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Which vegetable oils to make homemade beard oil?


If you don't have beard oil at home or want to make your own homemade beard oil, here are my tips on which carrier oils to use. Of course, always choose your first cold-pressed vegetable oils to make your homemade beard oil. I'm not going to talk about castor oil here because I did an article on the benefits of castor oil for the beard.

Which vegetable oil to use for a beard oil?


Concretely, you can use any vegetable oil to make your homemade beard oil. Because all of them have very important moisturizing capacities. And that's what we ask in the first place in a vegetable oil for the beard. Nevertheless, some vegetable oils are more predisposed than others to make a homemade beard oil.

Vegetable olive oil for a beard oil

I start with olive oil because it is a vegetable oil that we all have at home, in one of our kitchen cupboards. So know that it will not only allow you to season your starter with tomato mozzarella, but it will also allow you to take care of your skin and your beard.

Olive oil is indeed interesting for bearded men because it will help moisturize the skin and hair, and also make it more supple.

Avocado vegetable oil for a beard oil

Avocado is not only good to accompany crisps as an aperitif or salmon on a healthy toast! Avocado oil has many benefits for the skin and beard. It is even better than olive oil because it nourishes the skin and the hair, softens the hair (interesting therefore if you have an itchy beard). Avocado oil will also help fight against hair loss and will promote growth. If you want to have a long beard faster, brush your beard with avocado oil!

Macadamia oil for homemade beard oil


Between us, it's an oil that I use a lot to take care of my skin. It is a miracle oil for the hair and for the hair because it will hydrate them in depth, more than many other vegetable oils. It is also perceived as an excellent alternative to castor oil.

Argan vegetable oil for a beard oil

Argan oil is an oil that we have heard a lot about in recent years. It has made a sensational arrival in all natural skin and hair care. And of course, its benefits for the beard are also recognized. Already because Argan oil is a very good oil for moisturizing the skin. And we know that hydrated skin is also hydrated hair. Then, it is an oil known to revitalize the hair: so if you have broken or dull hair, do not hesitate to apply it to your beard.

Jojoba vegetable oil for a beard oil

Jojoba oil is one of the best oils for moisturizing the skin, and therefore the hair. It is not for nothing that we find Jojoba oil in a large part of beauty treatments to moisturize the skin. It's kind of basic. Jojoba oil will also help regulate sebum production (and therefore prevent the appearance of beard dandruff ). You will also have fewer skin imperfections (pimples) and this will prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs in the beard.

Nigella vegetable oil for a homemade beard oil

Nigella oil, also known as black cumin, is an oil whose beard benefits have been widely recognized for centuries. I have already talked about it to know how to maintain your beard naturally . Besides, I shouldn't talk about this black cumin oil here because it's not a vegetable oil, but an essential oil! But since it's one of the best natural products to maintain your beard, I'm talking about it anyway! Nigella oil will indeed promote hair growth, like castor oil.

Vegetable Oil Based Beard Oil Recipes

Here are two simple recipes for making homemade beard oil:

1st recipe: mix equal parts olive oil with castor oil. Do not hesitate to add essential oil to perfume this homemade beard oil. I recommend tea tree, peppermint or eucalyptus essential oil.

2nd recipe: mix equal parts castor oil with avocado oil. You can also integrate the essential oil of your choice.

If you want another natural product, you also have shea butter. The benefits of shea butter on the beard are indeed very numerous.

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