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The Benefits of Walnut Oil for Beard and Hair

bienfaits huile de noix barbe

Walnut oil is an oil that we find more and more in our kitchen cupboards. Especially, if you are in the Grenoble region where there are many nut oils on the markets. It's when I visit my family in Grenoble that I stock up on walnut oil. But did you know that walnut oil has many beard and hair benefits? It is indeed an oil very rich in Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9, as well as vitamins E and K1 and potassium. So why not just use it to make homemade beard oil? Here are the reasons why walnut oil is very good for your beard.

Walnut oil to prevent dry beard dandruff

If you have dry beard dandruff, I strongly advise you to use walnut oil as a beard care product. Many bearded men seek to avoid the appearance of beard dandruff , it is a source of itching and it is not really aesthetic. Not to mention that it gives the impression of a person who is neglecting himself. By applying walnut oil to your beard in the form of a massage, you will help moisturize your skin under the skin. And thus avoid having beard dandruff. To be done every day until the beard dandruff disappears.


​ Walnut oil to strengthen beard hair



If you feel irritation in the beard, tightness, then I advise you to apply camelina oil on your beard. This will calm them down. It is also advisable to apply camelina oil on the scalp if you also have itching.

Walnut oil to moisturize beard hair

Due to the presence of its omega, walnut oil will be a perfect oil to moisturize the hairs of your beard. Hydration is the most important care to take to maintain your beard, especially your 3-day beard which has quite hard hair. A hydrated hair is indeed a healthy hair, which will have a beautiful shine. Your beard will be brighter and will have an impact on your good looks in general. The advantage of walnut oil is that it is not greasy, and therefore allows easy use for men who cannot tolerate fatty oils, such as castor oil for example.


Walnut oil to accelerate beard hair growth

Men who have decided to have a long beard, a few weeks or several months, have only one desire: to have the most beautiful beard as soon as possible. Generally, we are very impatient at this level. Walnut oil is an oil very rich in potassium, which is a mineral that stimulates blood circulation. We know that this has an impact on the hair follicle, where the root of the hair is.

How to use camelina oil?

Be careful, if you are allergic to nuts, it is not advisable to use walnut oil for the beard, yes, even for cutaneous use.

You have different options for using walnut oil as a beard and hair care product:

  • or you mix it equally with another vegetable oil to make a homemade beard oil. I did an article on what vegetable oils to use to make homemade beard oil .;

  • or you can apply it alone in the form of a mask, which you leave on your beard for between 15 and 20 minutes.

  • finally, you can use it as a beard oil, to apply every day on your beard.






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