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How to put on an anal plug? Everything you need to know

Have you just bought an anal plug and you don't know how to put it on? Do not worry ! Through this article, we are going to give you all our advice for putting on an anal plug properly and making your experience with the plug as successful as possible. Because of course, the step of putting on the anal plug is the most important, the one that is also the most scary when you use this sex toy for the first time. And yet, when it is well put on, there is no danger, no risk, just pleasure. Here are all our tips for putting on an anal plug properly.

The conditions for putting on an anal plug

Before putting on an anal plug, it is necessary to respect certain elements, to avoid any inconvenience.

Putting an anal plug in a clean anus

Of course, before putting on an anal plug, make sure you have a clean anus. Especially if you are not alone and you let your partner take control of the anal plug and your desire. Besides the unpleasant image of seeing excrement on the anal plug, the associated smells could put an end to your partner's pleasure and cravings. Not to mention that it's not very hygienic.


To do this, so that your partner can put you an anal plug:

  • if you plan the session in advance, go to the toilets

  • you can then use an enema bulb. If you have never used it, know that it is easily found in pharmacies. To use an enema pear, there is nothing simpler: just fill it with water, then insert the thin tube into your anus and send the water by pressure. Wait a few seconds then release everything. You can repeat the experiment two to three times. Your anus will thus be perfectly clean and your partner will have as much pleasure in rimming you as in inserting the anal plug.

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Put on a previously cleaned anal plug

Another condition to respect before putting on an anal plug is to check that the anal plug is well cleaned! Find our dedicated article on how to clean an anal plug .

The lubricant an important element to put an anal plug

To put on an anal plug, the first step is first to lubricate. But be careful, you must not only lubricate your anus, or that of your partner, but also the anal plug itself. And to do this, do not hesitate to put the quantity of lubricant, be generous! Why is it important to lubricate before putting on an anal plug? Because the anus is not naturally lubricated! It will stay dry, no matter how excited. Indeed, the anus was not originally intended to receive products.

Here is our selection of lubricants:

lubrifiant anal 1.webp
lubrifiant anal 2.webp
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Our tips for putting on an anal plug

What position to take to put on an anal plug?


Of course, when it comes to putting on an anal plug, the first question we ask ourselves is: what is the best position? There are no best positions per se, everything will depend on your preferences, your habits, your ability to integrate an anal plug if it's the first time you put one in your anus, your excitement too.

But from a general point of view, a few positions are preferred for putting on an anal plug:

  • the easiest position to put on an anal plug would be in the doggy position, or on all fours.

  • another position for easily inserting an anal plug is lying on your back with your legs apart. To make it more comfortable, do not hesitate to put a cushion at the level of your kidneys to raise your buttocks a little.

  • finally, if you have a suction cup anal plug, which can therefore stand on its own regardless of your subsequent movements, you can sit on the most anal, squatting or on your knees. This is a method that is more used when you are alone.


Of course, there is no privileged position to put on an anal plug, it all depends on your desires! It's up to you to find the position that will give you the most pleasure with your anal plug.

What steps to take to put on an anal plug?

Once you have found the right position to put the anal plug on, you will have to take it by its base. Generally, the base of the anal plug is wide enough to be able to grip it, like a handle.

  • gently insert the anal plug into your anal, the idea is not to hurt you or create complications in the anus. If you feel you have trouble putting the butt plug on, add lubricant to the butt plug and to your anus. Do not hesitate to put lubricant in your anus as well.

  • Gently push the butt plug into your anus. Do not hesitate to contract your anus so that it penetrates more easily.

  • make circular movements if you feel that you have difficulty inserting your anal plug.

  • once the butt plug has entered the anus, you can gently push it in to the desired length.

If you're with your partner and you put the butt plug on him, pay close attention to how he feels. Do not hesitate to communicate with your partner to find out what his desires are.

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