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The benefits of camelina oil for beard and hair

bienfait huile cameline barbe

Camelina oil is a vegetable oil that is making a comeback! It is a bit of a forgotten oil in France, even a forgotten culture because camelina was widely cultivated a few centuries ago in Europe. This plant is also called "bastard flax". But with the revival of natural cosmetic products, and the trend towards slow cosmetics, camelina oil is making a strong comeback because it is a miracle oil, which has many benefits for the skin, especially on mature skin, hair and hair. It is even considered to be a health food, because its nutritional benefits are very important, especially to fight against certain diseases. It is indeed very rich in Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9, as well as in vitamins E and A. In short, it is an oil to absolutely have in your bathroom (or in your kitchen depending on your use).

But here I will focus on the benefits of camelina oil on the beard (and hair).

Camelina oil to moisturize beard bristles and hair

Camelina oil is an oil that will deeply nourish beard hair and hair, and therefore maintain their hydration. The hydration of the hairs of the beard is an important element, it is the essential care to maintain your beard. Proper hydration will:

  • to have a less dry beard or hair, with bristles and hair that will no longer break.

  • to have a shinier and therefore prettier beard or hair.

  • to have a beard that will grow better. It is an element highly sought after by bearded men who are looking for solutions to grow their beards .


​ Camelina oil to relieve beard irritation



If you feel irritation in the beard, tightness, then I advise you to apply camelina oil on your beard. This will calm them down. It is also advisable to apply camelina oil on the scalp if you also have itching.


Camelina oil repair beard hair or hair

If you haven't taken care of your beard for several days or even weeks (no use of beard oil or beard balm ), then you must have dry hair, which lacks vitality. Camelina oil will thus allow your beard hair or your hair to regain some vigor.

How to use camelina oil?

You have different options for using camelina oil as a beard and hair care product:






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