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My tips for making homemade beard oil


Making beard oil is a wish of many bearded men. Here are all my tips for how to make homemade beard oil.

More and more men are turning to zero waste shaving and looking to make their homemade beard oil. It is true that this meets two expectations among bearded men. Not only does it help take care of our planet, but it also meets a need to save money!!


Beard oil is essential care for all bearded men, whether you have a short beard like the 3-day beard or a long beard like the hipster beard . It offers many benefits such as moisturizing the skin under the beard, moisturizing the hair, softening your beard or even making your beard shinier. Another advantage of beard oil is that it will allow you to grow your beard in the best conditions.


Here are all my tips for how to make homemade beard oil. 

You can also find at the end of this article my video where I present live a recipe to make your homemade beard oil.

The equipment needed to make your homemade beard oil


To make your beard oil, you don't need a lot of materials. Making homemade beard oil is indeed very simple. You will need:​

  • vegetable oils, such as grapeseed oil excellent for the beard.

  • of essential oils, but only if you feel like making a scented beard oil. Otherwise, you won't need it.

  • a doser, a classic kitchen doser to have the right proportions.

  • a bottle to put your beard oil. For example, you can use the bottle of beard oil that you have in your bathroom, after having washed it well, in very hot water beforehand; The advantage is that you will have a pipette, which will be easier later to take the homemade beard oil. In any case, the bottle must be dark so that your homemade beard oil is perfectly preserved.

Vegetable oils to make your homemade beard oil?

You should know that a beard oil is essentially composed of vegetable oils. And of course, the most common in beard oils today is castor oil . Castor oil is a vegetable oil very popular with bearded men to accelerate beard growth. In any case, vegetable oils will be the main ingredient for making homemade beard oil.

Vegetable oils are not only used for cooking or to accompany salads in summer. No, you should know that vegetable oils have many benefits for the skin, the first being to moisturize the skin. This is why vegetable oils are present in many natural and vegan beauty products.

But which vegetable oils to make your homemade beard oil ? You have a very large choice for this:

  • either you can use classic vegetable oils to make your homemade beard oil, such as olive oil, sunflower oil

  • you can also take vegetable oils that we have more and more in our kitchens: coconut oil, grapeseed oil, walnut oil. 

  • and you can take less classic vegetable oils, which we generally do not have at home and which you will have to buy: jojoba oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, oil of Argan.

Be aware that two vegetable oils are particularly recommended for making beard oil:

  • castor oil of course

  • jojoba oil, which is one of the oils that allows the best possible hydration of the skin and hair. 

If you could have these two vegetable oils, it would be ideal for making homemade beard oil.

Essential oils to make your homemade beard oil?

Essential oils are oils that will give fragrance to your homemade beard oil. So if you don't like scented beard oils, you won't need to put any in your homemade beard oil. Nevertheless, you should know that essential oils will also bring additional benefits for your skin and your hair to vegetable oils.

Small important clarification: some people may be allergic to essential oils. It is therefore necessary to be careful before applying an essential oil to the face. I advise you to apply a drop of essential oil on the skin of your hand to see how it reacts.

So, to choose your essential oil, or your essential oils to make a mixture, I advise you to take the smells that you like. Knowing that generally for a rather masculine perfume, we will favor the following essential oils to make our homemade beard oil:

  • essential oil of Eucalyptus radiated (be careful, there are different kinds of Eucalyptus oils)

  • tea tree essential oil

  • fine lavender essential oil

  • peppermint essential oil

  • laurel essential oil

  • thyme essential oil 

  • lemon essential oil

  • rosemary essential oil

You can have fun playing the chemist by mixing these essential oils and making your custom scent to make your unique homemade beard oil.

What are the quantities to make your homemade beard oil ​?

You should know that the average container of a beard oil is 30 ml. ​ Beyond that, it will do a lot, you will use it for a very long time, and the benefits of vegetable oils and essential oils may decrease. 

For the quantity of vegetable oils to put in your homemade beard oil, there is a rule: you must put the same quantities of each oil. Thereby :


  • if you mix two vegetable oils, it will be necessary to put 15 ml of one and 15 ml of the other.

  • if you mix three vegetable oils, it will take 10 ml of each oil.

If you put more than 3 vegetable oils, you can do what you want in terms of quantities. Example: 10ml + 10ml + 5ml + 5ml.

As for essential oils, do not put a lot because they are very concentrated! Thus, you will have to put some according to the power of perfume that you wish to have. In general, you must put at least 2 drops of essential oils in your mixture of vegetable oils.

How to use your homemade beard oil ​?

Now that you have made your homemade beard oil, you will of course be able to apply it morning and evening on your beard, if you really have a dry beard . But you can also use homemade beard oil in two other ways.

A mask with homemade beard oil

You can use your homemade beard oil as a beard mask . This will be really suitable for bearded men with very dry beards, itchy ones, scratchy beards that only give one desire: to shave them completely so as not to be embarrassed.

Concretely, the beard mask consists of leaving a nice amount of homemade beard oil on your beard, preferably on wet hair. You let it sit for 10 to 20 minutes and then wash your beard with a beard shampoo . I advise you to apply a hot towel on the mask: the heat will open the scales of the beard hairs and thus your homemade beard oil will better penetrate the hair. It will then be more hydrated.

A scrub with homemade beard oil

Finally, with your homemade beard oil you can make your own beard scrub product. Exfoliation is an essential treatment to do, especially if you have a long beard , such as a hipster beard or a pointed beard . The scrub will indeed clean the beard in depth by removing dead cells and excess sebum. So, to make your scrub:

  • mix your homemade beard oil with coffee grounds. If you don't have any, you can add powdered sugar.

  • then apply the mixture by massaging your face, making circular movements.

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