shaving the skin is an act of aggression for the skin, it is not at all natural. Thus, to soothe it, it is strongly advised to moisturize your skin. For this you can:

  • use a body moisturizer

  • use your moisturizer that you apply on the face.

So indeed, hydrating the testicles is not necessarily a gesture that we often do in our beauty routine for men. But after shaving, it will be essential. To do this, you can either use your classic aftershave product (provided it is not too strong, again the skin of the testicles is thinner than the skin of the face), or by using your moisturizer day.

Shave private parts and scrub

3 to 4 days after shaving the private parts, you will have to exfoliate the parts concerned! And yes, scrubbing isn't just about the face, it's also about, especially after a shaving or waxing session. The advantages of exfoliating after shaving the private parts are as follows:

  • this avoids itching during hair regrowth: if you have red pimples, or even worse, red patches a few days after the shaving session, it is because the hair regrowth is not going properly.

  • this prevents the appearance of ingrown hairs: you have perfectly smooth, perfectly clean skin, it will be a shame to have lots of pimples linked to ingrown hairs!

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