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The benefits of sunflower oil for the beard


If there is one vegetable oil that we all have in one of our kitchen cupboards, it is sunflower oil. It is one of the most consumed oils in France, for cooking, with olive oil, rapeseed oil and soybean oil. But did you know that sunflower oil has many beard and hair benefits? Either for all the hairs present on the body? So if you're out of beard oil, I suggest you go to your kitchen and get your sunflower oil. Below are the benefits of sunflower oil for the beard.

Sunflower oil to re-hydrate beard hair

Sunflower oil is rich in vitamin E, essential fatty acids and omega-6. It thus helps to fight against the dehydration of the hairs of the beard. This will allow you:

  • to have a less dry beard, with hairs that will no longer break. Especially at the tips.

  • to have a shinier, less dull beard. This will give your face a little glow.

  • to have a fuller, more beautiful beard: a hydrated hair is a stronger, thicker hair.



​ Sunflower oil to soften the beard



If you have an itchy beard, then sunflower oil is going to be your ideal partner. It makes it possible to soften the beard which stings . Not only will you no longer hear the reflections of the "tu pique" style, but it will also be more comfortable for you. Finally, a soft beard is a smoother beard which therefore combs easily. You will have less knots in the beard , you will spend less time maintaining your beard.

​ Sunflower oil to prevent beard dandruff



Sunflower oil is an oil that will perfectly suit all people who have dry or even very dry skin. As we know, some beard dandruff is due precisely to the fact that the skin under the beard is very dry. Thus, by applying sunflower oil to your beard, you will prevent beard dandruff .

How to use sunflower oil?

Be careful, if you are allergic to peanuts, it is not recommended to use sunflower oil.

You have different options for using sunflower oil as a beard care product:

  • or you mix it with another vegetable oil to make a homemade beard oil. I did an article on what vegetable oils to use to make homemade beard oil . You can also add drops of essential oils to scent your homemade beard oil.

  • either you can directly apply it on your skin or on your beard. Put a few drops on your skin, a little more on your beard depending on its length. On the beard, leave on for a few minutes, between 10 and 15 minutes, then rinse with a beard shampoo.






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