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Benefits of moringa oil for beard and skin

Huile moringa bienfaits barbe

It is true that moringa oil is still quite unknown in France and even in Europe. However, moringa oil has been known and used for many years in India, where moringa is found. Moringa is a shrub that produces pods, in which found the seeds, which are pressed.

Moringa oil to strengthen and soften beard hair

Moringa oil is rich in vitamins A, B and C, which makes it an excellent product for strengthening and softening the hair. This will allow:

  • to have a fuller beard because the hair of the beard will be thicker, more robust, less brittle, with beautiful points.

  • to have a beard that does not itch! And this point is important for all the people who kiss you!

  • to have a beard whose maintenance is easier, smoother and therefore which can be better groomed.



​ Moringa oil to soothe the skin after shaving



Moringa oil is also recognized for its antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, this moringa oil is the perfect partner for all those who have either sensitive skin or oily skin:

  • the oil will indeed help reduce the sensation of razor burn for sensitive skin,

  • it will also help cleanse skin with imperfections, such as pimples,

  • it will also prevent the appearance of pimples after shaving.

​ Moringa oil for blemished skin



Moringa oil acts as a natural exfoliant. It thus makes it possible to exfoliate the face without having to buy specific products. If you are in a zero waste approach, this moringa oil can therefore be a good alternative. As a reminder, the facial scrub will allow:

  • remove all dead skin cells and have a better complexion,

  • to regulate the production of sebum and avoid the appearance of pimples and to have the skin which shines.

With this moringa oil, you can also make a natural beard scrub , in order to avoid the appearance of greasy beard dandruff.

How to use moringa oil?

You have different options for using moringa oil:

  • or you mix it with another vegetable oil to make a homemade beard oil. I did an article on what vegetable oils to use to make homemade beard oil . You can also add drops of essential oils to scent your homemade beard oil.

  • either you can directly apply it on your skin or on your beard. Put a few drops on your skin, a little more on your beard depending on its length. On the beard, leave on for a few minutes, between 10 and 15 minutes, then rinse with a beard shampoo.






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