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How to properly clean your beard?

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Cleaning his beard is something every man with a beard should do. Here are my tips for properly cleaning your beard.


When men wear a beard, they want it to be as beautiful as possible. And that's completely normal, growing it out and having the desired beard length could have been a very difficult time for some. Between the beard that itches while growing, the dry skin and above all, the time it took to grow, the difficulties encountered could have been numerous. But now that you have a beautiful beard , you will have to take care of it.

Here are my tips for properly cleaning your beard.



How to clean your beard?


To clean your beard, there are different care products that you will easily find at any brand offering beard products. To choose the right product to clean your beard, I advise you to choose one that is respectful of your beard hair but also of your skin under the beard:

  • avoid petrochemicals or chemicals

  • favor natural products, with more than 92% ingredients of natural origin. And if possible, organic ingredients.

Clean your beard with beard shampoo

The most suitable product for cleaning your beard is beard shampoo . I do not recommend that you use a hair shampoo that will not be suitable for your beard hair or your skin under the beard. Indeed, hair shampoo is made for the scalp, which is thicker than your skin under the beard.

To clean your beard with a beard shampoo, it's very simple:

  • moisten your beard hair

  • apply a hazelnut in your hand and spread well over your whole hand

  • then apply your hands to your beard in circular motions: this will allow you to apply the shampoo from root to tip, and especially to lather the shampoo.

  • after a few seconds you can rinse.

  • dry your beard well.

  • comb your beard or brush your beard after applying beard oil.

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Refreshing beard and face wash with coconut water, argan oil and avocado oil. Menthol leaves the skin feeling refreshed and pleasant.

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3-in-1 cleansing gel inspired by the know-how of barbers for cleaning your beard, your face and your hair in a single gesture.

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Specially formulated to cleanse the beard, soften it, refresh it and condition it. Helps eliminate the feeling of irritation by nourishing beard hair.

Clean your beard with shaving soap

Beard soap can be a very good alternative to beard shampoo, especially if you want to have an ecological approach to maintaining your beard with a zero waste shave . What is a wish of more and more man, in the face of the challenges that our planet encounters because of our consumption.

The interest of shaving soap to clean your beard is that it is generally enriched with vegetable oils and vegetable butter which will have a moisturizing effect for your beard hair and the skin under the beard.

To clean your beard with shaving soap, it's also very simple:

  • moisten your beard hair

  • then take your shaving soap and rub it directly on your beard hair. This will create lather on your beard.

  • make circular movements with your fingers to impregnate all the hair, from the root to the tip.

  • after a few seconds you can rinse.

  • dry your beard well.

  • comb your beard or brush your beard after applying beard oil.

Another good thing about using shaving soap to clean your beard is that you go back to the origins of shaving, to traditional shaving . So why not use a badger to shave like your great-grandparents did!

Clean your beard with a scrub

And yes, it's not just beard shampoo or beard soap to properly clean the beard. I would even say that these are not the two treatments that will deeply clean your beard. No, the ideal would be to exfoliate your beard once or twice a week depending on your skin type:

  • once a week for people with sensitive skin

  • twice a week for people with oily skin.

The beard scrub will have several actions:

  • remove excess sebum on the skin under your beard but also on beard hair.

  • remove dead cells that may be on your skin under the beard.

Thus, the fact of scrubbing the beard will help prevent the appearance of beard dandruff , while stimulating blood micro-circulation. This will have a positive effect on the growth of your beard hair.

rinse your beard with clear water.

gommage barbe.jpg

A sumptuous combination for this exceptional exfoliation with liquid crystals and precious oils which provides a gentle double exfoliating action.

gommage barbe 2.jpg

Exfoliating treatment for beard and face. This paste deeply cleanses the beard and face by eliminating impurities and dead cells.

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This alpine goat's milk soap developed in collaboration with a soap factory in Ariège was made with apricot kernels ground into very fine particles.

Clean your beard by brushing it

Finally, a last action to clean his beard would be to brush it. In any case, it is advisable to brush your beard every day, with a beard brush and not a beard comb. Because brushing your beard will have a beneficial effect on the quality of the hair and therefore, ultimately, on the quality of your beard.

Cleaning your beard by brushing it will simply remove any dandruff that may be there, but also dust or even, depending on what you have eaten, leftover food.

How often should you clean your beard?

It is not advisable to clean your beard every day with a cleaning product such as shampoo or soap. It's the same thing as for the hair:

  • on a beard of 3 days, you must clean your beard once or twice a week.

  • on a long beard, you should clean your beard two to three times a week.

Of course, if you have exercised and sweated a lot on your face, you will have to clean your beard. Likewise, as soon as you feel that your beard is dirty, you will need to clean your beard.

In any case on a daily basis, without necessarily using a cleaning product, you can wash your beard with clear water.

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