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How to maintain your beard naturally?

entretenir sa barbe naturellement

How to maintain your beard naturally? At a time when many men are looking to reduce their consumption of care products, with the aim of limiting their waste, the question of taking care of your beard naturally is coming up more and more._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ll is true that we are currently seeing a real trend to limit the use of cosmetics as much as possible. Even so-called solid products are making their strong debut in our bathrooms. The reason can also be economic: it represents a certain budget to buy products to take care of yourself and your beard.


And what about the beard? Is it possible to maintain your beard naturally? Here are my tips.

Clean to maintain your beard naturally

The shampoo to maintain your beard naturally


Of course, the first product you think of to maintain your beard naturally is shampoo. But necessarily not just any beard shampoo , you will have to choose a natural shampoo, made with natural ingredients. Today more and more brands offer natural shampoos for both the good of the hair and the skin. I put you below a selection.

shampoing naturel barbe.png

The soap to maintain your beard naturally

If you are tired of using beard shampoos, then I advise you to clean your beard with a mild beard soap. Please don't use your hair shampoo to wash your beard. Not only is beard hair different from human hair (hair is thicker so washing would be less effective), but the scalp is also thicker than the skin under your beard. In short, not only would washing your beard this way not be effective, but you will also attack your skin under the beard (and ultimately your beard hair).

Also, I advise you to wash your beard with a mild soap, to maintain it naturally. The must would be to use a soap based on black cumin oil (also known as black cumin). Black cumin oil has been used for centuries to maintain your beard (the Pharaohs already used it, that is to say). It provides excellent hydration to the skin and hair, making them stronger, shinier.

But you can also use a soap based on sweet almond oil or argan oil.


Hydrate to maintain the beard naturally

Beard oil to maintain your beard naturally

Beard oil is an essential element to maintain your beard naturally. Because the majority of beard oils are made from vegetable oils (argan oil, castor oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, etc.) with which are associated essential oils for scents. Be careful because some skins can be allergic to essential oils.

If you want to moisturize your beard naturally, you can simply apply castor oil to yourself. The benefits of castor oil are recognized, I have also made an article. Also, if you want to use as few products as possible, opt for a natural and organic castor oil, cold pressed of course.

And if you really don't want to buy a specific product, then head to your kitchen cupboard where you store your olive oil. Provided it is organic and cold pressed! Olive oil will indeed help moisturize and smooth the hairs of your beard.

Otherwise, you can make your own beard oil, by mixing equal parts organic castor oil with organic avocado oil, for example.

The mask to maintain your beard naturally

If you want to naturally moisturize your beard, I advise you to do a beard mask at least once a week. The beard mask is recommended for people who have a dry beard , or even a very itchy beard . The beard mask consists of applying a generous amount of oil to the beard hair and leaving it on for 10 to 20 minutes. So to maintain the beard naturally, I advise you to make a mixture of several vegetable oils:

  • olive oil

  • sunflower oil

  • nut oil

  • grape seed oil.

By mixing different oils, you will also spare all the benefits and thus make a very good, very moisturizing treatment for the hairs of your beard.

A word of advice: while you apply the vegetable oil to your beard, put on a hot towel. The heat will open the hair scales of your beard and thus the mixture of oils will better penetrate the hair.


Styling to maintain your beard naturally


And I will even say morning and evening if you have a beard of several months! Styling your beard will do your skin and beard a world of good. I also wrote an article about it, why and how to style your beard . Styling your beard will indeed promote blood circulation in your skin. The hair follicle, in which the hair of the beard is located, present about 4 cm below the epidermis of your skin, will thus be in better health, and therefore the hair too.

Plus, styling your beard will make it smoother, neater, and more beautiful. You will have fewer flyaway hairs in your beard.

Of course, do not take just any beard brush or beard comb to style the beard, I advise you to choose a horn comb.

Here are my tips for maintaining your beard naturally. Feel free to give me your own advice!

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