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The benefits of shea butter for the beard.

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Shea butter is one of the most popular ingredients in the formulation of beard balms, usually accompanied by wax. It is an indispensable ingredient in the beard care products industry. And not only! We find shea butter in many beauty products because it has many virtues:  it prevents skin dryness by moisturizing the whole body (it is an excellent product to apply to the body after the shower for example), it protects against UV rays, it reduces stretch marks, it reduces the signs of aging by promoting the production of collagen, etc.


But do you know exactly what shea butter is? Before explaining to you why shea butter is a great asset for the beard, here is a small explanation on this product.

What is shea butter?

First of all, we will have to give a clarification on its very name, shea butter. To tell the truth, it is not a butter as such, but a vegetable oil which is extracted from the fruits of the shea tree, and more precisely from the almond which is in the kernel. This oil has the consistency of a fairly thick wax, which turns into oil with heat. Shea is a shrub found in parts of Africa and which means "life" in the Mandinka language. This says a lot about the benefits of this vegetable oil, which has been used for centuries in Africa.

Shea butter contains vitamins A, E as well as essential fatty acids.


The benefits of shea butter for the beard

In addition to being an excellent skin care product, and before being used by chocolate manufacturers as a cocoa replacement, shea butter is excellent for the beard.

Shea butter moisturizes beard hair


One of the main virtues of shea butter is to maintain the hydration of the skin, and therefore of the hair of the beard. Indeed, the hair takes root in the hair follicle, which is about 4 cm below the epidermis. Thus, a well hydrated skin is a healthy hair follicle, which will allow the hair to grow properly. With strength, robustness and brilliance.

In addition, if the skin is well hydrated, then it will not be dry. Thus, shea butter will prevent the appearance of beard dandruff .

Shea butter to soften your beard

Finally, a hydrated hair is a hair that will be more flexible, it will thus soften your itchy beard . If you have a hard and dry beard, do not hesitate to apply shea butter in the form of a mask (directly placed on the hairs of the beard) or use a beard balm that contains it every day. It will also be good for your hair ends, which will be finer, and not brittle.

How to Use Shea Butter on Your Beard

If you don't feel like using shea butter products, like beard balm, you can also use pure shea butter directly on your skin. Of course, choose organic shea butter. To apply shea butter to your beard, here are my tips:

  • wash your beard well beforehand so that it is perfectly clean.

  • take a dab of shea butter in your hand and rub it between your two minuses. This will help warm the shea butter and make it a little more oily, easier to put on the beard.

  • apply shea butter all over your beard, massaging it. do not hesitate to use the tips of your fingers so that the tips of your hairs receive the shea butter.

  • then pass a comb or a brush.






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