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The benefits of olive oil for the skin

huile olive bienfaits peau

Well if there is a vegetable oil that you have in your kitchen it is olive oil. Its nutritional properties are no longer to be demonstrated, it is an essential element of the Cretan diet, reputed to be one of the most beneficial in the world for health. It is enough to see how the Cretans age to realize this. But olive oil also has many benefits for the skin, as it contains fatty acids, Omega-6 and Omega-9 as well as palmitic acid, which protects the skin barrier. It also contains vitamin E and phytosterols to calm inflammation.

Olive oil promotes cell regeneration and prevents signs of aging

It is surely for this reason that the Cretans do not seem to age with wrinkles! Olive oil contains phytosterols, which are known to promote cell regeneration. You should know that cell regeneration runs out of steam with the years, hence the appearance of wrinkles, wrinkles and other signs of aging. The face also loses firmness.



​ Olive oil to moisturize the skin



Olive oil is known to be one of the best vegetable oils for moisturizing your skin. And, if you are bearded, know that a good hydration of the skin will have a highly beneficial effect to maintain your beard. Thus, olive oil will be an excellent way to soften an itchy beard or to prevent beard dandruff . It is also a softer hair which will allow you to have a smoother beard and therefore less knots in the beard .

Apart from the beard, better hydrated skin is skin that will better protect itself against external aggressions.

​ Olive oil to give shine to hair and beard hair



Olive oil, due to its ability to intensely moisturize the skin, will also provide some hydration to the hair follicle, where the hair of the beard or the hair takes root. Thus, your hair or beard hair will be in better condition, stronger, thicker but also shinier. A good way to give a general glow to your face.

How to use olive oil?


Different possibilities are available to you to use olive oil on the skin, as a care for the beard or for the hair:

  • either you mix it with another vegetable oil to make a homemade beard oil or a hair mask (castor oil for example). You can also add drops of essential oils to scent your homemade beard oil.

  • either you can directly apply it as a mask on your skin, on your beard or on your hair. Put a few drops on your skin, a little more on your beard depending on its length. Leave on for a few minutes, between 10 and 20 minutes, then rinse off.






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