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The benefits of sesame oil for skin and hair

Bienfaits de l'huile de sésame

Did you know that sesame oil has many benefits for skin and hair? Find in the article all the benefits of sesame oil for skin and hair.

Sesame oil is an oil that is relatively well known in France, even if it is not the most used oil! And yet, did you know that sesame oil was the first oil produced by humans more than 3,500 years ago? Long before olive oil.

Of course, to get the most benefits possible from your sesame oil, choose extra virgin, obtained by cold pressing and of organic origin. Remember that you are going to put this sesame oil on your skin and hair. Small precision: do not use roasted sesame oil because in this case, it no longer has any benefits for the skin, but only for the taste in salads!

Introduction to sesame oil

Before telling you about the benefits of sesame oil, here is a small presentation of this oil which will give you an idea of its richness. Sesame oil is very rich in Omega-9, Omega-6. It also contains vitamin E, which is a natural antioxidant, vitamin B and provitamin A. Sesame oil also contains sesamolin, sesamin and selenium, which are powerful antioxidants. Finally, it contains lecithin which promotes hydration of the skin. In short, as you can see, in addition to being an oil that will give you that special taste in your salads, and lower your cholesterol, sesame oil is a real miracle product for your skin.

It is an oil that will appeal to all those who do not like having an oily feeling on the skin: indeed, sesame oil penetrates quickly into the skin without leaving a greasy film. No need to wash your hands after applying it to skin, hair or beard hair.


​The benefits of sesame oil



The benefits of sesame oil are very numerous, here they are below:

The benefits of sesame oil as an anti-aging treatment

As I mentioned above, sesame oil contains many natural antioxidants: vitamin E, sesamolin, sesamin, selenium. It is thus an oil that will be perfect to apply on mature skin, but also on other skin types to prevent the appearance of the effects of aging. Because the antioxidants will slow down the aging of the skin by blocking the free radicals, responsible for the appearance of spots on the skin and its relaxation.

The benefits of sesame oil for massage

Sesame oil is also an oil that will be perfect for performing massages, for two reasons. Not only is it an oil that is very soft, and therefore very pleasant to the touch for the massager, and provides a good sensation to the person being massaged. But in addition it penetrates very well into the skin, which allows it to be deeply hydrated.


The benefits of sesame oil to moisturize the skin, hair and beard hair

Like most vegetable oils, sesame oil is recognized for its nourishing benefits and to maintain hydration. Thus, it is an oil that will allow the skin, hair and beard hair to protect itself more effectively from external aggressions.

The benefits of sesame oil as an anti-dandruff treatment

The benefits of sesame oil are known to act effectively on flaking and dry skin. Desquamation is the loss of the superficial layers of the epidermis, which is why we have dry dandruff. Moreover, many men seek to make disappear dandruff in the beard or in the hair. Flaking is simply related to the fact that the skin is very dry. Thus, by applying sesame oil alone or mixed, you will prevent the appearance of dandruff in the beard and in the hair.

Sesame oil to fight hair loss

And I could also add against the fall of beard hair too! Not only does sesame oil moisturize the hair (which will make it stronger, healthier), but it also promotes blood micro-circulation in the scalp. And therefore guarantees the good health of the scalp.

The benefits of sesame oil for the beard

Since sesame oil helps nourish the skin, it will have a direct impact on beard hair. Because well-hydrated skin is also a well-hydrated hair follicle. The hair takes root in the hair follicle. Thus, the hair will also be well hydrated. Which implies a stronger, more robust and thicker coat. Your beard will therefore be fuller. But it also implies a softer coat. Sesame oil is therefore an excellent carrier oil for softening an itchy beard .

How to use sesame oil?

Sesame oil can be used alone on the skin or mixed with other oils or cosmetic products (day creams, night creams, shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, etc.).

In hair care, you can directly put sesame oil and do a little scalp massage. Do not hesitate to apply sesame oil well over the entire length of your hair, to the ends. You can do the same as a beard mask.






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