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Discover new feminine pleasures with the anal plug for women

plug anal femme.jpg

More and more women are starting to use the plug, whether for their own pleasure, to discover the joys of anal penetration, for anal initiation , or to show their male partner that they can also take pleasure through penetration.

Through this article, we will give you the reasons why you should use an anal plug and we will give you our selection of products... to please you as quickly as possible!

What is a female anal plug?

We will be very clear from the beginning of this article: there is no anal plug specially adapted for women. Yes, if you look closely, an anus remains an anus, regardless of the sex of the person. A woman can therefore use any anal plug, she can choose one as she wishes as long as:

  • the size is correct: if you are new to the anal plug, you will have to take a small plug. Already to see if you like it, but above all not to hurt yourself and be disgusted afterwards

  • you find it pretty

  • and above all it excites you, because after all, the purpose of an anal plug is to have pleasure through the sensations that the anus can provide.

However, since more and more women are starting to use plugs, brands have launched products that are more particularly suited to them. But here we remain in the field of aesthetics, and only aesthetics.

Why use the anal plug in women?


It is true that the use of anal plugs is more oriented, in the imagination, for men. For a specific point, to stimulate the famous prostate which can thus give an orgasm stronger than an ejaculation. But women also have just as much of an interest in using a butt plug for their own female pleasure. Here are the reasons.

The anal plug for women to discover the pleasure coming from the anus

Did you know that the anus is an area full of nerve endings? And who says nerve endings, says pleasure when it's well titillated!! So ladies, it might be time now to discover this area of your body that will give you new pleasures, new sensations! It is true that this is an area that can be difficult to understand: culturally speaking it is not an area where sex education is focused (besides, do we really have sex education?). And it's also generally a taboo, you don't dare talk about it too much, you don't dare tell your partner that you want to discover new experiences. So ladies, you could very well treat yourself to a female anal plug and discover for yourself, solo, the pleasure that anal penetration provides.

Click on the image below to treat yourself and buy one of the plugs from our selection.

plug anal rose.jpg

The anal plug for women for more pleasure during penetration

Few women think about it, but using an anal plug for women at the same time as you are being penetrated (by your partner or by a dildo, for example), will increase your pleasure! Because by inserting an anal plug, you will increase the pressure on the back of the vaginal wall. The muscles of the vagina will thus be contracted, which will give you more pleasure.

It is even known that some women use the anal plug during cunnilingus.

The different types of anal plug offered to women

So of course, all plugs to be considered a female anal plug. Because depending on her experience with anal penetration, a woman may as well opt for an anal plug for beginners or for an XXL anal plug for example. But let's say that some brands of plugs have launched the anal plug for women, which relies heavily on aesthetics.

Of course, you will find pink or purple colored plugs which are therefore more intended for women. But we're not going to fall into the trap here of saying: it's pink so it's an anal plug for women. Today we are no longer there, and many men also use the color pink.

The anal plug for women with diamond

If there is one anal plug that can perfectly suit women, it is thediamond anal plug . Concretely, what is this type of plug. It's simply an anal plug for women that looks like a little jewel. If you're tired of receiving jewelry, or flowers, from your husband, then you could ask him to give you a diamond butt plug (also known as a jewel butt plug). It looks like a small jewel because it contains at its base a stone that looks like a diamond. So of course, it's not a real diamond!


You can also find diamonds of different colors, pink, red, purple, black, blue, etc.

Here is our selection of diamond anal plugs for women below. Click on the image to access it :

plug anal diamant couleur.jpg

Women's butt plug with faux fur

Yes, you read it right, a female anal plug with tail! The manufacturers of plugs having a lot of imagination, an imagination which

most certainly came from listening to their customers, they indeed launched the animal-tailed butt plug . You can thus find a plug with a fox tail, a ponytail and even a rabbit tail. What is the point ? The fox tail, for example, will give you a wild effect, like a big cat. The rabbit tail will give it a "very naughty" style, even more so if you wear a rabbit mask, the rabbit who will come and eat the carrot maybe... who knows!

Here is our selection of anal plugs for women with rabbit tail. Click on the image below to access it.

plug anal queue lapin.jpg

The anal plug for women in bloom

Here is another type of butt plug for women, which is in the same category as the jewel butt plug , it is the one with a flower shape at the base. You can also find different forms of flower, the one you will find the most are roses.

Here is our selection of anal plugs for women with a jewel in the shape of a flower. Click on the image below to access it.

plug anal fleur 2.jpg
plug anal fleur 1.jpg

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