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Ear waxing, my advice

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Ear waxing is a treatment that is rarely done by men, even though more and more of them are doing it. It must be said that this is an area that we do not necessarily look at, until we are generally told that certain hairs deserve to be cut. At the same time, some men really deserve to have their ears waxed, when you see the tuft of hair sticking out of the ear. He also says that the hairs in the ears grow with age and become more brown, which makes them noticeably more visible. But it's not an easy area to wax.

When we talk about depilation of the ears, we are not only talking about removing the hairs that are inside the ears, but also those that can be found on the lobe, or even on the upper part of the ear. Hair may even grow behind the ear, so ear waxing is a very broad treatment: removing any hair that is on the ear.

Is it a good idea to wax the ears?

Be careful, waxing the ears is good for the aesthetic aspect, but you should know that the hairs have a function for the ears: they play the role of a filter, in particular for sounds, and also help to block dust. that could go deep into the ear. I therefore advise you to epilate only the hairs that come out, which are visible, but to leave the hairs inside the ear.

Why do ear waxing?

People may decide to have their ears waxed for several reasons:

Ear waxing against aging

Ear hair removal is not necessarily a hair removal that we will do young, but rather when we advance in age. Because the arrival of hair in the ears is a factor of aging.

  • the hairs of the ears become brown or even black as they age, they are more visible,

  • the hairs of the ears grow, and after a certain number of years begin to come out of the ear and be visible,

  • hairs appear at the level of the lobe and above the ears,

Ear waxing for aesthetics

The hairs at the level of the ears are quite unsightly, it is not very aesthetic. It's a bit like when the hair comes out of the nose, it can be a source of discomfort. This is the reason why many men seek ear waxing.


It can create a negative image of you as someone who doesn't take good care of themselves.


How to do ear waxing?


Here are my tips for performing ear waxing in the most delicate way possible.

Ear waxing with tweezers

Epilation with tweezers is the easiest thing to do, as long as you're not cozy! Because the ear area is a very sensitive area, less than the nose of course, but in any case it will be more painful to wax the ears than to wax the armpits for example. The advantage of waxing the ears with tweezers is that you only get the hairs you want.

The disadvantage of doing ear waxing with tweezers is that it is not necessarily easy to do it alone. Don't be afraid to ask your partner for help.

In any case, if you do ear waxing with tweezers, do it in front of a magnifying mirror. This will make things much easier for you.

Ear waxing with a nose trimmer

You can also do ear waxing using your nose trimmer. This has the merit of being quick and painless. On the other hand, using this method, you will remove all hairs, without distinction. Do not hesitate here also to ask the help of your partner to make sure to mow only the desired hairs.

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Ear waxing by pulling out the hairs

Come on, admit it, I'm sure that's what you do as soon as you see a hair from your ears sticking out in your mirror. Pulling out the hair to wax the ears is not the best solution because you risk creating an infection in the hair follicle.

Ear waxing at the beautician

It may be the easiest solution to waxing your ears than going to the beautician. You won't take any risks and you'll have clear ears. Generally, the beautician will use wax to wax your ears.

Permanent ear hair removal

The most radical solution consists in depilating the permanent ears. Well, if you do, it's because the hair around your ears is really bothering you, or even because you must have a certain amount of it. Or that you are very cozy to remove them, it is true that it is not necessarily a cakewalk, especially when the hair resists and we have to do it several times!

You can say goodbye to your ear hair for good thanks to the laser. As the hairs are very fine, and few in number, a few sessions are enough, the protocol is much shorter than for permanent leg hair removal of course.

Ear waxing with depilatory cream

I tell you right away, the technique of using a depilatory cream, even for sensitive skin, to do ear waxing is to be avoided! It could indeed be that depilatory cream flows into the ears, with the burning damage that this could cause. No no, that's really not a good idea!!

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The alternative to ear waxing: discoloration

Ear hair bleaching can be an alternative to ear waxing, especially if you have dark or black hair that is rather thin. To do this, you can use a kit to bleach facial hair (used by women for the mustache in particular). It is a practical solution because the effect is immediate.

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