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The benefits of Abyssinian oil for beard and hair

bienfaits huile abyssinie barbe cheveu

Ouh lala, what is this oil you are talking about ??? I admit it, I myself had never heard of it until I tested Vitry Men Care's beard oil ! Looking at the composition of this beard oil that I really liked, I discovered that Abyssinian oil was one of the ingredients. So inevitably, I looked a little at the benefits of Abyssinian oil for beard and hair, and I realized that it was a miracle vegetable oil! So I couldn't keep that to myself.

For your information, Abyssinian oil comes from the seeds of Crambe Abyssinica, an oleaginous plant of Mediterranean origin that comes from Ethiopia (formerly called Abyssine). It is a fairly rare oil, which is not easy to find in organic shops. It is therefore preferable to obtain it from online stores.

Abyssinian oil to nourish beard hair and hair

Abyssinian oil is a vegetable oil that will help nourish beard hair and hair, and therefore maintain their hydration. This will allow you:

  • to have a less dry beard or hair, with bristles and hair that will no longer break. You will have the most beautiful points.

  • to have a shinier beard or hair. The colors will be more vivid, which will illuminate your face.

  • to have a fuller beard and hair: beard hair or hydrated hair will grow better.



Abyssinian oil to soften the beard



This will interest all men with itchy beards, especially those with 3-day beards. Indeed, the 3-day beard is a beard whose hair is harder than those of longer beards. It's also a itchy beard. Thus, to maintain a 3-day beard , and especially to soften it, Abyssinian oil can prove to be a good vegetable oil for this. It will bring a very soft satin effect.


Abyssinian oil to straighten the beard

But for men who have long beards, several weeks or several months, Abyssinian oil will also be recommended to soften the beard and thus make it smoother. This will be of great help to prevent knots from appearing in the beard, or even, if you have any, it can be of help to you, in addition to the comb, to remove the knots in his beard .

How to use Abyssinian oil?

Different possibilities are available to you for using Abyssinian oil as a beard care product:

  • or you mix it with another vegetable oil to make a homemade beard oil. I did an article on what vegetable oils to use to make homemade beard oil . You can also add drops of essential oils to scent your homemade beard oil.

  • either you can directly apply it on your skin, on your beard or on your hair. Put a few drops on your skin, a little more on your beard and hair depending on its length. On beard and hair, leave on for a few minutes, between 10 and 15 minutes, then rinse with shampoo.






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