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How to do nose waxing?


Nose hair removal is increasingly practiced by women but also by men. Here are my tips for doing a nose wax.


The question of whether to remove nose hair really comes up because nose hair is essential. They have an important filter function: they act as shields that will retain dust and pollen. These external agents are thus prevented from penetrating deeper into our nasal cavities. This is the reason why, inside our nose, there is a veritable jungle of hairs. Without them, we would have to deal with many allergies.

Below are my tips for nose waxing. You can also find my advice in the video I made and which is at the bottom of this article.


Why do nose waxing?

I think we all agree on this subject, there is nothing more ugly than seeing hair sticking out of your nose! It's not very classy, it's the sign of a person who does not take care of him. And above all, we only see that in others! It's like a bit of hair in the ears, even a hair that protrudes from the nose completely absorbs our attention, and a lot of people want to pull them out (even, it can even disgust some people).


And on this point, we are not all the same: some people have the nostril more raised, wider, more open, and therefore the hairs are more visible. As well as some will have relatively thick and dense hair, very brown, while other people will have fine and clear nose hair. The visibility will therefore not be the same.


So inevitably, we want to remove them, but we still have to ask ourselves the question: should we do nose waxing?

Nose waxing can be painful

Nose hair removal is undoubtedly one of the most painful hair removals. The reason is that the inside of the nose has many nerves, which will thus bring signals to the brain. So inevitably, when you pull out a hair, it's already not easy but it also hurts... and it's not uncommon to have tears in your eyes.

In addition, waxing the nose can cause bleeding and, ultimately, infection of the area. In particular an infection by staphylococcus aureus, the well-known bacterium.

Similarly, depilation of the nose with tweezers should be avoided, for the same reasons.

How to do nose waxing?


Nose hair removal with clippers

Also, it is not advisable to completely remove the hair from the nose, but to make it less visible! And for that, there is nothing simpler than to mow the hairs of the nose. There are different trimmers for trimming nose hair, which offer a special attachment to fit into the nose. It's painless, it's fast. This is the ideal solution. The hairs of the nose are thus not pulled out.


Nose hair removal with scissors


If you don't have a clipper, you can use a small pair of scissors to trim just the excess nose hair. You can also do the same thing with a razor, but be careful not to cut yourself: avoid taking a new manual razor.

Nose waxing, waxing of the nose

Nose waxing can also be a good alternative, but if you're fussy, this won't be for you! This is a trend today, called nose waxing, or nose waxing. This method embeds wax sticks in the nose. It is very painful, and in addition it can cause great damage to the internal nasal walls. It is therefore completely inadvisable.

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