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How to do facial hair removal? My advice

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Facial hair removal is increasingly performed by men. Here are all my tips for a successful facial hair removal.

It is well known that men increasingly like to take care of their appearance, and in particular their face, the most visible part. This is how men's care has exploded in recent years, and in particular beard care. Men today want to present a perfectly clear, luminous face, without imperfections. And this includes having perfect eyebrows, no hairs that come out of the nose or ears and a controlled beard outline. In short, it involves facial hair removal.

Here are all my tips for doing facial waxing.

Is facial hair removal safe?


Before deciding to do facial hair removal by any means other than shaving, make sure that you are not subject to allergic reactions by certain products and that your skin does not show any sensitivity. By sensitivity I mean, for example, redness, itching or rashes. Do not hesitate to ask your doctor for advice if you ever have this type of allergic reaction through the use of certain cosmetic products, or certain natural ingredients if you are a fan of homemade cosmetic recipes . You must take the doctor's recommendations as gospel when it comes to skin and especially facial skin.

How to do facial hair removal?


There are different options available to you for facial hair removal.

Facial hair removal on clean skin


Before you start doing facial hair removal, you should know that you must do it on clean, well-cleaned skin. Thus, do not hesitate to exfoliate the face the previous day, in order to remove all the dead cells of the skin, which could for example prevent the wax or the depilatory cream from being well applied to the skin.

Also, don't do facial hair removal after slathering your face with serum, moisturizer, or any other facial care product. This is done after facial hair removal and not before.

Facial hair removal with a razor


The method most men think of for facial hair removal is the razor. It is also in this way that men essentially wax their eyebrows to no longer have this famous mono eyebrow in men . But beware, this method is not necessarily the best! When doing facial hair removal with a razor, you should know that shaved hair has thicker regrowth. In fact, razor hair removal is to be banned when it comes to the face.

Facial waxing


Waxing is one of the preferred methods for facial hair removal, especially for the mustache, eyebrows or beard outline. On the other hand, it is not recommended for depilation of nose hair or even depilation of the ears .


Hair regrowth with facial waxing does not cause any particular itching. This technique is therefore the most appropriate for the upper lip and eyebrows. With facial waxing, the hair root is permanently extracted, making hair regrowth longer than with other hair removal methods.

Be careful, however, with this method, the sudden removal of the wax strip not only causes pain but can also cause damage to the skin if it is improperly removed. But I reassure you about the pain, it will decrease as you use this method because the hair will adapt, it will grow back finer.


Facial hair removal with tweezers

Facial hair removal with tweezers is a very good method if you have:

  • few hairs to remove: because the tweezers will tweeze hair after hair, which can be very long if you have many hairs.

  • a little sensitive: this method is relatively gentle and above all helps to avoid the appearance of ingrown hairs.

Facial hair removal with depilatory cream

Facial hair removal with depilatory cream can be a great way, especially if you want a simple and above all painless method. Indeed, the concept is very simple: just apply the depilatory cream to the hairs you want to remove hair and wait for the pause time recommended by the brand, then remove the cream with the spatula. Some brands have launched depilatory cream for men , to better attack the hair of men, and in particular depilatory creams for the face, which will be less strong than depilatory creams for the body. The skin of the face is more fragile.

The main disadvantage of facial hair removal with depilatory cream is that it is not very precise: it will therefore be less easy for you to perfectly draw the shape you want to have. Thus, this method will not be recommended at all for eyebrow waxing. On the other hand, it could be used for beard waxing .

Threading facial hair removal

Certain parts of the face can be depilated by threading . But be careful here, there is no question of doing this type of hair removal alone, it is indeed strongly advised to go to a specialist (beautician, barber) to do thread hair removal. The reason is very simple, it requires perfect technique.

Thread hair removal, because of its perfect precision, will be particularly effective on parts such as the eyebrows or beard outline .

Pulsed light facial hair removal

IPL facial hair removal can be a very good alternative because, unlike other parts of the body, facial hair is unlikely to become fashionable for a moment and you want to follow this trend. Indeed, whether for chest hair, armpits or legs, there are trends. So among men currently there is a tendency to wax their legs, but how long will it last?

How does pulsed light work for facial hair removal? The pigment in the facial hair will simply absorb the light produced by the laser, which will turn into heat and will thus destroy the hair follicle (and therefore the hair root).  Light pulsed will thus allow semi-permanent facial hair removal.

Pulsed light facial hair removal is an excellent method to consider when other hair removal methods prove to be:

  • painful,

  • painful, especially if you have sensitive skin

  • too long and you don't want to spend too much time taking care of yourself

  • or source of appearance of ingrown hairs and other pimples.

Instructions for facial hair removal

Of course, whoever says facial hair removal says that it is necessary to pay close attention to the way of hair removal, and in particular with regard to the shapes that we are going to create:


  • do not break the homogeneity of the face by making eyebrows too thin for example or too raised.

  • the same goes for the beard outline, just remove the hairs that come out of the beard, and not attack the natural roundness of your beard.

Facial hair removal is thus about lightening your face, making it clearer, not deconstructing it.

Care to do after facial waxing

Now that you have performed facial hair removal, it will be necessary to take care of your skin, in particular to prevent the appearance of pimples and ingrown hairs.

Hydration after facial hair removal

So, just after your facial hair removal, apply a moisturizer: this will help calm the skin that has been attacked by the razor, depilatory cream, wax or thread. And yes, it is something that is not at all natural for your skin.

Also, avoid applying makeup for men within 24 hours of facial waxing, especially foundation for men .

Exfoliation after facial waxing

Finally, a few days after facial hair removal, it will be advisable to exfoliate the face to help the hair break through the skin as it grows back and thus prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs.

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