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The benefits of cupuaçu butter for skin, hair and beard


Do you know the cupuaçu butter? Find in the article all the many benefits of cupuaçu butter for the skin, hair and beard hair.

You don't know cupuaçu  butter? Normal, it's a butter that is not well known. And yet, it deserves to have greater notoriety because can you imagine that the benefits of cupuaçu  butter for the skin, hair and beard are more numerous than the benefits of shea butter? a butter found in many cosmetic products. So I didn't know cupuaçu butter either until I saw it in the composition of the Horace moisturizing shampoo . But before showing you the benefits of cupuaçu butter, here is a presentation of this miracle butter.

Presentation of cupuaçu butter

Cupuaçu butter is made after cold pressing the beans of the cupuaçu tree, a tree found in certain Cuban and Brazilian regions. It is a tree that has great similarities with the cocoa tree. Moreover, cupuaçu butter is part of the diet of certain Indian populations in Brazil and its aroma is very close to that of cocoa. Very greedy ! It is therefore a product that has been used for many years, but which is just beginning to appear in France.

Cupuaçu butter is a miracle butter that contains many active ingredients and vitamins, hence the fact that it is now increasingly used in the formulas of cosmetic products. It thus contains:

  • Essential fatty acids like oleic acid,

  • Polyphenols and antioxidants to fight against free radicals that accelerate skin aging,

  • Phytosterols to fight against UV rays,

  • Vitamin E and F to fight against dehydration.



​ The benefits of cupuaçu butter



Cupuaçu butter has many benefits that I will present to you below. It will thus be the ideal partner for people with dry or mature skin.

Cupuaçu butter as an anti-aging product

Cupuaçu  butter is an excellent product for preventing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, due to its strong moisturizing power and its ability to maintain the elasticity of the skin. The cupuaçu  butter will also help plump the skin to give a better look and better support. Thus, cupuaçu butter can be used by women and men looking for natural care products to prevent the appearance of signs of aging.

Cupuaçu butter is ideal for dry hair and dry beards

The cupuaçu butter, by allowing a very good hydration of the hair and the beard, will make it possible to make the hair and the beard shinier. So, if you find that your beard is a little dull, do not hesitate to apply cupuaçu butter. It will also give you a better glow of mine by having a shiny beard.

Cupuaçu butter to soothe the skin

Cupuaçu butter is recognized for its healing qualities. Thus, this butter proves to be excellent as an after-shave product to attenuate the small invisible cuts made by the razor.

Cupuaçu butter as a body moisturizer

If you have very dry skin on your body or cracks in your feet and hands, do not hesitate to apply cupuaçu butter to your body. Its strong moisturizing power will very quickly make your skin soft.

How to use cupuaçu butter?

You will see, cupuaçu butter is a very pleasant butter to use because it has a very soft feel. In addition, it is very creamy and thus does not leave an oily feeling on the body. Be careful with the heat, because above 32°C, the cupuaçu butter turns into oil.

Cupuaçu butter as a body treatment

To apply the cupuaçu butter, take a hazelnut that you will rub between your hands to heat it. It will thus be slightly melted and you will be able to apply it more easily on your body, on your beard or on your hair.

Cupuaçu butter for a hair mask

You can make a hair mask with cupuaçu butter that you will leave for 20 minutes or even 1 hour, on damp hair, wrapped in a hot towel to better penetrate the cupuaçu butter. To do this, you can mix the cupuaçu butter with a vegetable oil, such as coconut oil, sapote oil or even castor oil.

You can also use this mixture as a beard mask . In this case, leave on for less time, between 10 to 20 minutes, on wet beard hair. Apply a hot towel to the beard to open the scales of the hairs, the mask will penetrate deeper into the hair and will therefore be better hydrated.

Cupuaçu butter to make a shampoo

You can make a cupuaçu butter hair shampoo by simply mixing it with black soap. You can thus put for a dose of cupuaçu butter four tablespoons of liquid black soap. Then whisk the mixture. This homemade shampoo can also be used as a beard shampoo .






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