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Benefits of kuikui oil for skin, hair and beard

bienfaits huile de kuikui

Do you know kuikui oil? Find in the article all the many benefits of kuikui oil for the skin, hair and beard hair.

Kuikui oil. But where do you get that  from? I know this is a question you definitely need to ask yourself ! Because kuikui oil, I don't think anyone has heard of it ! And it's a bit normal, it's a vegetable oil that is not necessarily used a lot in France. Finally, it is beginning to be used in cosmetics. I thus discovered this oil by analyzing the composition of the Horace moisturizing shampoo , which contains it. Hence the fact that I became interested in this oil. And I can say that the benefits of kuikui oil are very numerous.

Presentation of kuikui oil

But first, before showing you the benefits of kuikui oil, let's talk a bit about this oil and its origin. Kuikui oil is extracted from the nut of bancoul, the fruit of the bancoulier, a tree found in regions of Southeast Asia. It is also found in New Caledonia, Reunion and all over the West Indies. It is the emblem tree of Hawaii. This tree is also called Moluccan walnut. In this nut, there are two seeds which have a nutty taste.

Kuikui oil has the following characteristics :

  • It is very dry : it therefore appeals perfectly to women and men who hate having an oily feeling on the body after applying vegetable oil.

  • It immediately penetrates the skin, beard hair or hair. This makes kuikui oil one of the most penetrating plant oils and therefore with the most interesting moisturizing benefits among plant oils.


​The benefits of kuikui oil

Kuikui oil is very rich in Omega-6 and Omega-3, which are essential for our organism which cannot produce them. They must therefore be provided by our diet. These omegas allow to maintain the hydration, to maintain the elasticity of the skin. They also reduce redness and soothe irritation. Thus, the benefits are numerous :

Kuikui oil is ideal for dry skin

It is an oil that will be perfectly suited to men and women with dry skin, to maintain skin hydration. So, if you have cracks or cracks in your hands and feet, do not hesitate to apply kuikui oil. It is an oil that can be excellent in the summer when the skin of the body needs hydration after strong exposure to the sun.

Kuikui oil is ideal for dry hair and dry beards

If you have dry, brittle hair with dry ends, kuikui oil will be perfectly suited to restore hydration and a certain softness. It will also suit men and women with frizzy hair very well. This type of hair is indeed much less hydrated than other types of hair, because the sebaceous glands produce less sebum.

Kuikui oil as an aftershave

The anti-inflammatory and soothing properties of kuikui oil are recognized. So if you regularly have the sensation of razor burn after shaving or itching (pimples, tightness, cuts), do not hesitate to apply it.


Kuikui oil to make the beard softer

If you want to soften the itchy beard , do not hesitate to apply kuikui oil. The oil will indeed deeply moisturize the hair of the beard and therefore make it less harsh.


Kuikui oil to make hair and beard shinier

A perfectly hydrated coat or hair is a shinier coat or hair. By applying kuikui oil you will bring shine.


How to use kuikui oil?

Vegetable oil can be used in two ways on skin, beard hair or hair :


Apply kuikui oil alone 


You can thus make yourself a hair mask with kuikui oil that you will leave for 20 minutes or even 1 hour, on damp hair. Do not hesitate to wrap your hair with a hot towel to better penetrate the kuikui oil in your hair. Indeed, the hot towel will allow the scales of the hair to open and therefore better hydrate them.

You can also use kuikui oil as a beard oil, which you will leave for 10 to 20 minutes on your entire beard. Do not hesitate to use a beard brush to apply it well on the whole beard.

On the skin, you can use it directly by applying it to the face or to the body by giving yourself a little massage.

Mix kuikui oil with other products

You can mix kuikui oil with other products, it mixes very well indeed:

  • For the skin, do not hesitate to put a few drops of kuikui oil in your day cream or your evening cream. You can also mix it with your serum or with a body milk.

  • For the beard, you can mix kuikui oil with your beard oil to complete its benefits or with another vegetable oil, such as castor oil or grapeseed oil .

  • For the hair, you can mix kuikui oil with your shampoo, even better your conditioner or a hair mask.

Regarding the dose to put, kuikui oil should not exceed about 10% of the total quantity of products that you are going to apply to the skin, beard hair or hair.





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