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How to do back hair removal?

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Want information on back hair removal? The hairs on the back do not have the coast at all. Here are my tips for back waxing.


Hair removal in men is a subject increasingly mastered by men. They no longer hesitate to hunt for hair, whatever the part of the body. Thus, the depilation of the testicles or even the depilation of the eyebrows have completely returned to the norm, and men no longer hesitate to talk about it. But back hair removal is a fairly complex subject because it is not necessarily easy to do back hair removal alone.


Here are my tips for successful back waxing.

Why do back waxing?

Back waxing is sometimes seen as an obligation for various reasons:

Back hair removal for aesthetics

Back waxing for aesthetic reasons: we're not going to hide it, having a very hairy back is not in the norm of beauty for men today. Instead, we tend to pull out all the body hair, with some men even waxing their arms.


In addition, if you have a few hairs in the upper back, on the shoulders, or on the lower back, it is also prettier to harmonize the whole back by doing a back hair removal.


Finally, it is not very pretty to have hair on the back coming out of the collar of your tee-shorts or your shirt, it is not very classy.

In addition, as soon as summer arrives when men go bare-chested, some may be embarrassed to show a hairy back, because it does not correspond to current male aesthetic criteria. They will thus be waxing their backs only at this time of the year.

Back waxing for hygiene

Back hair removal is more hygienic: if you are a man who sweats a lot, either naturally or because you do a lot of sports, back hair can be a source of bad odors linked to bacteria. Thus, some men will decide to do back hair removal in summer for example, as soon as the heat arrives, to have the inconvenience of both the soaked shirt but also bad smells.

Back hair removal to homogenize

Hair removal from the back to homogenize: if you are doing hair removal from the chest, for example, it would not be logical to keep hair on the back. So in this case, if you have hairy back, you will also have to do back hair removal.

Back hair removal for sexuality

Back waxing for sexual reasons: some partners don't like back hair and feel it with their hands. So, in order not to put off your partner, back waxing is sometimes necessary for the survival of the relationship!

Permanent or classic back hair removal?

Many men who have a very hairy back ask themselves the question of whether to have a permanent back hair removal or a classic back hair removal. I would say that it depends a lot on your lifestyle, your partner and where the hair is:

  • if your partner is phobic about back hair, the question does not arise if you intend to make a living with it: rather than spending time each week doing manual back hair removal, you might as well do hair removal once and for all final back.

  • if you spend a lot of time bare-chested, because you swim for example, in this case too I recommend that you have permanent back hair removal for aesthetic reasons on the one hand and to possibly avoid being embarrassed and to have the gaze of others on his back.

  • If you are very hairy in your lower back and on your shoulders, it bothers you and you spend time every week removing the hair, there too, I advise you to do a permanent back hair removal.

Of course, in this case you can go to a specialized center to have your back waxed with laser or pulsed light.

My advice before having a back hair removal


It is necessary to follow certain steps before doing back hair removal, so that it goes as well as possible.

Before back hair removal, take a shower

Taking a shower is a necessary step before waxing, regardless of the part of the body. The same is true for back hair removal. Indeed, the shower, and more specifically hot water and steam, will soften the hair. It will be more flexible and therefore easier to depilate. Your shave will be simplified.

Before waxing the back, exfoliate

While you're in the shower, I recommend exfoliating before waxing your back. This will have a double advantage:

  • you will deeply cleanse the skin of your back and thus remove all the dead cells. The depilatory cream that you will apply afterwards will adhere better.

  • it will also allow the hairs of your skin to stand up well and ensure that they are perfectly out, making it easier to remove hair.

Before back hair removal, take the trimmer

So obviously this point will only apply to men with a very hairy back with hair of a certain length. If you only have hair in your lower back or shoulder area, you won't need to use a trimmer before doing a back wax.


Besides, rather than doing a full back hair removal, if you are very dark, you could just mow your back. It can be a good alternative to make your back hair less noticeable.

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4 beard combs (1, 2, 3 & 5 mm) + body comb and protection system for sensitive areas. Effectiveness without irritation or cuts

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Self-sharpening blades for comfortable mowing and impeccable styling

The protection tool preserves the most sensitive areas of your body

Back hair removal alone


So of course the first question we ask ourselves when we do back hair removal is: should we do back hair removal alone? Well the answer will be very simple: everything will depend on your flexibility!! And yes, some men are very flexible and manage to run their hands all over their backs. Others, on the contrary, have no flexibility: in this case, you will have to either ask your partner for help, or go to a beauty center.

How to do back hair removal?

Here are my tips for performing back hair removal.

Depilatory cream for back hair removal

Depilatory cream is for me the best solution for back hair removal. There are several reasons for this:

  • from a practical point of view, it is enough just to apply a certain layer of depilatory cream on the hairs of the back which one wishes even to leave. And then wait for the depilatory cream to take effect. The back being a flat surface, it is relatively easy to apply it, and in addition you can do other things while waiting for the cream to kill the hair.

  • you can also apply the depilatory cream alone, especially if it is in the lower back on the shoulders.

  • depilatory cream for back hair removal is safe, no risk of cuts.

  • to remove the hair, just go under the shower and wash your back as if you were taking a traditional shower. It can indeed be difficult to use the spatula provided with the depilatory cream.


Be careful, however, with a depilatory cream: do not hesitate to test the cream on a part of the skin to find out if you are not allergic. The risk of burns is indeed significant.

Veet Men.jpg

Veet Men Hair Removal Cream can be used on the chest and the whole body* *Chest, Back, Armpits, Groin, Arms, Legs

The manual razor for back hair removal

The manual razor can be an alternative for back hair removal, provided that:

  • you are not alone if you are doing a full back hair removal: it may indeed not be possible to use the razor in the middle of the back

  • or if you are just looking to wax your lower back (the buttocks hair that can go up) or the shoulders. By using an ice cream, you could indeed easily treat this area.

Of course, I advise you to use a transparent shaving product, such as shaving gel or shaving oil. You will thus have a perfect visibility on the hairs to be shaved.

Back waxing


Wax is the best solution for hair removal because it delays hair regrowth and makes it thinner over time. But, it is obvious that doing back waxing  alone is mission impossible. In this case, you will have to get help from your partner or go to a beauty center.

Care to do after back waxing


Now that you have finished your back hair removal, you will need to set up a little beauty routine.

Moisturize the skin after back hair removal

Whatever the means used to do your back hair removal, you will have to apply a moisturizing product just after washing your back to soothe your back. The skin of the back is indeed fragile, it must be taken care of. The razor, the trimmer or the wax attacked the skin.

Exfoliate after back waxing

Back exfoliation will be a mandatory step after back waxing. This with the aim of:

  • promote good hair growth,

  • avoid itching

  • avoid pimples after back waxing

  • avoid the arrival of ingrown hairs in the back.


To do this, three to four days after the back hair removal, do not hesitate to exfoliate your back, using a body exfoliation product, or your face exfoliation if you do not have specific products for the body.

My opinion on back hair removal

Honestly, my opinion is this: if back hair really bothers you (or bothers your partner which impacts your relationship), then go for it! Back hair removal is absolutely not a taboo subject, men no longer hesitate to talk about it among themselves. So if it can be good for your morale, go for it!

For my part, I have a few hairs in the back at the level of the shoulders. Fine hairs that grow very quickly and become long. I don't hesitate to apply a depilatory cream once a week when I take my shower. And no more worries, I no longer have to pull them out!

Now you have all my tips for a successful back hair removal. Happy waxing!

Here are the products I recommend for back hair removal.

marilou gommage corps.jpg

Scrub made with slivers of apricot kernels. Apply to damp skin with circular massages, ideally in the shower (no need to press too hard, the grains are quite exfoliating), then rinse with water.

gommage weleda.jpg

The Weleda Birch shower scrub refines and smoothes the skin without irritating it. Fine beads of carnauba wax and beeswax stimulate the skin and promote its renewal


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