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How to properly shave your armpits?

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Shaving the armpits in men is an act more and more carried out. Here are my tips for shaving your armpits properly.


Shaving the body is a gesture that more and more men are doing. And all parts of the human body are affected. We indeed see men with perfectly shaven torsos, without a hair. But also men who shave buttocks or arms to better highlight their tattoo for example. But shaving the armpits is certainly, after the face and the beard, one of the acts of shaving most performed by men.

Below are my tips for shaving your armpits properly.

Should you shave your armpit hair?


If you are wondering whether or not to shave your armpits, here are two points that could help you in your decision making:

  • shaving the armpits for men is no longer a taboo subject at all. I would even say that almost half of men shave their armpits today. It has even become a trend to have completely shaved armpits for men.

  • shaving your armpits does not take away your masculinity! You should know that today virility is no longer associated with the number of hairs you have on your body!

Shave your armpits for aesthetics

More and more men decide to shave their armpits for aesthetics, especially when the good weather arrives. Indeed, as soon as one has to put on a tank top, sorry, a tank top, or bare-chested on the beach, some prefer to have their armpits completely shaved rather than showing the hairs sticking out under their arms.


Shaving your armpits against odors

Some men (and women too) suffer from excessive underarm sweating. Sometimes, this perspiration is accompanied by an odor which can be very unpleasant, for oneself already but also for those around you. This is due to the bacteria present on the hairs of the armpits. Thus, some people will want to shave their armpits to avoid odor.

Shave your armpits for a hairless body

Finally, people will want to depilate their entire body, and, for it to be homogeneous, shaving their armpits thus becomes an essential step.

Should you mow or shave your armpits?

Should you mow or shave your armpits? This is a question that many men ask themselves. I would tend to say:

  • If you want to keep hair under the armpits I advise you to mow them. You should know that the hairs under the armpits are relatively fine and can be very long. Also, it is not very aesthetic to see armpit hair protruding from the armpits when you have your arm along your body. Trimming your armpit hair will simply make your armpits look neater and prettier.

  • if you don't want to take your head with hair, and if you have decided to shave your chest for example, in this case I advise you to shave your armpits to have a perfect homogeneity.

My tips before shaving your chest


Before you start shaving your chest, here are some tips to prepare for the shave

Before shaving your armpits, take a shower

It is always advisable before shaving any part of your body to take a very hot shower, without burning yourself of course. The heat of the water will indeed soften the hair, and therefore make shaving the armpits easier.

If you don't want to take a shower, you can apply a warm washcloth under your armpits for a few minutes.

Before shaving your armpits, trim the hair!

This advice is for men who have relatively long armpit hair. Indeed, the fact of mowing the hairs under the armpits will allow you to facilitate shaving. The razor blade will cut short hairs more effectively than long hairs. Especially since the armpit hair is very fine.

My advice is to take the smaller comb to start with, to trim the area, then remove the comb and go back with the trimmer under the armpits. So that you cut the weights as much as possible and you don't have much left to do with the razor.

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4 beard combs (1, 2, 3 & 5 mm) + body comb and protection system for sensitive areas. Effectiveness without irritation or cuts

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Self-sharpening blades for comfortable mowing and impeccable styling

The protection tool preserves the most sensitive areas of your body

How to shave armpits?

Now that your armpits are ready, here are my tips for shaving your armpits.

Apply a shaving product to shave the armpits

Since the underarm area is relatively small, and it takes little time to shave all the armpit hair, we men tend to want to go fast, and shave straight under the armpits. Mistake. It is necessary to apply a shaving product under the armpits:


  • not only will the shaving product allow the razor blade to slide well under your men's armpits,

  • but in addition, it will avoid possible shaving cuts, or even allow the skin to be hydrated depending on the type of shaving product chosen.

To do this, you can use:

  • a shaving foam: be careful however if you have small warts under the armpits, the shaving foam will hide the visibility.

  • a shaving cream

  • a shaving gel which has the advantage of being transparent

  • a shaving oil that will also moisturize your skin

gillette body.jpg

Designed for shaving the male body. Rounded head for maximum comfort. Three lubricating strips for maximum softness. Non-slip ergonomic handle.

gel rasage Nivea.jpg

The anti-irritation shaving gel allows easy shaving of body hair without irritation.

Suitable for the shower.

Use a good razor to shave your armpits

To shave your armpits properly, it is strongly recommended to use a razor specially adapted for sensitive skin. Indeed, the skin of the armpits is fragile. Before applying the razor blade to your skin, check its condition: it must be perfectly clean, undamaged.

If you usually use a straight razor or safety razor to shave, you can also use these attachments to shave your armpits. But be careful, take it slow.

Shaving your armpits: what to do after shaving

Now that you have hairless armpits, here's how to maintain them.

Apply moisturizer under the armpits

Moisturizing your armpits will not only soothe them but also strengthen them. Soothe them because the razor blade is still aggressive, especially since the skin of the armpits is relatively fragile. But in addition, moisturizing your skin will help strengthen its protection. To moisturize your armpits, you can:

  • apply a regular aftershave, the one you use after shaving your beard.

  • or apply a moisturizing body milk.

  • if you don't have these two products, you can apply your daily moisturizer.

Exfoliate your armpits

Exfoliation of the armpits may be surprising because it is not necessarily a part of the body that we are used to exfoliating. And yet, it will be important  to exfoliate your armpits 3 to 4 days after you have shaved your armpits. As with a beard scrub, the armpit scrub will simply prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs under the armpits.

Shaving your armpits: the points to remember

Here are a few things to keep in mind for shaving men's armpits properly:

  • take a hot shower before shaving your armpits, or use a warm washcloth.

  • always use a shaving product.

  • moisturize your armpits after shaving them.

  • exfoliate your armpits 3-4 days after shaving.

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