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Homemade cosmetic recipes

In this section of homemade cosmetics recipes, we will make sure to use everything we have in our kitchen or bathroom cupboards to make zero-waste homemade cosmetics. It is important to take care of our environment, like we take care of our skin or our hair! And since sometimes we don't have time to go buy beauty products, we might as well make them ourselves. It's more economical! Find below all my homemade cosmetic recipes.

Homemade cosmetics: my latest recipes

For zero waste consumption

Why a home cosmetics blog?

The Le Male Français blog being a men's blog that talks a lot about beauty for men , well-being for men , beards , moments of relaxation, etc., it was of course important to find homemade cosmetic recipes there.


Indeed, by testing many, I realized that:

  • I no longer wanted to test cosmetic products that were not natural. I no longer want to apply products that contain ingredients from the chemical or petrochemical industry to my skin, my beard hair or my hair. I aspire to use clean products for my skin

  • some brands are clearly misleading advertising by claiming to be natural with their green packaging. But when we look at the composition of their formulation, we see that these products are far from natural.

  • some brands offering natural products finally offer relatively simple products, with few ingredients, but at excessive prices.

That's why I started making my own homemade cosmetics. First by following found recipes and then in the end by making my own mixtures knowing better the benefits of the different ingredients. As a number of you ask me for advice on my social networks, I thought it was time to create a section of homemade cosmetic recipes.

Why make homemade cosmetics?

There are several reasons that can push us to make homemade cosmetics:

Homemade cosmetics to preserve the planet

This is usually the main reason given by those who make their own homemade cosmetics. It is true that by making our own homemade cosmetics, we bring great relief to our planet:

  • homemade cosmetics are made with natural ingredients. We do not use petrochemicals. With our house recipes, we do not participate in developing the oil industry.

  • homemade cosmetics are put in reusable bottles. We thus create less waste to be recycled.

  • we buy our ingredients in local shops: our products have therefore not traveled thousands of kilometres. Unless you use certain ingredients produced in Asia or South America, such as certain vegetable oils.

Homemade cosmetics are economical

And yes, by making our own homemade cosmetics, we save money. Because casually, buying skincare products for the whole family ultimately represents a certain budget! Especially if we buy high-end products, supposed to be more effective. Make it our homemade cosmetics, we save money because:

  • we only buy the ingredients needed to make our homemade beauty products.

  • generally, we can reuse ingredients that we consume, such as eggs, coffee, cucumber, potatoes, vegetable oil (olive oil, sunflower oil, walnut oil, etc.), etc. .

  • we don't have to bear the marketing and consumption costs of cosmetic brands, nor the costs of their packaging.

Homemade cosmetics are healthy for our skin

Since our homemade cosmetics are free of ingredients related to the petrochemical industry, our homemade products are 100% natural. And it does our skin a world of good. Of course, it is important to create your own cosmetics using products from organic farming. We must not forget that we are going to put them on our skin, on our beard hair or on our hair. We therefore have no interest in applying products containing chemical particles. Likewise, it is important to choose vegetable oils from the first cold pressing, so that the active ingredients are as strong as possible.

Homemade cosmetics are fun!

We're not going to hide it, it's still nice to make your own cosmetics! Especially when you do them with children, it's a great occupation for the whole family. We think we're a bit like chemists, we have fun mixing ingredients. If you like to cook, you will necessarily like to make your homemade cosmetics. And you can eat them too!

Homemade cosmetics for beginners

Making homemade cosmetics is really not rocket science, even beginners can make their own homemade cosmetics. Especially since on the blog, I do my best to offer you very simple homemade cosmetic recipes, with just a few ingredients that you can find in your kitchen cupboards! And then if it's missed, you can eat them!!! Finally, it all depends on your tastes!

Homemade cosmetics to offer

If you have gifts to offer, especially small gifts, it can be original to make homemade cosmetics to offer! It can be worth it when you decide to make small gifts between friends, for Christmas for example. But making homemade cosmetics to offer also shows the person to whom we offer the care that we are thinking of them and that we want their own care. It's very symbolic. To do of course if you know perfectly well the type of skin of the person.

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